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  1. Once you get it rolling with a push , does it speed up to normal and control from the handset ? - I guess you have checked the stick pack for charge ? . The MSC , if you have one fitted can be adjusted insitu via the push rod servo hole position if it needs adjusting to centre , but first check that the handset trims are centred .
  2. Contact Jez at screenprintdigital , if you are in the UK , he can make custom decals , but he also sells stock items on ebay
  3. Looking at it a bit more I think it would be good idea to fit one as the spacer runs on the shaft to support the bearings and counter gear giving a larger support area overall
  4. looks like a back-up spacer to give the plastic bearings stability ? , and give the counter gear some support inside the hollow . Does the B12 spacer fit in flush against back of the bearings ?
  5. These come up on eBay UK quite often . Look for a seller called tamiyabuyerseller he has lot of Holiday Buggy/ Sand rover parts, other sellers often have them too
  6. Original gears are still available. You can also modify the bushes of a gear B to work as a gear A
  7. Not too bothered if it doesn't sell tbh . I thought your BB would have been snapped up by now
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