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  1. Holy mo. - I could have done with this when I was Karting back in the '70's
  2. How about this . I have one fitted to my LB runner , they are very good :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Lunchbox-Pumpkin-Aftermarket-Alloy-Motor-Mount
  3. It wouldn't be used a stock , that's for sure . I saw one that went for £10 a couple of weeks ago , just minus a handset . They are never around when you want one . Thanks for the reply :)
  4. I posted the same advert 3 times due to upload lag
  5. Has anyone got a used Trail Master QD shell for sale or swap ? A well used, or split shell is ok . It will be used as a runner .or a cheap non runner truck with shell and 4 wheels tyres . UK please. Thanks
  6. Triple post please delete this one
  7. Triple post please delete this one
  8. I think the LB / MP option is good as they can go just about anywhere - car park , woods , garden wherever you want to go , no real limits , GH etc not so easy . You can weigh down the front of LB / MP to cut down the wheelies or remove for weight for goofy fun - choices . Wibbly wobbly stock steering is all part of the fun for kids . M/Bull is another good option if your nephew prefers the buggy look
  9. I made some simple F&R guards for the Ultima front conversion Runner LB from thin alu sheet for a bit of protection
  10. Not at all mate. I would have paid you postage & costs to post it to me at a post office, that's why I said would you post it as I don't live near you , simple question . I don't expect anything for free !!. Maybe someone else can use it , I'm out .
  11. Ok , not to worry . I was thinking of a project down the line , but I'll pass - thanks anyway Mark :)
  12. Or maybe a QD like this ? Lunchbox gearbox and modern steering servo / ESC / NiMh battery shoe-horned in
  13. Nice . I like the front suspension damper mod . Are you willing to post to Essex ?
  14. These plates look great - and sway bars - well why not ! . I love the 'rat' look - mix and match
  15. I use B&Q raw 6mm alu rod . I've made threaded rod with it before . They stock it and it's cheap .
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