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  1. Wow,,, impressive looking kit Paul! Surprised it does not cost more money given the level of content and features. I've been away for a bit on the forums- its been hard to keep up!
  2. Very cool collaboration!!! Nice work fellas!! Speedy Gonzales to the rescue - what a nice gesture to share his efforts and time and support a fellow modeler like this!
  3. Thanks all-- I just realized I won the TC Boxes Competition that was put on right before the Christmas Holiday...I'm PUMPED!!!! Thanks to those who voted for my entry!
  4. Great work going on here guys (Grastens-Speedy),,,I've been away from this thread for a while but it had my interest in the beginning! I'm anxious to see the end result.
  5. Happy New Year everyone...............My New Years Resolution is to set my expectations a little..........more realistic.............ummmm, lower??? Ha!
  6. Wow--- great work guys,,, I just spoke with Paul today (speedy_w_beans) and he filled me in on this collaborative effort. Nice wheels! Looking forward to the rest of the build fellas.
  7. Sorry---you mean the other tires,,,those are Subaru Brat tires (re-re tires) they are mounted on re-re Optima wheels,, they work perfect!
  8. @ Superluminal- Hello, there- no these are actual Kyosho Option House hop up tires, that were used on the Optima Series back then, very rare tires!
  9. More progress, big win on Christmas day 2018 getting the repro body from TBG painted and decals done right with the fantastic repro decals from MCI Racing!
  10. Some progress over the weekend............It runs beautifully...Tested it outside on a 45 degree Fahrenheit day this weekend with on-road tires sourced from a stock Tamiya Amorak,,(with Kyosho Wheels) it is really quick and smooth!
  11. Apologies for jump-starting an old thread here,,,but I recently tried something new and wanted to see if I could strip old polycarbonate paint from an original Kyosho Turbo Optima shell. I was all out of the "Tamiya body cleaner" solution that I used last year with great results and my local hobby stores did not have it. In fact, online it seems only international sellers have it. I then tried the brake fluid trick DOT 3, not much patience for that after lots of scrubbing. Then I looked at heating it up with a heat gun a bit after having it soak in the brake fluid--(saw this tip online) that was a little more successful. But due to my impatience I tried to move onto some actual paint stripper from the local hardware store. That was not a good idea! The chemicals in it were doing a great job removing the paint at first- but the more I scrubbed the lexan started to melt. Well, lesson learned. I guess my lack of experience stripping paint off of lexan got me this time,,I usually paint them on the outside when they are badly damaged or badly painted. Luckily for me I already had a Team Blue Groove (TBG) reproduction body on hand for my project and some repro decals on order from MCI racing. So really this was a bit of an experiment on an old tired shell. But I'm still a little bummed that it is now officially ruined. :-(
  12. Even later to this thread,,:-) but the elusive Kyosho Nostalgic Series kits have to be noted along with all the great buggies and cars mentioned before!
  13. Hi all---scored a nice used vintage Turbo Optima from eBay for a fantastic price (pics were poor in the listing which helped from it getting sold quickly),,,I plan to give it new life and run it. It came with a vintage Option House belt drive conversion,,one-way front diff and the anodized gold nerf guards and rear motor mount. I lucked out and got some really excellent condition rare Option House tires with it also...The last time I ran an old generation Optima chassis was a Kyosho Salute I got for a Christmas present back in 1988! I have a NIB Kyosho re-release Optima that is kicking around the shop,,for now I will get this old chassis up to snuff and run this instead before deciding what to do with the re-release Optima. It cleaned up pretty well so far with a toothbrush and soapy water. I plan to run this outside,,,but not on these rare wheels and tires. I will likely use something completely different for running it. Oh,,if you are wondering I've got reproduction decals on order from MCI Racing and a re-pop body from Team Blue Groove already. Color ideas,,not certain yet! I am also geeked that I finally have my new R/C man cave figured out in the new house ( I moved 4 months ago). It is located off the finished basement and has lots more space than the prior workshop I had before. (special thanks to TC member speedy_w_beans on how to get pics uploaded,,,for years I struggled with how to do this-which actually prevented me from posting on the TC forums) Now I know about Google Sites to store images. Thanks Paul! scollins
  14. Looks great Paul,, thanks for the heads up that this was completed,,,I have been really bad about getting on the forums,,, no time lately-- for years!! lol. I really am interested in the gyro steering system,, I have never driven an RC car with a setup like this.... Nice work on the hidden body mounts too! When can I place my order for custom body mounts??
