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  1. It seems that the TOYOTA pickup was very famous during early 80's every models manufacturer made its version of it, if fact Kyosho made many toyota pickup models, let's try to count them here: 1-Garden Off Roader series "Hilux" 2- Circuit 20 Series "Hilux" 3- Landjump "Hilux" 4- Car Crusher series Big Brute and Nitro Brute 5- any more toyota pickup models ?
  2. The OT-64 is the optional special wing, I don't know why kyosho made it, I don't see anything special about it. The OT-58 is the standard wing which is shared also with Ultima and Stinger MKII The driver doll is OT-59
  3. Hi, Just uploaded Kyosho Scorpion English manual here: Scorpion Manual Link
  4. The buggy you have looks to be Turbo Ultima II
  5. could be the Kyosho Advance or Assault
  6. The Original Burns manual is here the chassis you'll be buying looks like this: notice the difference in the rear section the chassis you have is in very good condition, just power brush it from both sides and it'll be new. Kyosho also made an Optional chassis for the Burns (BSW7) with a thicker plate and counter sunk screws. SEE IT HERE let me know if you need any further information.
  7. hello, the clarification is simple; BS51 is the Original Burns chassis BS51B is USA-1 Chassis that is a direct fit for the Burns but have an additional 3 hole to mount the reduction gear and 4 holes to mount the GS21 engine (Click here to see it) also the front and rear sections of the BS51B is little bit changed from BS51 but still both are interchangeable. BS61 is the Turbo Burns Chassis, see it here; it is longer than the BS51 and BS51B, moreover the screws in the BS61 are counter sunk flat screws not like the ones on the BS51 and BS51B which are normal round head screws. don't try searching for the BS61 cause it is nearly impossible to find a new one. If you desperately in need for a chassis then get the BS51B which a shorter chassis, and get with it 2 pieces of BS117 (center shafts to replace your longer Turbo Burns center shafts), and you'll be OK.
  8. cool classic buggy, looks sooo beautiful
  9. Regardless of which motor you use all Kyosho's Mechanical Speed Controllers are all not durable, and will be damaged sooner than expected. Except the one that comes with the Raider. Tamiya ones are far better.
  11. If talk is silver then silence is gold just joking actually because this site is called tamiyaclub.com many Kyosho fans might not reach it easily. There are many Kyosho fans that doesn't speak English, Kyosho is very popular in Germany for example. Kyosho made in the early days many 1:8 buggies that are unique but very rarely mentioned or discussed in this forum. I think it's time for Kyoshoclub
  12. 1. I don't have a Tomahawk but if Kyosho says 1983 then it is 1983. In Graupner 1985 catalog they showed the Tomahawk with the Scorpion and Beetle, it is clear to me that sure it was before 1985. but I have to admit that Kyosho screw up in photos sometimes, in their annual catalog they always show the Inferno MP6 as Classic Inferno, and in their history page, they showed the Rowdy Baja as a Circuit Buggy. 2. I saw many kits, but didn't come across decals variations except that the cox version doesn't include the "KYOSHO" logos. 3. Vintage promo videos are found with difficulty even at their time. There is no systematic way that I came across like todays videos for each products, many videos we assume its availability but they don't exist. Also Kyosho most of the time in the early days make a video for one car of the series but not all of them, example; A- they made for Vanning but not Presto B- they made for Turbo Optima but not Salute C- they made for Assault but not Advance D- the made for Optima Mid and Not Turbo or SE
  13. although this is not a direct answer to your question, If I were you, I would only get LAW35
  14. they fit the INFERNO ST, the old version with was based on the Inferno DX chassis, and released in 1993~1994 Inferno ST
  15. The "Type R Evolution" used to be sold for $320 ~ $340 in Kuwait, it is basically type R with extra options.
  16. I have one in PDF which will help you, message me your email.
  17. yesterday I listed them; ebay listed items
  18. Hi, I'll start listing them in Tamiyaclub.com trade section soon (http://tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=5484), also in ebay
  19. Hi I currently do Kyosho only, but might consider other brands in the future. I usually do decals that I need for my models.
  20. hi guys, here is my latest repro decals; Turbo Ultima UM-35 Ultima Pro UM-40 Turbo Rocky (Mini decal) I carefully chosen the real Turbo Rocky specific logos and reproduced them. the remaining logos can be found in most of other kyosho repros that I made. Advance AB-32
  21. Hi, the Burns and Turbo Burns were 53T
  22. The gap is big between the Turbo and the DX; main differences are: 1- Shocks 2- Chassis 3- Diffs and components and all gears. 4- Front and rear Stabilizers. I don't recommend upgrading the DX to Turbo. see the Turbo Inferno exploded view below;
  23. Hi, see the photos below: Landjump 4D (version I) Landjump Integra (Version II) Landjump Integra parts
  24. The INFERNO DX is the beginner version of the classic INFERNO sereis which include; INFERNO 4WD 1991 TURBO INFERNO 1993 INFERNO DX 1992 INFERNO DX II 1994 similar to the one you have
  25. official kyosho video:
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