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  1. Over here in the UK PayPal won't be an option , except for making payments . The money from sales will be going directly into your bank account and nowhere else . If you sell an item for collection only , then eBay will still take a cut of the selling price and what would have been the PayPal slice , even if it is cash on collection , they can't lose . They take their fees imediately after you selling an item , then , as Taffer said , pay you up to 4 days later , that's more interest on your money for them too , and in the meantime you have to pay for the postage and send off goods that are basically , to you anyway , 'unpaid'
  2. They are playing the worldwide market . If people drop out , that is the risk they take , but they know that they already have a strong grip on buying and selling around the world , from either big business or private seller . @MadInventor I didn't receive an email , it came up on my eBay main page as I logged on . They have started with business sellers and are now on the trail of private sellers , so I guess it is just a matter of time before it's 'shape up or ship out' . When I started with eBay back in the good old days , eBay was very basic and a simple / fun / easy way to find and buy vintage RC / parts etc , now it is one of those corporate giants and it has all become complicated and expensive . There was a Martin Lewis report on this 'take-over bid' on one of his shows last year , you can google it
  3. I don't know about that , no mention of Ayden today , it might be in the small print ( like the GSP and Pitney Bowes rip off scandal - other scandals are available as you all know ) . I sold something yesterday and today they want the 'sign up or else' ,.Now it will take 2 -3 days to verify my 'link up' so the payment is 'processing' . This is the age of the microchip , PayPal payment transfers get to my bank quicker than I can switch to the other screen , so why the heel dragging ? . A couple of years ago this was mentioned in the media that eBay was going to ditch PayPal and have all the cream for themselves . Time will tell . It was bit of a drag through space and time for me when PayPal became the 'payment way ' for eBay and such , now it is a by-word in everyday speech
  4. It seems this is the way they want to go . You get an 'invite' do change over , but if you don't you won't get paid for sales and your listing could be ended or taken down ! ? . They did try this some time ago when they would put a hold on your payment until the customer was happy ( deadly) , that seemed to pass , and just today I the got the ' do it or else quit ' notification . So for items that you sell , you have to fork out for postage before you post , & within the time frame as Taffer said , then wait for your money . If you get payments 'daily' you will catch up , but if you sell here and there it is a waiting game . Ebay also take their cut directly from the payment plus a handling fee ( like PayPal) , not hold it on account to be paid , like it used to be . I'm going to monitor how it goes . I post within 3 days on eBay , usually next day , but I'll bump that to 5 days if they drag their heels with payments to me .
  5. Is anyone here using the new eBay payments direct to your bank account that cuts out Paypal but delays payments to you ? . How is it working out for you guys ? .
  6. Another cheat , but it's not a Montero - it's a LunchPajero
  7. I've got a few kit boxes for sale , and lots of other stuff :- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133669579240
  8. I made a platform with driver and bulkhead for one of mine
  9. Sorry , I was talking complete drivel there . The MSC shown has fly lead to connect to the receiver BEC via the switch , no AA pod
  10. I knew there was something missing in my life , After I discovered the existance of the Flux Capacitor , and Conrad 240826 motor , I thought I had it sorted
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