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  1. Looks like ive sorted out about 30 brand new body sets (Some very rare!), about 10 NIB kits, various assortment of cars (10-15), loads of wheels and tyres and a few runners (not sure exactly which ones yet tho! LOL) Its gonna be a squeeze to get it all in the astra!
  2. Now i may well be throwing a curve ball here! Can we run any car with a mini shell on them in the M class race as I dont have a Tamiya mini but do have an ABC mini? Also I would like to see a touring car class with the likes of TL01, TT01, TB01/02 etc, as I think quite a few peeps will have one or two kicking around. The idea of an XC race is inspired BTW! May have to bring my 6WD unimog along for that one, LOL
  3. Well Ive bought the tickets for the wife and I so maybe il be ill for work that day if need be! LOL
  4. Tickets purchased for me and the wifey! Could you please reserve me a table for the Saturday Chris.
  5. Im gonna try and get up there for the Sat if I can! Not really done much with any of the cars since the Snetterton Bash of 09!
  6. If I can wangle the time off work il try and get up there, Not many Tamiya runners these days but I would have pretty much a whole car of stuff for sale! LOL
  7. Hiya Guys, Im hoping to get along for this one too, its been too long since I was able to make a KB, Wont be bringing too much tbh and I will have to charge all/any batteries when im there, Didnt know about this bash untill last minute! Will prob be there about 11:00 but im sure you will hear me comming!!! LOL
  8. Hi chaps, Well I was going to make an appearance at the bash but ive just got up and its hammering down here so it looks like il be spending the day at home putting together our new Ikea TV units, LOL. The Joy!!!!! I can hardly contain myself!!!!! LOL Ive gotta get to a bash soon or i may just lose my mind!
  9. Hi Guys, Sorry I have been absent for a while, for some reason TC hasnt been letting me know that people have been using this thread so I assumed all had gone quiet on the KB front, LOL. Im afraid I wont be around for a couple of months now, I think the next weekend im fee will be 10/11 April. I have to spend this months weekend getting a freinds Jeep Cherokee ready for our Macmillan 4x4 Challenge event entry, to see more about the event click here ----->http://www.mac4x4.co.uk/ We are team 69 (It still says Matt Everest but he dropped out for some reason so im now the navigator!) Basicly its a 4x4 event covering about 1000miles with ALL proceed going straight to Macmillan Cancer Support, we will be covering all the petrol and expenses out of our own pockets but if you would like to help us raise the £600 needed for us to participate please use our just giving page here----->http://www.justgiving.co.uk/4x4 We only need another £185 as Loz has managed to secure a £300 donation from a carpentry firm! (it wont show up on the just giving site as its a chq but it still goes towards the total) If you would like to donate please tick the gift aid box as it means the govenment will give us an extra 25% of each donation we recieve! I may be able to get the odd day here and there at short notice to go out and play but as for an organised KB like I say I wont be available untill the 11th April I have to say that I cant wait to see your Summit in action tho Andy!! if anyone would like to take the reigns for the next KB then please step forward and be counted, LOL. I hope everyone is well.....Chris
  10. Hi Andy, I think ive got 5 NiMh and about 10 4000 25c Lipos left! Il bring 5 or 6 of each along and you can decide if you want any when when we get there.....Chris
  11. Well I hope everyone had a fantastic Crimbo and ate way too much! LOL. Right then, the bash on Monday. Hows about meeting at the Maidstone services on the M20 @ 09:30 (there are a few parking spaces in the petrol stn forecourt!) Then we will mosey on down to the bash site for about 09:50 in a convoy stylee! The runners im taking are as follows..... Caster fusion 1/8 buggy (brushless) E-Firestorm (brushless) Team Associated SC-10 Axial Crawler (brushless) Red Barron XC (Brushless) May take the VLB and Landy XC! Dont forget to bring a shovel along to help build a crawler/xc course! And a flask for a cuppa! Really looking forward to this one! Hope to see you all there. if you have any probs getting there on the day gimmie a bell on 07876 456917.
  12. Nice one fellas! Still want it at the old Sand Pit? Anyone else fancey coming?
  13. Hi Chaps. I think the general thoughts from everyone is maybe not to head out tomorrow, not just the probs for people getting there but also the amount of damage all that white stuff is gonna do to our ESC's LOL. Hows about if we make some arrangements for the Bank Holiday Monday? (28th Dec) fingers crossed all the snow will have gone or pretty much all of it, it may even allow anyone who gets some nice new RC's for xmas to get them ready for a play too! I know its not the perfect scenario but it may be the best option we got for a bash this year! What say you guys?
  14. Send me a PM with your address and il see if I can swing by on my way, Are you looking for a lift or a tow?
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