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  1. No worries , I hope you find some , you could always repair your originals if they aren't too far gone , would probs ok for an occasional light runner .
  2. They do turn up on eBay . What about Frog etc spike tyres , nearer to your originals than GH tyres
  3. Nice one , I'd like to get myself another after I sold my 'King of the Hill Cab' some years ago , which incidentally I saw on eBay a week ago , seemed wierd to see it again after all this time , I was tempted to buy it back . I hope you get lucky mate :) .
  4. So I was looking for a gear A for my vintage 380 Holiday Buggy . I looked at the gear B and saw it was similar but with different boss offsets . I cut a spare gear B that I had and made a spacer boss ( not essential to fit one though) and 'hey presto' I now have a working 380 HB .It also works for the 540 conversion .
  5. Hi . Has anyone got a spare gear A for HB / SR . Thanks
  6. Not tried that , but the rear tyre here will be smothered in nitro - very slippery
  7. Ok ,I'm in the UK , Shipping will be a killer then , it will be cheaper to buy the driver tree in the US
  8. Stick 'em on eBay . I sold a ton of these years ago , good for vintage collectors
  9. Is the faulty handset still under warranty ? , it looks new , can you send it back and get it replaced with a new one .
  10. Just looked at the vid again and the handset light is flashing so some sort of power is present , and as said before by NWN , have you set up the ESC ?
  11. You could , if the the handset and receiver are compatible , ie , the same frequency . The Carson set you have is 2.4 GHZ and I don't know what your Sand Scorcher is , it could be 27 or 40 MHZ , so won't work . It does sound like the problem is with your handset . Not pointing a finger , but I guess you have installed the batteries in the handset the correct way round ? - I had to ask that as it can the smallest things that can be the problem .
  12. I'm not familiar with this particular radio , but do you need to 'pair' the receiver to the handset? . Is your stick pack fully charged . I guess you have checked through the radios manual to check how you've connected it all up and followed the proceedure , worth checking . Sorry I can't help more
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