  15. @banditina,,,I am sorry I did not respond quickly to your question and I am sorry you are frustrated these are not made anymore. I simply have a day job as an industrial design manager that keeps me immersed into lots of CAD and email so when I get home after a long day I usually do not go on the PC or my phone to check forums or blogs of any kind, R/C - automotive, etc... I also have been really busy with helping raise two young boys since I stopped producing vacuum formed interiors several years ago. Basically - after my wife and I started a family there was no time to make these anymore, believe me I tried to keep it going. At some point, maybe I will hire someone to produce these for me from molds (plugs) that I have and still think of doing - but for now I have enough going on and will likely never be able to confirm an exact time that may happen. I have a tip for you- As I have been modeling a very long time both static and R/C models. It is possible to make an interior work for a scorcher buy creating a paper or cardboard template of the open area under the shell and transferring this to a 1/10th Tamiya touring or rally interior and with some work you can get this to look good. It does require patience and adding (gluing) some additional small pieces of styrene to fill in the gaps depending on your situation. Not exactly the easy route, but this is what I did for a while before vacuum forming interiors. I even built an Associated Dual Sport HPI-bodied 65 Mustang where the interior base panel was a piece of cardboard, and glued other pieces to that to make the interior when I was fresh out of Tamiya touring interiors. See this link for pics-- https://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=111933&id=5414 I hope this helps, if I lived closer to you I would definitely swing by to help you in person. regards, scollins
  16. Paul, this looks like a great project! As I mentioned to you earlier today I hardly get onto the forums for TC.... lots of reasons for this,, mostly due to my desire to stay away from the computer after coming home from work being on one too much all day long. I am excited to see what you do on this one. Two other things,,, the curvature of the body can be modified with a heat gun and bending over a large wooden dowel (but be careful) and as for the VW Amorak it was on my doorstep when I came home from work today, thanks! I will post my tweaks to it as soon as I can. It did snow this past Saturday for the first time in our neighborhood but nothing accumulated!
  17. Hi there Boddney- welcome to TC. Lots of good people on here. As the others here have already indicated, scales of the kits are sometimes not the best way to determine the right chassis for a body you have in mind to use. The various 1/10 scale M-series chassis generations(and including the M-06 you asked about) are generally good for replicating smaller sized vehicles (small as in smaller in real life) and those include Mini-Coopers, Miatas, CRX, Renault Alpine, etc... The added benefit of the M-06 being that the wheelbase is highly adjustable. Unfortunately when purchasing a different body from another brand, and at times in a scale like 1/12th to fit a "small" 1/10th chassis such as an M-series Tamiya the only way you know if it will look correct or work off of your chosen dimensions of the chassis you are working from is to purchase the body and try it. Or if you've seen someone else do it before and know that it works well. As you will find TC is an excellent source for that. I have been lucky with that sometimes,,and sometimes not and end up selling the body or taking it back to the hobby shop, or returning it to the online seller/vendor if it cannot be used. I've been kit-bashing and trying different bodies on chassis types of all brands for a very long time so this is always the fun part of the project for me, when deciding what the next car will be as a hybrid of sorts. Again, welcome. s.collins
  18. All- It has been just over one year since we lost TC member and friend rad22rad, Rad Fismistr- the creator of the Awesome Alloys R/C wheels and components he used to sell on this site years ago. He was a great person and I hope that we can still look to his model building as inspiration, especially for those that are newer members to the TC community. I cannot believe it has been a year already. I still miss my friend. It is my wish that his other friends are also thinking of him that were connected to him thru this site. Sending peace and thoughts to his family and friends as I am sure it would be appreciated. s.collins
  19. I'm a huge fan of the Kyosho nostalgic series cars!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. PURE GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Ya,,know,,,there was this weird movie that came out in 1985 that kinda reminds me of this project !!!!!!!
  22. Professor Paul is on the case!!!!! Impressive findings ,,,and I promise I didn't bend the tracks!! scollins
  23. Speedy_w_beans to the RESCUE!!!! Cool beans,,just like this guitarist I found!!
  24. Yesterday I finished up the "Team Build" CC-01 Amarock (Sno-marock) But today I restored and old model of a Chevy Nova built back in 1988 with a terrible paint job,,,used Tamiya TS paint Technifonica blue and Testors "wet look" clear coat lacquer on top- s.collins
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