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  1. The Tomahawk 30615 also lost the Good Year logo. No apparent change in the kit number, still 30615
  2. Hello. Just received the Scorpion 2014 kit. The new batch now carries kit no 30613C, and have lost the Goodyear logo. No big deal. Still a lovely buggy.
  3. Hello. See the bottom right corner of the attached manual page.
  4. Hi. I have one. See it in my showroom here https://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=132547&id=5484 Solid built truck, haven’t fully tested it yet. Waiting for an opportunity.
  5. I believe the Kyosho Inferno 10 shares the same chassis, the inferno 10 manual is here: http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/117/inferno-10-kyosho.html
  6. Umm. Maybe enlarging the hole of a 3mm 17t pinion to 4mm will work.
  7. Hello. The counter gear shaft is 4mm. It's worth investigating kyosho part number 90677. It's available in 3 sizes, 14t, 16t, and 18t. You can check it out in ebay.
  8. Hello. The attached is what I have for the Kyosho Axis EX
  9. Hello, Japanese Manual is here: http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/261/nissan-pathfinder-kyosho.html
  10. Hello. I have the Japanese manual. PM me your email if you're interested.
  11. hello, how about getting BS11 + BS42 to replace GT-1 a custom made BS11 is here: https://dl.dropbox.c...rrent Offer.pdf and BS42 is here: http://www.kyoshoame...ing_p_7634.html Bye
  12. Hi, let's answer one by one: did the Optima mid come with a motor? If so, which one? Yes it did, LE MANS 240 ST Also, mine has metal bushings except for the 2 diffs which have bearings, did it come with all ball bearings? Early versions of Optima Mid came with metal bushings evrywhere except the diffs. the one you have is the early version. later it came with ball bearings everywhere. the early version manual is here: http://www.vintagerc.../optima_mid.pdf and the later version manual is here: http://www.retromode...mid-kyosho.html From an online manual it should have come with a mechanical speed controller, but I cant find any, if anyone can confirm that it did come with a MSC can u post a pic of it so I know what to look for? It came with MSC, many photos can be found in tamiyaclub showrooms: http://www.tamiyaclu...a mid&offset=20 One last thing, mine came with the Kyosho platinum shocks, I think the turbo optima came with them but I doubt mine is turbo (has dogbones at all 4 corners and no sway bars). So I need the gold ones, but shouldnt the platinum ones be the better ones? Thanks! the Optima Mid came with the gold shock, the priviuos owner probably changed them, from my experience the gold were better, but the platinuim were also good if they're not leaking. bye
  13. Hi, BS11 is made from plastic, its cheaper but not a durable gear. Even when using BS11 with Burns (the Buggy) it was weak, it'll not last for long. No clutch issue at all, I remember using a 11T clutch bell or 12T. but that was in 1992 to 1994, engines were putting only 1.2 to 1.5 HP, today even the economical .21 engine can put much more HPs that's why you'll not need 11t or 12t, just go with the standard 13t. if you can find and afford BSW19 (steel) + BSW34 then go for it and you'll have a bullet proof USA1. a more durable custom version of BS11 is here also: http://www.ebay.com/...234529005066356 read the feedback also. Regards
  14. hello, lucky find and very nice restoration you won't need the counter with USA-1, just use BS11 or is you prefer a steel spur gear use BSW19 (you'll need BSW34 to use BSW19) and follow the below steps: Good Luck
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