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  1. I might have some - I'll check
  2. A great day out for sure
  3. Original shell was white , then came the re-re's metalic and black shell
  4. I've got a pair of new Wild One red discs if they are of any use to you ?
  5. Has the Hex drive car got the drive pins through the axle to accept the Tamiya 5 stud disc ? . Is it a Tamiya hex drive car ? .
  6. I shouldn't think it would be an issue . The servo faces down , so the steering rods would just sit a little higher up at servo end . Best thing to do is fit it all up and check for clearance etc , then adjust rod lengths to suit
  7. There are quite a few conversions on here . I've done 2 conversions on LB's . One was FX10 which I made 2 plates to mount the damper lower end to it's orginal comfortable position . Other members have mounted the dampers in different ways . https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132956&id=5280 The other was by using the front beam from a Kyosho Ultima MK1 ( re-release spares will soon be available so this will be an easy parts source ) and basically fitting the original steering uprights , and some Wild One lower damper brackets to mount the damper lower ends , which for me was an easier conversion than the FX10 https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=133331&id=5280
  8. He has the answer to a lot of upgrades / solutions
  9. I have some spare drive joints here , a pair of TA01 / TA02 / TL01 / M02 etc chrome gearbox joints with pin , the others I haven't checked the application yet . There is a Mini axle in there too . The 2 long black shafts are new . Make me an offer on what you need
  10. I've some spare drive shafts here , make me an offer on what you need There are 4 black shafts at approx 42.5mm pin centres , 2 chrome finish shafts at approx 45mm centres , one at approx 68mm centre , and one black shaft at approx 51mm centre
  11. Have a word with Tony at Tonys tTamiya parts on eBay , and he can order in King Cab shafts if they are still available , or he could possibly match up some other shafts from his stock , he has helped me out lots of times . If he can't help try Gary at Victor101
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