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  1. Release 24th November. Is there the demand for this one though?
  2. We've added a voucher code to checkout as full postage is too high for most bearing packs, given they just go in a jiffy. However, are we missing any particular cars or chassis from the listings? https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/bear-bearings-c-24_35_45_132.html
  3. Today. We've managed to box them all up.... they're sending a bigger van than usual...
  4. We have had a number of restock deliveries in the past few days. Many kits from the Rising Fighter, Audi Quattro, Lunch Box and the new Ford Escort are all in stock right now.
  5. Stock is a loose term at present, supply is better. Stock of almost all spares won't be available again until August at the earliest.
  6. Just to clarify. Carson are Tamiya Germany. Tamiya Germany are Carson. The car is not a Tamiya product though, but it does say Tamiya-Carson on the box to confuse matters.
  7. As you may all know, demand on Tamiya kits is currently through the roof in the UK. We have had a very large delivery today and another tomorrow - all are currently booked onto the website. It seems supply will be patchy for some weeks, so if you see it and you want it - buy it before someone else does!
  8. We have a few kits that I can let go at special price for TC members on an "end of tax year sell them before we count them" basis. Prices include UK delivery. Most EU countries we can deliver for around £19. It's not practical to send to some countries and outside the EU the price is prohibitive. What I have available are: https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-44042-tg10-chassis-factory-engine-version-warehouse-find-from-2004-p-66321.html I can do the above 44042 TG10 kits for £185 each. There are 4 available. These are very odd having been found in Tamiya's warehouse. They are very old kits (as far as we can tell) but note that they're chassis kits without engines. The boxes are all new but all have very minor marks from being stored around 15 years. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-58519-toyota-bruiser-custom-without-radio-controlled-model-p-49973.html Bruiser is a cancelled customer order - we normally only get it to order. Can sell for £550. There is one in stock. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-47383-isuzu-black-metallic-vauxhall-frontera-sport-cc01-custom-without-p-63368.html Three of the Isuzu in stock. These can go for £165 each (without ESC, can add ESC if required +£12). https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-47392-tyrrell-1977-monaco-with-painted-body-custom-without-p-64180.html Five of the Tyrrell kit available. Again £165 each (again +£12 for a TBLE02S ESC if needed). https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/tamiya-47428-tyrrell-wheel-monaco-1977-built-without-electrics-p-65896.html Two of this oddball XB with no radio idea Tamiya had too. £188 each on these. https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/carisma-ca81068-subaru-brat-ready-trail-truck-requires-batterycharger-p-65051.html Two of this Carisma Brat. Nice cars. Carsima decided to sell this one without battery and charger, and killed the sales on it as a result. Can't go wrong at £194 though. Anyone wanting any, please email me at sales@timetunnelmodels.com and copy/paste the line you want - I will send Paypoo invoices.
  9. The bodies on these were almost impossible to break. The plastic was/is really flexible. They're a strict 200mm nitro body though (even on their electric cars) so look wrong on Tamiya models unless you use long axles or wide wheels.
  10. We used to sell loads of those. They're very tough in general. If you do buy it and need parts, they're discontinued now - but I have a fair selection still somewhere.
  11. Easy when you know. The three months of the thing crashing before I figured it out though....
  12. All HPI and Maverick stock in our store is reduced by 10% over our normal discounted price from today.
  13. Corrupt firefox profile causes this. Ensure you're logged into a firefox account for an hour or so, that way it will remember all your history, favourites, log ins etc. Then uninstall Firefox, and delete the folders it stores on your PC that hold your profile (details on the firefox site). Then install a fresh copy, and log into your firefox account - it will restore your history/favourites and suddenly everything should work.
  14. The numbers were very short - the importer (hobby co) received far fewer than expected and shops were only sent a fraction of their order. It was the same delivery that saw Tamiya hold back all but samples of the Comical Grasshopper, which was why that's been booted back to a January release - it isn't really a January release but the numbers that arrived in the UK on Tamiya's initial delivery would mean then sawing kits into three just to supply each shop with something! On the Black Avante, I know we only got half, which was just enough to cover orders but then two people dropped out due to the time of year and not having the cash, hence the two kits we had for sale on our website late November. I put them online, fed them to Google and they were sold within the hour. From what I understand, it was a one-off batch and no more are coming, but Tamiya's limited edition stock availability is shrouded in secrecy and things often do reappear later. I would say the shops saying "pre-order" didn't have a single order for it, didn't order any and haven't noticed that it's been removed from the trade ordering system.
  15. Simply visit stores.ebay.co.uk/goldstarstockists Search for the Tamiya kit you want. Use the code PRESENTS at checkout - eBay will deduct 15% (up to a maximum of £50). NB: This is an eBay sponsored promo, so you must ensure it's applied to your basket before you pay - we cannot apply it retrospectively.
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