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  1. moreover Kyosho Gold and Duratrax golds differ in their gold color, and those looks the same. Is there any other proof that one of them is Kyosho Gold other than it was removed from a Turbo Optima ?
  2. both are same, both are duratrax cause i don't think that Kyosho gold uses a black piston.
  3. In Russia http://www.hobbycenter.ru/product_info_16527.html
  4. Kyosho part number: 70101 desc.: Electric KYOSHO X-SPEED Stock Motor Hi-Speed, 23 triple spiral wire. operating voltage: 7.2v - 8.4v
  5. see the Ultima Pro XL here: and Ultima II here: and finally the Triumph here:
  6. that is funny your Hotshot looks great "Hotshot Custom special" but I have to say that Tamiya buggies for beginners is better than Kyosho, although slightly more expensive but I found that beginners enjoy Tamiya more, their manual speed controller is much better and trouble free, their buggies are more maintenance free than Kyosho, now I'm talking here only about beginners buggies. I remember that one of our friends have a Blackfoot and me having a Big Brute in 1988, the Blackfoot was far more reliable he was simply charging and driving again and again and again but me all the time I was adjusting the radio box cover screws to allow free movement of the manual speed controller servo see the Shadow in action here:
  7. Interesting Tamiya should know that the Hotshot is not a racing buggy, hence cannot compete with the OPTIMA it is more like a beginners type of car, that's why I thought of how it is compared with Shadow. B.M.T. I would really want to see the comparison article I appreciate if you can share it with us.
  8. Hi, I was watching Kyosho Shadow promotional video and wondering how is it compared with the Tamiya Hotshot ? I didn't use either of them so if anyone knows I would to see a comparison. Kyosho Shadow Kyosho Aero Streak (ARR Shadow) Hotshot
  9. The Ultima RB Type R and Type R Evo uses UM403 as a stock front shocks stay, in the Type R Evo option parts list kyosho offers a Carbon front shock stay UMW402 Type R Evo Parts list: http://www.kyosho.com/jpn/support/instruct...arb_r_evo_p.pdf we got the evo here in Kuwait it is for about $350
  10. it is Kyosho Garden Off Roader "HILUX"
  11. I still couldn't figure out the Stinger MKI decal label number any one knows what is it? it is suppose to be SG-??
  12. thanks guys for your input, I have to order few screw sets and start building
  13. your Ultima looks very beautiful, I always wanted to get an Ultima, and the RB5 might be the one, I'm really happy that Kyosho is still using the Ultima name.
  14. Hi, during 2007 I moved my RC stuffs to my new house where I prepared a special room for them; http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?c...060&id=5484 later I started segregating the parts that I have, amazingly I discovered that I can at least build 2 buggies out of them !! the question is should I keep them as parts or assemble them to make a "New Built"? I liked the idea of reducing the parts number by combining them into a compact size buggy (not really compact since one of them will be monster truck) but wanted some opinions before I start. What do you think guys.
  15. These are Kyosho original wheels (part number 92656W) with your choice of 2.2 inch standard tires. the wheels are cheap ($6 to $10 for the pair) now there one thing you have to do which is enlarging the axle hole to fit your vanning or presto, very simple process just use a lexan tapered reamer to enlarge the whole.
  16. Hi, I've mentioned this before about the tires and wheels, here is the links, http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33755 http://tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?c...576&id=5484 These are the best wheels and tires that will give you: 1- Great original stock look of Presto & Vanning. 2- Very good handling. 3- Cheap and readily available tires.
  17. for bumper you either have to make one or find one, but for wheels and tires see here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=33755
  18. Nice now you need a bumper and better tires and it'll be ready for the shelf
  19. Hi, just wanted to share this with you fellow Kyosho fans; The Turbo Scorpion body kit
  20. Yes these were just made, they are for the Long wheel base Optima Mid Buggies : 1- Turbo Optima Mid Special 2- Optima Mid Custom Special 3- Optima Mid Custom they will fit the Short wheel base Optima Mid buggies (Mid, Turbo Mid, and Turbo Mid SE) but with some modification, see my old Turbo Optima Mid with Custom Special body;
  21. Hi, I just completed this project The Real Turbo Optima Mid Special body (OT-117 version 1 the Original Shape without the half bubble), see photos below: Of course the same was done also for the Optima Mid Custom
  22. This buggy is a Kyosho Circuit Buggy and in its early life it was a Rowdy Baja but now it is modified and missing parts.
  23. They are spare parts for Kyosho Blitz hand starter (No.1791) I checked its manual and confirmed. I'm interested in this item, PM me please for the price if you want to sell it. Regards
  24. As Tipsy mentioned all will fit, the Turbo Optima and Salute bodies were made wider to accommodate the 8.4V battery which will not fit with the Optima body.
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