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  1. Yes , I should have mentioned that a long wrench might be needed , same on the LB wheels . I use a 1/4" drive socket set for this purpose . On one of my mods I also used internal threaded rods as axle extenders and then bolted into them with bolts rather like the barrel nuts but in reverse design
  2. I've used these a few times on Lunchbox custom builds etc . I found that with the ones I had there was a slight burr on the end of the tube end of the barrel nut , and if you smooth / taper the end of the barrel nut tube end very slightly you might be able to reduce size of the wheel hole needed for it to fit , or even not need to make the wheel hole bigger . I also found that the metal used on the nut is very soft and overtightening them can cause another burr and not allow the nut to be withdrawn through the wheel . As stated above a washer is essential on the outside of the wheel
  3. Great result and a very low end cost too Simon . I agree these are a good chassis and I like the stance on them . I can go with the 'patina' body look . I've still got the VeeDub body on the bench that has been repaired / resurrected by me and I was toying with the idea of a worn look as I have a new in box re-re kit to make nice and shiny if I ever build it . As you have found these are a very addictive chassis , along with the Stadium Blitzer and Thunder . I love that Bug in the video , the body finish is great
  4. Many years ago I designed a special front post to mount the SC saver to the SS chassis and vorrect height to mount the body which still allowed the adjuster nut to be adjusted . The stock SS post fouled the nut . Sadly I don't have any of the posts now . I think I still have a pic in my showroom .
  5. Good decision. Why not buy a Grasshopper and some radio gear etc and then you can all enjoy RC time together. The GH is also upgradable to a 540 motor, or for a few quid more get a Hornet with a 540 👍
  6. Welcome to the club. The HB is a true classic , but also very fragile , especially the front damper mounts on the tub , so if you run it at all then be very careful with it as it might not last long before breaking , and I wouldn't use it off road . The motor is a 380 type with removable pinion . The modern 380 motor from Tamiya has a pressed on pinion which I don't think is compatible with the gears , so an original would be needed . There is an upgrade which is the 540 motor which needs a special Sand Rover motor mount (available now on eBay ) and the chassis would need an extra hole drilled to mount it if your chassis wasn't made with the extra hole , not a big deal and a worthwhile upgrade . The gears weren't available in metal so gears would need to be found (eBay) . If you use the 540 motor you would only need gears A and C , if you use a 380 motor you would need A ,B &C gears. The rear tyres are like hens teeth, good front tyres do come up . You can bolt straight on Grasshopper / Hornet wheels and tyres if you're not bothered about originality. Get bearings fitted . If you run it , you are best to fit 2.4g radio , a Hobbywing 1060 esc or similar and a NiMh battery pack . Have fun .
  7. I watched that video sometime ago , some great kits there . I think Jake stands a good chance at the title this year due to the qualifying and hybrid boost allocation changes etc , things have had a good old shake up which is what Alan Gow intended , as in getting more variety of winners rather than the same names on the podium , but Jake has already turned that over .
  8. I've also used the glycerine method , inside and out of the tyres . I then I put them into a plastic sandwich bag for a while to prevent them drying out and to give them a good soaking .
  9. Hi Si. All good mate , I trust all is well you and yours . I've fitted them but not run it , the whole set up with the new springs feels more positive without the use of the spacers , so probably a good default setting . Not had time to run it yet 👍
  10. Yeah, I've got a rotary washing line pole that was the nemesis of my S/Blitzer some years ago 👎
  11. That tree looks like a Blitzer magnet . Always a hoot running on freshly mown grass 👍
  12. No problem . I've bought the F&R set and I'll try them out , and will report back.
  13. I've ordered the set , so I'll see how they go .👍😎
  14. Looking good there . Nice to see you've got some run time in . I'd like to finish my BB body that's been in the body shop ( back room 👍) for major repairs , and get it stickered up .
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