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    New Buggy!

    I like this buggy, not because it is a roll cage or its shape, but because Kyosho is back to juicing their designs. Now they are doing it on the RB5 chassis, before they were always doing it, example: A- Ultima series chassis was used to make: I- Sideways II- Outlaw III- on road scale cars. plus many B- Optima Chassis to make the Javelin (and some of the Stinger) C- Turbo Optima Chassis to make the Salute D- Burns Chassis to make the USA1 E- Inferno DX chassis to make the Landmax I series. F- Optima Mid LWB chassis to make the Ferrari and Skyline scale cars. hope to see a Lazer ZX5 truck soon
  2. hi, see this post; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...&hl=vanning and my showroom here: http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?c...76&sid=5484

    Kyosho Vanning

    hello, check out my tamiyaclub showroom and you'll find plenty of Kyosho Vannings; http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom.asp?id=5484
  4. well here is it http://www.kyoshoamerica.com/news.php?article_id=207
  5. Hi, cool Landmax, and very nice looking body, is it in your showroom?
  6. um, the early version of USA1 was without engine, but the kit did include an engine mount which looks like this: you need it to mount any of today engines, it is part number BS25 see the manual here (page 12) http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuels_page...her-kyosho.html I don't know about the savage mount, but most probably it won't cause usually engine mounts are specific to the chassis
  7. The OS would be fine, although I prefer the .21 (easier on your crown gears). Do you have engine mounts? if your USA1 came with a standard pull start Kyosho engine then you need an engine mount to mount other engines.
  8. Hi, USA1 Nitro crusher is from the early cars that uses a pull start engine. Since it is based on the Burns buggy chassis the available space to accommodate today's pull start engines is very limited. Very few engines fit and the one I remember now is discontinued which is the OS 21 RG-X but with some modification; follow this link and read the description: http://www.philshobbyshop.com/tek9.asp?pg=...cific=jndqemhoo why you limit yourself to pull start?
  9. Hi, I remember seeing one new body at our local hobby shop here in Kuwait does that helps !?
  10. here: http://www.rushrc.com/downloads/sandmaster.pdf
  11. the clutch bell external shell is missing, actually it is a shaft that is connected to the clutch bell (one piece) it is part number 106 in the exploded view. the brake mechanism is fitted on the clutch bell it is also missing, see the drawing below (step 17), try fixing today engines rather than finding spares for this one,
  12. I recommend that you dismantle all the parts and give them a good clear, only then you would know if there are missing parts, but sure the clutch bell is missing or modified;
  13. Actually pull start was not that effective that time, although Kyosho introduced it for their Circuit 20 Buggies, see scans below from the first Circuit buggy and Fairlady manuals, they show a thread that is rolled on a special flywheel, this thread is included in the Circuit 20 Kits I have.
  14. Hi, what you have is a Kyosho Circuit 20 Fairlady, to start the engine see below; manual is here; http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuels_page...ese-kyosho.html http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuels_page...age-kyosho.html
  15. If you find an NIB Landmax 1 even at a cheap price I don't recommend running it cause of difficulty of finding spares, the Inferno DX chassis it is using is very old now, and remember that the Landmax 1 uses even a shorter suspension arms than the Inferno DX standard ones, conclusion is not to run it. Now the Novak conversion is not a direct fit on the Landmax 1 moreover the brushless set up itself is expensive (around $300), even if you could find a used good condition Landmax1 it'll be a waste to use it. Now regarding the popularity of the landmax bodies, the Stratos comes first not because the Stratos itself is famous, but because Kyosho really tried their best (more than other Landmax bodies) to replicate the original car by releasing wheels and heavily detailed body set with many plastic accessories, see it here: the Porsche 959 is also a nice one but won't fit the landmax series cause the Porsche 959 is using a wider suspension arms not like the narrow ones used by the Landmax series. the brushless technology is progressing very quickly, your best solution is to wait for a Kyosho factory brushless set up, i.e. a brushless Inferno GT or GT2 car. remember that the Inferno GT series are also based on the MP7.5 (but with wider arms) so you'll get what you want at the end for a much cheaper and organized setup
  16. The Kyosho Rally / Scale cars story began as below: 1- in 1991 Kyosho offered the 1:8 Porsche 959 which was based on a chassis from a car or buggy called Pirate from hobao, Kyosho made the body and wheels only. click here to see 1990 1/8 scale Porsche 959 in my showroom 2- in 1992 Kyosho re released the Porsche but this time based on Kyosho Inferno DX chassis, they also made Calsonic Skyline GTR R32 and an Audi version of it. click here to see the 1992 1/8 scale Audi in my showroom also a Kyosho promotional video is here: 3- in the mid 90's Kyosho re introduced the cars mentioned in No.2 above on the same Inferno DX chassis with a shorter suspension arms and more bodies verities and called it "GP LANDMAX 4WD" the offered bodies includes: A- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV WRC B- Ford Escort RS Cosworth WRC C- Subaru Impreza WRX/555 WRC D- Volvo S40 E- Alfa Romeo 156 F- Toyota Corolla WRC G- Ford F-150 Landmax ST H- Nissan Skyline GTR R34 I- Lancia Stratos WRC 4- In 2001 the Landmax 2 was released based on the Inferno MP7.5 chassis and many bodies varieties since it shares the same Landmax 1 bodies plus: A- Subaru Impreza WRX WRC B- Peugeot 206 WRC C- Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII WRC 5- In 2006 the Inferno GT was released using the Inferno MP7.5 chassis with extended sus. arms and bigger body 6- In 2008 the Inferno GT2 was released using the Inferno MP7.5 extended chassis (Inferno ST US Sports chassis) the above is what I know, hope it helps.
  17. I didn't try yet, but I assume the Novak brushless conversion kit will work on the Landmax 2 cause it is based on MP7.5 http://teamnovak.com/products/brushless/co...kits/kyosho.jpg http://teamnovak.com/products/brushless/co...3D-1_Kyosho.pdf
  18. that is true terry, I bought my Optima Mid Custom Special and it came with the FRP chassis, and later I assembled many Custom Specials and all were with OT-122 I prefer the OT-122 over the OT-128
  19. the retail price of the OTW-4 (TURBO OPTIMA MID SPECIAL CONVERSION KIT) was $152, and was sold for the same price you mentioned around $99 we bought it in Kuwait for nearly the same price ($99)
  20. the one we bought in mid 1989 came with the OTW5 the carbon fiber chassis, the same as the one you see in the brochure in my previous post.
  21. Hi terry To my information the Optima Mid Custom Special FRP chassis is OT128 not OT122
  22. hi, See the photos below: also you can see my Turbo Optima Mid Special I hope it helps
  23. I just completed the Lancia Stratos body kit project and painted one. For now I did it in red, and will paint another one in Alitalia green once I have some free time. I added also a driver figure, see it head to head with the Fairlady in the photos below:
  24. this is from 1987 catalog: http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/1...ho-page-43.html from 1986 catalog http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/1...ho-page-68.html http://www.retromodelisme.com/scan_pages/1...ho-page-68.html
  25. yes Tamiya was everyone first car, most of the us (not me ) in the 80's were beginners and beginners want to play more and maintain and adjust less, Tamiya was perfect for that, just charge and play game, pack your hotshot with a battery and charger to anywhere without tools and you're ready for hours of play. with Kyosho the story is different, where either you play near your tool box of your tool box should follow you. not because of quality but because of us modelers didn't either assemble it correctly or didn't adjust properly. that's why it took more time for Kyosho to spread around, I would say till late 80s were the beginners I mentioned above became more experts and switched to kyosho.
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