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  1. Plenty of cleaning and rubber replacement etc will go a long way . The threadlock can be melted / softened with heat to remove the bearing , a heat gun or similar should help but you need to move the bearing whilst it is hot
  2. Cool . I've restored one of these and it is very satisfying - look foreward to seeing the pics of the strip and build
  3. I've got the same Absima kit and I use extra flysky receivers and they bind easily to the Absima TX . As said previously if you have the steering end point dial on the TX you need to set that for each car
  4. Thanks Simon . Just clearing some kits out to make some room and buy other things
  5. Can't see anthing wrong with that . I guess we all did it ? - or just us 2 ? Here's one of my old haunts
  6. Hornet kit , no ESC - £95 Lunchbox , no ESC - £100 Grasshopper , no ESC - £80 Frog , no ESC - £150 FREE P+P mainland UK only PP F&F or add 4%
  7. That's why I use tape . I can measure & draw the whole item and plot the hole centres then centre punch the holes to get an acuate position before drilling
  8. I would have bought it but I'm set up now , thanks guys :)
  9. Totally agree with all of that - except my Halfords is a whole 4 minutes away from me
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