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  1. You could centre the servo to make the steering rods about the same length and also shorten the stroke of the front dampers by adding a spacer on top of the chassis tub plate where the damper rod passes through , this will take out some of the goofy camber . As you said the double wishbone is a better answer as the steering on the LB was never going to be great as stock , but that is part of the fun of a stock LB
  2. Gary at victor101car on ebay used to have the battery covers , worth dropping him a line . https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/victor101car?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 Good info by Nikko85 . I had a Clod and a Pumpkin , I now have a modified QD with a Lunchbox rear axle / gearbox . oil dampers F & R and a modified 540 motor in it , modern steering servo an ESC and a 7.2 stick pack in there - as said by Nikko85 you need to machine out plastic to get a better pack in there
  3. Yes , like the time they bought a Jeep and went to an exhibition with and Mike pointed out at a fly past by a "genuine Spitfire" which was in fact a Hurricane !!
  4. That's all you need , unless you have BIG feet
  5. Tamiya beefed up the wheels because of breakages of the original weak design . The wheels ( and the rear arm stops were made oval shape to prevent the rear arms dropping too far at full extent ) were altered in later production of the original model and used with the re-re , and they are the type you have there . The fronts were also redesigned for the same reason
  6. You won't be disappointed - these are great items and a must have for any ORV chassis :)
  7. Very sad . I was watching the episode of James Mays cars of the people which featured the C5 just the other day and today I've heard about Jimmy Greaves and John Challis passing - R.I.P. guys
  8. Thank goodness for the local bobbies on the beat eh ? or we might have total chaos !! - -- wait a minute ....oh yes that's right it is total chaos out there
  9. No . The ones I got are a similar design as the Tamiya ones with the preload and are more of a gray look as opposed to Tamiya black . Not sure if they still make them as a quick CRP store search didn't show them
  10. All of my W/O's have OG dampers and the CRP springs deffo. help and soft oil is key too . Other members have used after-market dampers , but I prefer vintage
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