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  1. The numbers were very short - the importer (hobby co) received far fewer than expected and shops were only sent a fraction of their order. It was the same delivery that saw Tamiya hold back all but samples of the Comical Grasshopper, which was why that's been booted back to a January release - it isn't really a January release but the numbers that arrived in the UK on Tamiya's initial delivery would mean then sawing kits into three just to supply each shop with something! On the Black Avante, I know we only got half, which was just enough to cover orders but then two people dropped out due to the time of year and not having the cash, hence the two kits we had for sale on our website late November. I put them online, fed them to Google and they were sold within the hour. From what I understand, it was a one-off batch and no more are coming, but Tamiya's limited edition stock availability is shrouded in secrecy and things often do reappear later. I would say the shops saying "pre-order" didn't have a single order for it, didn't order any and haven't noticed that it's been removed from the trade ordering system.
  2. Simply visit Search for the Tamiya kit you want. Use the code PRESENTS at checkout - eBay will deduct 15% (up to a maximum of £50). NB: This is an eBay sponsored promo, so you must ensure it's applied to your basket before you pay - we cannot apply it retrospectively.
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  4. theshopkeeper

    TBLE-02S with B/L 13.5t in Dt03

    Interesting this. We've been told repeatedly that Tamiya's own brushless motors have substantially lower current draw than other brands, and that's why such a cheapo ESC can supposedly cope with such high power motors. Certainly, we've had ones that simply won't work with non-Tamiya low turn motors, shutting down after 30 seconds or less but fire up and run without thermal shutdown on their ones.
  5. theshopkeeper

    New: 58660 1/18 Dynahead 6x6 (G6-01TR chassis) and more.

    That's the RRP. My calc puts it at £235 give or take. Still no picture, only the spec sheet I posted further back.
  6. If boots need filling, fill them now.... This coupon is a 15% discount valid from 10:00am UK local time on 17th August until 8:00pm UK local time on 17th August 2018 on purchases on, unless cancelled earlier by eBay. How to redeem your coupon: Simply make a purchase of £20 or more on - I suggest at ! Enter coupon code PIGGYBANK at checkout when prompted. The maximum discount you can receive is £50 per redemption and you are limited to 1 redemption.
  7. theshopkeeper

    New Tamiya USA Website

    The spares support on the new site is dire. We used the USA site to cross reference which spares fitted which kit (as did the UK importer Hobby Co) - there is no cross reference on the new site which means dealers have no way to be able to tell their customers if part 12345678 that they have in their hand will fit kit XYZ123 that they are enquiring about.
  8. As the title, we have now worked through all the pre-orders for these two kits and have spare in stock.
  9. theshopkeeper

    Tamiya prices at Tower/MAP Pricing

    There appears to be no parts cross reference on the new site, showing which part fits which cars. This was probably the most useful feature of the old site for dealers worldwide.
  10. theshopkeeper

    Tamiya prices at Tower/MAP Pricing

    Devils advocate: Tamiya USA are about to launch a new website - sneak images of it came out over the weekend (at least that was the first I saw of it). If they are planning direct sales, they'll want to get more of the cake for themselves. What better way than ensuring their own website won't be undercut online?
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  12. theshopkeeper

    Tamiya prices at Tower/MAP Pricing

    Not sure if anyone has realised this, but this is a minimum advertised price only. It doesn't actually force shops to not discount below that price but instead says they can't put a price on display that's lower. I don't know about Tower etc, but I would be VERY surprised for those of you using independent USA shops on a walk-in basis, if you can't say to the guy behind the counter "I know about the minimum advertised price on Tamiya, but what price are you prepared to sell XYZ to me today for if I buy now?" - as that would not actually breach it from my reading.
  13. theshopkeeper

    Tamiya prices at Tower/MAP Pricing

    That is actually the legal way the UK distributors have got round it in the past before they cottoned onto the "60 days to settle the market" idea. Most firms have a trade price and a retail price. If the firm decided to only have a retail price and give the dealer a discount off retail price, but omitted to actually state that discount in their terms and conditions, you could conceivably have a "problem" dealer only getting a nominal discount making it impossible to sell below a certain discount level, and a non-problem retailer could be given a much bigger trade discount. It's a way around price control, more legal than enforcing a price policy and one that is very very hard to prove as rarely will a dealer have sight of another dealer's invoices....
  14. Once again, this is not supposed to work in the toy/model category, but we've just noticed eBay are showing a 10% off promo on almost all our items that are priced £20 or more, and it also works if you have lower valued items totalling more than £20.. See Voucher code appears below the price after about 10 seconds of viewing the product. Voucher code is PERFECTTEN Hurry, ends 8pm or when they spot it's on the wrong categories....! NB seems to be a UK only promotion again, like last time.