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  1. I don't understand this item. The stock 1/14 tractor trucks shift servo arm has 5 teeth adjustment for length and looks nothing like the upgraded part. The upgrade part (which is the mid grey Aluminium part in the image above, not the 5 other black plastic parts in the image) looks much more like the steering servo horn? Can someone please explain what is going on here? In fact, Tamiya 54893 looks more correct for this shift servo function? Best Regards, AG
  2. OK nuts to it, I've ordered one of the Amewi LiPo, #28051 from Amazon UK. I'll update if it fits in TA01 / Frog etc when it arrives. Regards, AG
  3. Anyone tried that Amewi pack ? It's on Amazon UK for 26.71 GBP with free delivery. Same size as the Brainergy 801004 and Core RC 293, with leads both coming out of the centre. No reviews found yet though. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Amewi-battery-3000-mAh-28051-AM-Racing/dp/B071ZFKFH4 Who fancies trying one? Schumacher are still selling Core RC 293 and with postage comes to 37.98 GBP. Regards, AG
  4. Hi could you point out where you have drilled in the photo? I am not clear on what has to be done? Any chance of some pictures to show what needs to be drilled? Regards, LSM
  5. Would this 7.4V Lipo be a battery compatible with Tamiya vintage buggies ? ;- https://www.fusionhobbies.com/product/4130001-absima-7-4v-3000mah-25c-2s-li-po-battery-pack Regards, AG
  6. Would like to see Tamiya make an 8x4 rigid tipper, I've waited a very long time for one. Would be great if they also made it 8x8 for use around model building site layouts where there are gradients and loose surfaces where a lot of traction is needed. Best Regards, Alistair G.
  7. Reedy Wolfpack 751 doesn't seem to be imported into UK unfortunately. Jamara pack is a rediculous price in UK. The Yuki Brainergy pack is 40 quid from Germany with the postage. Core 293 pack is about 40 quid with the postage from ModelSport, and 38 quid from Schumacher with the postage. Wow, after all this time, surely there is a cheaper option for a compatible Lipo to fit my Tamiya old and re-re Frog? Regards, Alistair G.
  8. Where can I buy those Corsair Racing rally block tyres? They seem to have vanished... maybe they got stopped in making them because they look like Tamiya rally block treads? I see them here at RC Mart but they are sold out ;- http://www.rcmart.com/corsair-racing-tm1855-mchassis-rally-tire-p-27474.html Is there a website for Corsair Racing? BTW what outside diameter are the Tamiya 51427 rally block mini tires (maximum) ? Regards, Alistair G.
  9. I just got the body set 51476 for this car and they have removed the Repsol decals!! Why is this? Also, the Marlboro decals in the 1:1 which were altered to just plain blocks of color with no name in the original 58096 1/10 have also now been removed completely!!!?? Just noticed another one missing, the Top Gear decal from the rear window! Fortunately on the 51401 Lancia Delta Integrale body parts set and the Mini Cooper `94 Monte Carlo 84186 body parts set (I bought both of these) I checked and every single decal is present and correct, same as the originals of 58117 and 58163! However, the 6 Martini decals from the 58117's interior for the driver and co-driver's helmet (#51) are not present on 51401's new altered sticker sheet for the re-release kit 58342! And they weren't present in the original optional rally cockpit interior 50463 or in the new optional rally cockpit interior 54491 as far as I am aware. They only came as a separate decal sheet for 58342 numbered 9495465 ! As pictured here ;- http://tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp?t=n&id=img40994_07062013172101_2.jpg ...and ;- http://www.modellbau-seidel.de/index.php?firma=Tamiya&best=9495465 Regards, Alistair G.
  10. I just found this topic after asking about ControlFreaks bodies in another topic ;- http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59067&page=2#entry607076 Regards, Alistair G.
  11. What happened to the ControlFreaks bodies? I found this interview with them ;- http://www.thercracer.com/2010/05/q-tell-us-about-yourself-my-name-is-and.html ...this 6R4 body that they show (click on that first picture, made for 225mm wheelbase, M chassis I think) is very nice looking. But their website no longer works? Also where is the website for the guys who bought the Frewer molds? Best Regards, Alistair G.
  12. Can you measure the exact length of this Core CR293 please, I feel it's the best one for me to order, Schumacher have them at 33 GBP delivered, and it means I can use English and be able to return it easily if there is a problem etc. Also, how long does it hold a charge for? For example my Futaba T6XS battery pack is a 3rd party Lipo and I've only charged it once since new and it's held it's charge for over a year! Regards, Alistair G.
  13. Also, something is wrong here, Tower lists this exact Lipo as being 138.5mm long, and it also looks like it gives the length dimension on the battery label itself as being 138mm ;- http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXYKT6 ...so how come taliesin said it was 127mm long ?! I'm confused. Regards.
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