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  1. Lots of items here for sale. Prices do not include shipping. RC10 B3 tranny and motor plate. 24.00 Kyosho Mega motor 14x2 dirt oval. 15.00 Trinity motor with aluminum endbell. 15.00 RC10 B3 chassis. 10.00 PB maxima wheels and tires one tire is ripped. 18.00 RC10 B3 FT new front axles. 5.00 Ultima/Optima gear cover. 5.00 4 10T new front wheels 8.00 4 Nice gold monster beetle wheels 30.00 SOLD Monster beetle rear skidplate and bumper. 18.00 Monster beetle front tower. 8.00 Monster Beetle servo and speedo cover. 10.00 Frog/brat/beetle front CRP skidplate. 10.00 Monster Beetle servo saver brace. 5.00 Monster Beetle rear body mounts 15.00 Frog/brat/beetle rear arms with thorp hubs and CRP mounts. 24.00 SOLD Monster Beetle front arms and steering knuckles. 12.00 SOLD
  2. Im looking for a front body mount and rear body mount and rollbar. Let me know what you have. Would even be interested in a complete roller minus body.
  3. With those front towers coming out is it possible the Wild One might be coming soon!!
  4. Also guys like volksrod and moosey they always had great builds! Shodog I see on rc10talk all the time.
  5. I have a vintage nichimo spirit ff that was only driven one time and then put away. All you need is batterys to run. 95.00 USD plus shipping
  6. I have a couple sets of my motor and gear covers again for 55.00 shipped. Im also looking into finding someone else for doing the coilover kits again. These will be hand finished now with no machine marks on the outer surface and look incredible.
  7. Ok i have more sets of these 55.00 shipped worldwide.
  8. Robinson system works especially if you get the 48 pitch kit which is a lot smoother. I have a Robinson kit for sale in my traderoom for 185.00 and it is new.
  9. Only one set left and i will let it go for 42.00 shipped worldwide. SOLD OUT
  10. I have these again in limited quantities. The new ones are just like the ones in the pic but they now have horizontal cooling fins cut in them. Price is 55.00 shipped world wide.
  11. That looks terrible. I never had one of these and was looking forward to getting one.
  12. Here are the updated pics. Just waiting on two new tires.
  13. Made a lot of progress on this the last few days and will post some pics in a little bit.
  14. Im almost postive the red were the early model as they cam with the black endbell 540 and black speed control as i had two nib white body kits that had the white endbell motor and the later tan colored speed control. And if you look at the nib kits on here the reds are said to be the early model.
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