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    Kyosho Circuit 2000/ kyosho circuit 1000

    Kyosho Presto (Vanning sister) quote:Originally posted by raeminThere are also the graupner siblings : datsun fairlady, rowdy id="quote">id="quote">

    Optima spare part number.

    These spring clamp breaks easily, in the early to mid 80's the red shocks were the only available ones from Kyosho. They used it in all their buggies including the nitro ones (Vanning & Presto). I managed to make an aluminum version of them with 3mm cap screw, and solved the problem. Just take your broken clamp with the red shock body to any machine shop and they will do it for you very cheap.

    Wanted uSA-1 Wheel Adapters

    I think you mean the wheel stopper (this is what kyosho call it) you can find it here item number K.BS33 Wheel Stopper - Burns/Inf/Lmax : 4pcs £10.35 or K.MTW1 Alu Drive Washers - LMAXII /Mega.F £17.86 Both contain 4pcs and same. Top one is the original part, bottom is blue anodized which is also used for Mad Force

    Rare, vintage 1980s buggies.

    1) What's the rarest buggy you own? It is a KYOSGO INTEGRA 4WD PRESTO (Vanning sister but with a Lexan body instead of roll cage) Catalog photo : My Presto Photo: 3) Which rare buggy would you like to own? Turbo Optima Mid Special 4) What are some of the rarest buggies you've ever seen or heard of or heard rumours of? (And if they aren't on yet, then have you got a picture?) The Rarest buggy that i've seen was Kyosho Prestige, it is Turbo Burns sister (economic version) this buggy never made its way to any place. Box photo: 5) Which unusual/rare buggy(s) in the showrooms of Tamiyaclub have interested you the most - either because you actually like them, or because you consider them great curiosities? Kyosho Turbo Inferno 6) What was the most underrated buggy of it's time? Kyosho Optima Pro, selecting your own ESC and motor spec was not fully appreciated by people when this buggy was released.

    Land Jump front arm needed

    Try ebay first, then go to and sure you'll find what you need. quote:Originally posted by Woober GooberHeg guys, Im working on putting an old Land Jump back together, and I need to replace the front left arm. Anybody out there have one they could sell, trade, etc. please let me know. My email is down, so if you could just respond to this thread, it would be greatly appreciated. WG id="quote">id="quote">

    Kyosho Burns

    I have two KYOSHO Burns and a uSA#1 Nitro Crusher. Burns is a great Buggy, I can email you the manual if you want, not sure about the pull start engine, it a tough buggy. USA1 Nitro Crusher parts are 80% interchangeable with the Burns. Post some photos of it, let us see. quote:Originally posted by uK VintageWhat have I done? [xx(]I've ordered one of the fabulous looking Burns off professorslot. It looks filthy from the pics, but looking forward to the light restore. Does anyone have one? Can anyone tell me more about them? I guess you can't put in a pull start? Any advice welcome as always, Felix id="quote">id="quote">