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  1. Yeah my buddy just picked up a rokzilla and that chassis is a work of art compared to my Z2 and my Z4 chassis. I love it. Thanks for the info I'll check into it.
  2. As the title says I'm in the search of a ESP Rokzilla chassis for my clodbuster. Let me know what you have and a price if anyone has one to sell. Thanks Dallas
  3. Oh I did not notice you are in the U.K. I prefer shipment to remain in the u.s. only because if something was to go wrong or you aren't satisfied with your purchase it doesn't take forever to make the deal right. Thanks tho and keep trying there are plenty of good cars out there. Dallas
  4. Hey Pete, I'm a big fan of the RC10 have about a dozen of them mostly all in pieces. I need to start thining the herd around here. Are you interested in a stealth car or a 6 gear car? Thanks, Dallas
  5. Nice double post there guys LOL anyways that's alright man i posted this like forever ago. Dallas
  6. Still lookin I have a King blackfoot with a duratrax spike esc for trade plus cash if anybody is interested. thanks Dallas
  7. I'm looking for a Globeliner, King Hauler, or a Knight Hauler if anybody has one forsale or trade i have a novak 5800ss brushless system and two nice mod motors for trade a revolution 12x2 and a 10x1 D5 drop me a mial at da_cadillac_man_numba1@yahoo.com with replies thanks Dallas
  8. Well I only need one tire for my truck but if someone has a set for cheap LMK thanks Dallas
  9. I'm lookin for a manual for a Z3 chassis if you have one that i can buy or have scanned LMK. I need too get this thing together. Thanks Dallas
  10. I have a well used KB for trade for a super rooster or evx ESC it has full bearings and associated shocks that leaked bad so I made them into nice friction shocks. also i have almost a whole other rolling chassis too go with it. If interested I can get pics made up. thanks Dallas
  11. Anyone? Still lookin' Clod or TLT-1 thanks Dallas
  12. Still looking for a TLT-1 or Clodbuster LMK thanks Dallas
  13. I have a nice Associated TC3 for trade too. Plus I'm looking for another TLT-1 as well for a project I'm thinking of starting. thanks again for looking. Dallas
  14. How much? actually i'd like that over a used one then i get too put it together that's the best part. Dallas
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