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  1. Thanks Lee . Thats all I need for now . Thanks for your help :)
  2. Can anyone help me with sizes of the Optima 1 / 2016 rear shock tower please ? . I need the overall width of the plate and the height of the 2 flat parts , ie , the top flat part where the body post is to the lower flat part . Thanks in advance
  3. I've just looked at my boxed Super Champ one as it is similar and they look to be M3 'half' nuts , M3 but very thin .
  4. If it is one of the 2 that hold the contact plate to the servo , then they are M2 mm and are a common size , The Tamiya wheels nuts on SRB's and the like are 2mm
  5. Has anyone got a pair of new or used , original or re-re Optima 1 battery holders that screw on to the upper deck ? . Thanks
  6. I see Frank E. in the backdrop there . Why do you need a new F.E ? , just re paint him
  7. Corrrr !!! - looks edible nice pic setting too
  8. I use these too , I also use the smaller barrels for tighter curves - these are great . I do score and snap on a lot of plastic - especially lexan , but I also use the Dremel disc cutter on ABS to get chunks off
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