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  1. Hi, I'll start randomly: First the shocks, just clean them, don't polish them instead follow what the manual says ! use a red shrink tube to cover the shock body (manual page 13 at the bottom) I use red shrink tube. now for the shock mounting rubber you can use either a fuel line pieces or just get Kyosho part number IF137. Second: the rusted steel parts, I clean the rusted parts with water and a power detergent (used for clothes like aerial) cause they are already rusted so water won't do extra harm but will easily clean them. next I wire brush them then I used to paint them black like what the factory does, or lately I chemically coat them with nickel to prevent future rust and to have look beautiful. Third: I clean the aluminum parts water and soap as above and usually don't use mechanical means except for the chassis bottom. what else ? oh yeah replace some or most of the screws. Hope the above helps
  2. cool, bs11 is plastic gear good for restoring your burns and keeping it on the shelf. bsw19 or the link i gave you is good for driving the buggy.
  3. Hi, try contacting this guy for a BS11 substitute. http://cgi.ebay.com/BS11-bs11-Kyosho-Infer...=item1c1ad28888 Bye
  4. hi, it's available here: http://cgi.ebay.de/4982-6-Graupner-Kyosho-...=item4aa86dfed9 contact the seller and you'll get it.
  5. Hi Alex, you are right, yours is the modified version of IF120BL, it is the Kanai version IFW121BL.
  6. Hi Alex, This is IF120BL rear shock stay for Inferno 7.5 series (GT + GT2)
  7. Hi, I remember that 6510-18 was superseded by part number 6510-23 I read your reply and contacted Kyosho about it and here is what they said: "Kyosho reply: Staff (derek) 2/7/2011 2:32:37 PM Yes, that is the correct part number for the piston/sleeve for that engine. My question: 2/7/2011 12:07:09 PM Hi Does the below piston/sleeve fit the GS11X engine; 6510-23 Please let me know." I hope the above helps.
  8. hi, see ebay #350085659958 Regards
  9. Hi all, Tape No. 5 is now on youtube, showing Progress 4wdS and Tomahawk, enjoy the old days buggies. bye
  10. Hi Alex, This is Kyosho part number BB31 (Knuckle Arm) for Car Crusher series (Big Brute, Nitro Brute, Double Dare, Hi-Rider Corvette, Big Boss, and The Boss) what you have are 2 sets of BB31 since each set contain 1 left and 1 right.
  11. Hi, Your Inferno is the DX Limited, the main revised parts from DX to DX Limited are: A- BS64 Alloy muffler with coupling instead of BS123 plastic muffler and BS124 rubber coupling. B- BS65 revised fuel tank instead of the old drsign BS28. C- BSW27 and BSW28 Big alloy Pressure Shocks instead of the 2000 and 2001 plastic shocks. D- BSW71 nylon wing instead of BSW5 lexan wing. E- GT28 2 speed compatible Chassis instead of BS120 single speed chassis.
  12. You are right Alex, see this: http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/5...ho-page-11.html I think its for Lazer Alpha. Regards
  13. Hi Alex They appear to be a Raider series shocks shafts, http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/1...sho-page-3.html are they 3mm? Regards
  14. Hi Alex, I saw those gears before but don't know where ! I'll try to remember.
  15. Hi, this joint is made by Marui for Hunter and Galaxi, http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/7...rui-page-3.html see step 8 http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/3...rui-page-5.html see step 9
  16. Hi Alex, Um not much, it may belong to any kyosho kit (airplanes, cars, bikes, boats, helis ....etc.) Sorry
  17. Hi Alex, these labels are are not for spare parts, they are used to help the assembly of a kit and totally different from the spare parts labels. If you can show the contents I might figure out.
  18. Hi, these parts comes in one bag as BS14 for Burns, Turbo Burns, Inferno, Inferno DX, Turbo Inferno, and USA1
  19. Hi, these are Big Brute parts, see the manual here: http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuel_page/...ute-kyosho.html
  20. Hi, http://www.junginc.com/images/st3.jpg (these are Kyosho Jet Stream 800 EP boat parts, also the Majesty 800S shared the gear box with the Jet Stream, so my best guess is that they are pulled out from a Majesty 800s Kit) see the same parts here in an nib jet stream box http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp...007200331_4.jpg http://www.junginc.com/images/ml4.jpg (these could be a Majesty hull accessories bag) Good luck.
  21. Hi Alistair, The SC77 is Tomahawk Screw set, will work for all the other (scorpion, beetle, Turbo Scorpion) see it here: http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/1...ho-page-24.html
  22. hi my friend, you mean the plastic one used in the classic Ultima ? Kyosho part number UM1 (gear set) includes that final pinion gear you're looking for (number 128 in the below link); http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/8...sho-page-5.html but maybe you need the counter gear shaft also (UM5)
  23. Hi, the decals have a writing in two lines, the upper bigger font says "Rays" for sure and bottom smaller font is not clear but it could be "Engineering" or "heads..." I'll scan the photo i have so that you can see. hope this help.
  24. Hi Tamiyoman, sure I'll try my best to help identifying Kyosho parts
  25. Thanks Alistair for your kind post, just wanted to share a photo from Kyosho catalog which shows what appears to be a box artist doing his job
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