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  1. My next project would be Turbo Ultima / Ultima Pro/XL, Ultima II, and Turbo Ultima II repro body UM-34, I need few for my Ultima In my opinion the UM-34 is a direct fit for all Ultimas even Ultima I, the body is planned to be available with 3 decals options: 1- UM-19 Ultima I decal (it'll give the UM-34 body a totally new cute look ) 2- UM-35 Turbo Ultima decal 3- UM-40 Ultima Pro I decal I don't think that they'll be interest in Ultima Pro XL decals or Ultima II series decals , so I'll be working on the above decals options.
  2. Very beautiful ! be careful this time when running it

    Nib Kyosho Burns

    a 2WD version of the BURNS was introduced by Kyosho in the early 90's it is basically a classic BURNS less the front drive train and bushings instead of ball bearing; see below:
  4. I have the Scorpion manual (with Beetle supplementary sheet) wanted to scan it but no time, will try to do it this week.
  5. can we see photos, I think the BZ-4 is sort of spare part for Kyosho Blitz Starter

    Nib Kyosho Burns

    Hi, Burns is a very beautiful and is getting rare these days, but still $800 is too high maybe between $450 and $600 is OK. Parts are still relatively available for the Burns and you can buy a used one for around $150 to $180 and restore to 100% new condition. but nothing can beat the NIB kit. Turbo Burns is more rare.
  7. thanks, I have more, but I don't think I'll be able to add them due to 100MB restriction
  8. message me your address and I'll email you the Salute Manual in PDF
  9. I've just uploaded many vintage Kyosho promo videos, you can see them all here: http://tamiyaclub.com/movies.asp?id=5484&n=INTEGRA%20FAN enjoy

    Marui Hunters

    Hi, I owned a Hunter in 1987 and I found it nothing more than a beginner plastic rc buggy, not stable at all, suitable only for very slow bashing. the body was weak and very badly mounted on the chassis. I quickly changed to Kyosho Ultima. manual is here : http://www.retromodelisme.com/manuels_page...nter-marui.html

    Kyosho Fantom

    Ah I think they are the same see the below photo;
  12. Raider and many other kyosho manuals are here: http://retromodelisme.com/manuels_pages/34...2wd-kyosho.html
  13. Yes you're right, thank you for your input guys
  14. Thanks for your input guys, The servo horn might fit without bubble also if the servo was lowered via collars till it hits the chassis.
  15. Hi, while planning for the process of reproducing the Turbo Optima Mid Special body OT-117, I discovered something interesting !! The staring point is an original spare OT-117 body, I found that it has a half bubble in the front left section which Kyosho made to accommodate the rotary speed control servo horn for the Optima Mid Custom. A big question mark appeared in my mind ? Did kyosho make this bubble only for the Optima Mid Custom or it was there always when this body was first made for the Turbo Optima Mid Special ? and the answer was easy to find since I have a NIB Turbo Optima Mid Special, I rushed to my RC room to check it. I pulled out the body and ..................................... there was no bubble The OT-117 comes in 2 versions the early no bubble version and the later Mid Custom bubbled version. now this discovery stopped my whole reproducing process !! which version to reproduce I'm leaning toward the no bubble version since it'll be perfect for decal application, moreover the box photo in both Optima Mid Custom and Turbo Optima Mid Special are showing the no bubble one. what do you think guys?
  16. Hi, I just uploaded the official Kyosho Hurricane promo video here: enjoy
  17. It usually takes from 10 to 15 days
  18. Thanks, see the below link: http://tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=58577&id=5484
  19. I just completed one of my summer projects, the BEETLE repro body kit, check the photos below
  20. yes that is Kyosho agent in Kuwait logo at that time.
  21. just uploaded this one also: see the Lazer ZX Rampage Ultima Pro XL ... and many more
  22. Hey bakaguyjean, thank you for your post. I have more videos which I will upload later for more kyosho oldies. You're right the Turbo Scorpion is much better the Pegasus is not bad also but when it comes to handling
  23. Optima, Ultima, Turbo Optima, Optima Mid, Raider, Big Brute, Shadow.... and more must see them all here: and my other uploaded videos which shows Kyosho design center in Japan, see the Store house full of Turbo Rokies
  24. here is the 1989 mini catalog: http://www.retromodelisme.com/documents_pa...log-kyosho.html and 1988 mini catalog: http://www.retromodelisme.com/documents_pa...log-kyosho.html and 1987 mini catalog: http://www.retromodelisme.com/documents_pa...log-kyosho.html and 1986 Japanese mini catalog: http://www.retromodelisme.com/documents_pa...ese-kyosho.html (notice Assault name in page 66 )
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