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  1. Thanks for the input guys. With the steel pinion I have fitted today it is a good result and I'm happy with it , but I have also bought another motor with a long shaft just for a backup and an 'out of interest' to see if it matches up with the standard pinion (not that I would fit an alu. pinion ) and the steel pinion fits even better
  2. Problem sorted . I bought a steel pinion from Blacksmiths Products and it is 6mm longer overall than the stock Tamiya one and now it fits better across the counter gear teeth and sits on the motor shaft more securely rather than teetering on the end of it
  3. I did fit Tomahawk wheels and tyres to a Sand Scorcher ( same wheel mounts as GH & Hornet ) . I modded the rear wheels slightly , made some custom rear axles from LB ones , used plastic LB wheel mount discs and used 840 bearings in the front . 58016: Sand Scorcher from KEV THE REV showroom, Reworked old favourite - Tamiya RC & Radio Control Cars (tamiyaclub.com)
  4. I agree , the pinion gear was one of the worst I have seen
  5. Thanks for the reply guys . I've ordered an aftermarket steel pinion which is 6mm longer overall than the stock Tamiya one , fingers crossed it will work out . I do have an old black can Sport Tuned motor , with longer shaft , in my Frog that I could 'borrow' if the pinion doesn't work out . As a side note , I drilled through the chassis front mount holes and inserted a smooth rod (GH or similar - damper shaft) and bolted the front assembly to the tub for a stronger set up .
  6. Hi all . I'm rebuilding a Blitzer and on stripping down the gearbox I noticed the counter gear was badly worn by the motor pinion to about halfway across the counter gear teeth with the other half still looking new , the alu. motor pinion was toast . I thought the pinion gear wasn't set right on the motor . On checking through the manual and using the pinion setter supplied on the parts tree it appears that the pinion is at full stretch on the end of the motor shaft and even then doesn't fully sit across the counter gear teeth . I've ordered a different pinion gear which is longer than the stock one to try and gain some reach and more support on the motor shaft . It kind of reminds me of the Lunchbox etc. pinion which is extra long to reach the counter gear . Anyone else noticed this problem and found a solution ? cheers.
  7. I love the LB chassis - but I don't have a stock - out of the box - chassis they are all heavily modded in one way or another . I would love to build a runner with the alu chassis - looks interesting . The B-H W/O looks great BTW .
  8. I used to drop hints all over the place for RC parts etc as presents , as you say things you can use . I could open a shop with all the Tee shirts and socks that I've been given , not that I'm ungrateful 😉
  9. Would consider a basket case broken / incomplete chassis if it has the battery door , don't need wheels etc
  10. Still need one 🙁 - anyone got one ? anything useable / repairable would be good 👍
  11. Thanks for the replies and info. I thought it was some kind of resistor / speed limiter , and as you say the controller already has steering trim so I ruled that out . The old PCB and sundry items / servo have now found a new home in the bin .
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