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  1. We have an open Class where you can race what every you want. I going to enter it in that...
  2. This is what I bought myself for Christmas. Its a TLT Tuber with Samson body... Came as a roller, now I need to find time to get it running.
  3. I was so excited when I found this out. Thunder Tech Racing is now taking online pre-orders for the CVDs. The been out for a while, and not to sure how long they will be in stock.
  4. I traded my TA05 drifter for a New Era Jugg with Over Kill Body. I think I got my self a great deal...
  5. Ramp jumping and sled pull... http://www.youtube.com/user/RCMTChawaii#p/u/7/dvuSVGCBFao
  6. If you have the stock set up for the clodzilla you need to position on the links to make room for the bta
  7. I feel the same way. For some reason I can't stop buying Clods and hop up parts for my clod. I'm an addict
  8. Yup they are aluminum. I have been looking for a set for a while and never seen anyone selling them. I have a set of JPS rims but these are far nicer and harder to find.
  9. I was checking out my local Craigslist when I came across someone selling a Clodzilla 4 for $200. He describe the truck as being a roller with stock motors, sidewinder esc and aluminum rims. I have about 10 Clods and normally would not have jumped at this until I saw a picture of the truck's rims. He had old school Tenacarft rims on them. I immediately emailed the seller, but he responded to me saying that a guy had said he would buy the truck and that he wanted to give him first shot at the truck. I then thought it over for about 5 minutes and then offered him $250, which he gladly said yes. Upon receiving the truck I am happy that I offered the extra $50. The rims are in awesome shape and I have enough extra electrical to get the truck up and running to get my $250. Its not everyday that you see Tenacraft rims for sale.
  10. This is a Video made by Hawaii RC-MT President hywntrucker808
  11. Its a CPE BTA in the picture but I changed it out to link style
  12. This was the grand Prize gift given away at our RCMT-HI season finally. The Truck was donated by Club president Wally / Hawaiiantrucker808. There was over 50 trucks that turned out for the event. Here is some pics of the event
  13. I just got this Chassis off another forum. Got it put together but haven't had the chance to paint a body or put in the radio gear.
  14. Very Nice. My fist Clod was a Zilla 2 that I sold a while back. I wish I never sold it.
  15. Looking for a Thunder Tech Chassis. Let me know what you got. Thanks
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