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  1. Thanks for the reply . I too prefer the sticks . I like the look of the Carson one . Thinking of trying 2.4 as all my stuff is 27AM Cheers
  2. Yes . GH2 .The wheels have been changed , the rears look like they have Wild One tyres ,so bigger than stock , and the fronts look to be GH1 smoothies . The first shell looks to be toast , the second could be stripped and the crack repaired - Mad Bull shell is around £14 inc post , add on paint which you would need anyway to repaint the old shell and you would need paint stripper to remove the old paint - so , not worth stripping and repairing ? . Original GH2 shell around £26 posted . Hornet shell prices and decals - original body shells are a bit thin on the ground - Penguin repro is around £16 posted , decals around £11 posted + paint ?. If you want to make 2 cars , I would try rubbing down the pink paint on the second shell and bashing it over with some Halfords primer and a colour of you choice for a runner shell . Electrics / radio / handsets will need looking at .
  3. Looks good . If you don't use the soapy method it can be a 'one hit' chance to get it right , some people don't use it and fair play to that . I always use soapy method and squeegie out the air and water , then some light warmth . Never had a problem .
  4. If I had the vision in the past I would have bought a stash of Blazing Blazers
  5. I haven't fitted a Hornet body on a GH 2 but it might go , the only issue might be the front body post , which an easy fix . If you have a new Hornet shell you could position the hole to suit the GH chassis post , or reverse the GH2 front mount . The Mad Bull shell is similar to a GH2 , with slight difference to the front damper area and you need to make 2 holes for the rear posts . GH2 bodies are still available
  6. The GH1 looks like this . They are sort of similar in looks , but there are a lot differences . Check the pic against your eBay one , or copy and post up a pic of your eBay one from the auction shots
  7. Anybody use these ? , or the Absima SR2S 2 channel one - any good ?
  8. It's not a big job - or expensive to change the servo adapter if you needed too , you need a P parts saver tree from eBay for a few quid which would have the parts you need . It won't be long before you ( your son ) gets to drive it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TAMIYA-LUNCHBOX-PUMPKIN-0115065-P-PARTS-PLASTICS-Servo-Saver/231558541336?epid=1705371786&hash=item35e9f6f018:g:TfYAAOSwgApXBhMk
  9. You .might need to change the cars servo saver splined adapter to suit the new servo if the splines are different , ie AS7 is 23 splines I believe , and a new servo maybe different ie 25 splines
  10. Something like this good for price , I have 4 of these , and other members have bought some with good feedback https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MG996R-Servo-Metal-Gear-Torque-Digital-Truck-Car-helicopter-plane-boat-RC-UK-ESC/283605031354
  11. No wheelies , the geometry is all different . It is more planted now , and double wishbone helps the drive too
  12. Looks like your Mojo is deffo working - nice one !! :)
  13. Nice bit of retro workshop RC there
  14. Chassis all done now . This has basically the same wheel base wheel nut to wheel nut F&R as a stock Lunchie
  15. You will have to swap the steering servo too as the AS7 plug is too big for modern ESC aperture
  16. I guess by spraying a light coat of gold over the top of the chrome you might be able to achieve a gold chrome effect . I have used chrome spary myself . different brands produce different standards of chrome - some brighter 'chrome' than others . The matt black base coat is secret
  17. Those wheels look like the Tamiya gold 'chrome' wheels . It would be hard to achieve that look with spray paint . I sprayed some Lunchbox wheels with gold paint and used a plastic primer first after a good scrub and light papering for a key .
  18. No , not neccessarily . I usually go for twist / lever off , but sometimes the gadget comes in handy and it's good to have there just in case
  19. Nice bit of kit , but being a cheapskate I use a piece of expaned foam to hold my dampers whilst filling etc and another for holding my paint brushes
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