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  1. No , the Falcon tyres are a smaller diameter , but thanks for the thought :)
  2. Has anyone got just one used Wild One / Fox stock front tyre knocking about in their spares box ? - buy or swap etc , cheers .
  3. Sounds like a nice alternative at the best of times
  4. So , to keep me sane this week I started to build this vintage Wild One after spotting a vintage W/O chassis tub on eBay . I built some of the items prior to the tub arriving and work commenced once said tub arrived . All built from vintage parts . The roof is a modded alu one that I got from Mokei Kagaku ( thanks mate ) . Just need a Wild One / Fox front tyre to complete the parts if anyone has one
  5. Mancave = essencial mind therapy at the moment . I know mine is :)
  6. Hi guys . I have some new unused LH Wild One / Frog / Blackfoot etc large bevel gears and I need some RH large bevel gears. Does anyone want to swap, I have 4 that I can swap , UK only please due to postage , thanks .
  7. Blast , should have read this before I replied - you beat me to it s_w_b
  8. Run a 3mm machine screw into it first to make a thread , then remove the screw and fit to damper end , not much effort needed then
  9. Me too . I use it a lot when using grips on metal parts or plastic parts that are easily damaged and it gives great friction grip without a lot of pressure being applied
  10. I'm self employed in the construction industry , been working today , but not sure what's to come .One day at a time now . BJ will speak tonight , and lets see what happens
  11. Very nice . There are re-re parts available for these , depending on what you want . Some of the 58040 Lancia parts are specific to that vintage car and are quite rare - like the body , wheels and tyres for instance , and the re-re parts are not the same .Repair the front bumper if you can . I repaired mine and it was in 6 bits - anything is possible .
  12. I made one of these for a Mardave Zakspeed Capri / Thunder Tiger engine project some years back
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