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  1. hopefully getting a maverick scout crawler and the alloy chassis and front bumper for the sand scorcher my brother gave me for free after finding it in a loft during a house clearence
  2. just got a early emaxx but its missing the twin titan 550 motors has anyone got a pair for sale ??
  3. thats some great work there, keep it up mate
  4. needing a few bits to make my vw touareg a pajero, need body mounts front and rear and the pajero swb prop shaft anyone help can pay via paypal etc
  5. must admit its not what i was expecting but looks nice but aint got nothing on the real bruiser
  6. anyone help me i got a f201 minus the shell so am desperate for a shell prefer non painted but anything will do[]
  7. need a shell for my honda s2000 anyone?????
  8. there is the manta ray http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v625/m4d...ns/IMG00127.jpg
  9. tiger stripe model bodyshell wanted in any condition or colour with or with out rear spoiler. anyone??????
  10. i got a manta ray with msc,motor and a couple of old acoms servo's going cheap or trade. let me know[]
  11. sammy look here mate " http://www.modelsport.co.uk/?CallFunction=...on&ItemID=15146 "
  12. what sort of price you after for ?
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