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  1. Many thanks Christian . I did start lettering the tyres but there are a few score marks to the raised letter mouldings so it bled through in places , so I cleaned it all off again . I might revisit them and start again when time permits
  2. Yes they do . These are more the truck style of Kyosho damper as on the Outlaw etc , just with a different preload collar and spring adjustment moulding on the damper body . These are the original dampers for the Sideways
  3. Thanks - Yes , I do like the odd Kyosho here and there
  4. Looks ace , you must be pleased . I'm not sure who else makes the decals other than the usual eBay suspects , but MCI seem to come out on top . I usually go for Myles' repro's if I can't get originals . OG Hilux would be an arm and a leg ( possibly a kindey too ) . I have got some repro Hilux decals , but not a full sheet and some got ruined with overspray at some point - not my doing . I might give it some thought to add some onto the ' to do' list
  5. That is totally mint . It looks excellent , I'm in a worse dilema now with the stickers , yours looks so good , and I don't have any !!! . That's a thing for another day What are the brown panel lines ? - I get 'panels lines' but black and brown ? - I'm intrigued
  6. Yes , a lot of similarity there . I was going to buy the Tyco version at one time
  7. Lastly , on go the wheels and tyres . The tyres have been bathed in glycerin for a number of weeks . . So here is Willys new ride :-
  8. Next came to fill the drivers seat . Who could possibly be so bold or Wild enough as to want to drive a Sideways ? - only one man has the mouse to do it . Meet Wild Willy , he needs no introduction really - does he . Thanks to Steve for the WW head . 1/6th Goggles from eBay
  9. Next up was the wheels . I had bought some nip front wheels from Myles , but due to age of the white plastic they had turned yellow . I researched about Peroxide and then set about bleaching them along with the rear wheels which were lightly restored .
  10. Next up was the body shell stickers . These awesome repro's came from Myles (member Tamiyoman) - cheers mate !! I used a mix of Kyosho scheme and other sponsor stickers and created an air intake grill at the front ** The body cannot be removed from the chassis with drivers head fitted without unbolting the roll bars , so I swapped out the roof mount plate screws for bolts to ease the removal process .
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