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  1. I just bought out the remaining inventory of a closing Hobby Shop, have thousands of NOS Tamiya, Assoicated, Kyosho, Losi, Thorp, Proline, etc parts in stock. If you need anyhting in particular please email me at oldjoes@aol.com Also check out my Ebay username oldjoes for parts already for sale, there is so much stuff it will take me months if not years to list it all. I can only upload one photo, there is much more than that. Thanks Tom
  2. Hello, as mentioned in a previous post I just got back into the hobby after an 8 year hiatus. I had sold all my RC stuff so I had to start from scratch. Since I am a vintage only buff, I picked up this Tamiya Falcon on CL for $40. I really wanted a Frog or Blackfoot, which I also picked up dirt cheap along with another Faclon Parts car dirt cheap on Ebay after buying this one, but those are future projects or will be sold. I first went to Ebay and bought a whole Laundry list of stuff, Three Falcon parts lots, including the one already mentioned, a used Airtronics MX-3 Transmitter and reciever for only $23 shipped, I chose this because its what I used when I was in the Hobby back when, A new Airtonics BL Racer ESC, A new Aitronics standard servo, full bearing set, shock oil and grease, CRP dogbones, CRP chassis stiffener and bumper, a Fireball 19 turn modified motor, four 5300 Nimh battery packs, a Radio Shack dual trickle charger, body clips, etc. To date I have spent a grand total of $430 for everything, but I do not think thats too bad, since in the end I will have two Faclons with parts to spare, a Blackfoot, pretty much complete, and a Frog, needs wheels and tires. I can always swap the electronics from one to another, so with the exception of a couple of new motors and the wheels and tires foe the Frog, I am done spending money. I totally tore down the Falcon, cleaned and replaced broken parts and rebuilt. I have taken pics and show the before and after of the Falcon, I have not yet run it but will do so as soon as I get the chance.
  3. Here are a few more of my old cars, no longer have these, and a cool red vintage Battery Operated Wild Willy, looks like Tamiya Willy, small pics shows the pair I had back then.
  4. I think you are right, the other night I won a Blackfoot, Frog and another Falcon for $51. The Frog and Falcon are in pieces but alot of the parts are there and I may get three complete cars out of it, as well as 4 bodies and two stick remotes. When I got out they just started re-releasing the Frog, but I had no idea until recently that they reproduced so many Tamiya cars. I have seen this before in other hobbies, and it really kills the value of the vintage stuff, but makes it much easier for people just getting into the hobby.
  5. Thanks but I no longer own any of those cars, they were all sold along time ago, all for big money since I put so much time, effort and money into them. I do now own the Falcon and will post pics once it's redone. Attached is a link to a video I took of the Blackfoot when I sold it. This is the last time I drove an RC car. Can't wait to get back behind the wheel, hope to devote some time to the Falcon this week. .
  6. Hello All, I have been out of the Hobby about seven years, had about 30 cars at one point. After my interest had changed and I no longer had tome to run my cars I sold everything off and never looked back. Recently, I was talking with someone at work who mentioned RC cars, he still has his Tamiya Wild Willy and a couple of others from his childhood and it got me interested again. I sold the last of my cars, a really hopped up Blackfoot I put alot into, in 2010. I looked up the old transaction and emailed the buyer asking is he still had the truck and was interested in selling back to me, but of course, I did not hear from him. After fishing around Locally on Craigslist, I purchased this Tamiya Falcon from the original owner for $40. In the last week i have spent a tone on hop-ups, spare parts bodies, batteries, an fm radio system, a charger etc. Etc. I had to buy everything I once owned all over again. I even one a lot on Ebay with a Blackfoot, Frog and another incomplete Falcon. Please check out pics.First is the Falcon I just bought, hope to get on the road soon, other are my Supermodied Black, Frog and Grasshopper, AKA 'The Beast", I clocked this car at 40MPH, and a Stock Playtron Lynx which was my first vintage Car, which was a shelf queen.
  7. Newbie, are you going to FBF tomorrow, I will meet you there, let me know. Tom oldjoes@aol.com
  8. Guys, too much stuff has come up because of the holiday weekend, I cant make it tomorrow. Let me know when you want to try again. Tom
  9. I use FM and have several sets of crystals, so no worries here. I am thing ablout bring my Modified Blackfoot and My Emaxx, I have a modified Frog and an Associated B4 but they are in parts and I have no time to set them up.
  10. FBF would be great as long as we could find dirt, there would be plenty of privacy and close parking too. I race my nitro sedan there, but we could not be near that track as we dont want to cause radio conflicts. Dynahead, I would say bring as many charged packs as you have. A good gym bag would be fine for your equipment.
  11. Not to be a naysayer, but Prospect wont work only because a ten minute walk is quite long when you are carrying two or three cars, a dozen batteries, radio, and not to mention that I wanted to bring my 4 ramps and three dozen cones. Also, it would be great to be able to hook up a battery charger to a car so we never run out of juice.
  12. Guys, is there anywhere with dirt at FBF, none that I can think of.
  13. I was in Marine park today, I saw a decent spot for the meet. Its near the Ave U end of the park, very close to the small parking lot there. Very flat with bare spots amid very short grass (at least right now). I do have 3 dozen cones and four skateboard ramps we can use to make a track. Not a perfect spot, but I will keep looking.
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