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  1. Finally I have a chance to own a Avante. After the re-re of the Hotshot I got my old vintage feeling bakc as af I never had before. I understand that for some colelctors this will be 'disapointing' but on the other hand, a NIB original Avante will keep it's worth. For me, I am standing in line to pre-order at different sites!!
  2. Seeing the lists it is making me wonder what all re-relases do with the collectables. Maybe NOT selling my Bigwig is the best thing I have done since they will never re-release that brick!
  3. I would definitly put in that alu plate. My experience is that without the support the old ABS plastic will crack at the first jump. You can test it by holding the front and back of the chassis and twist it, you will see the movement it has. So, when you mak a plate, also check the widht so it gives some axial support over the length of the car. So, treat your old Bigwig with 'love' Maurits
  4. See my previous post. There are two items in the pull down menu named 56000s. When you select the top one, the 56323 does not apear.
  5. It seems there are two 56000s groups, on the main page AND in the edit function when editting/adding a model in your own showroom. Seems that those lists are corrupt.
  6. Can someone add the Scania R620 (56323) to the models on the main page? Thanks Frits
  7. Well, believe it or not, my girlfriend came with the probable cause of this incident.... I put the tape on 5-6 days earlier. Also, it laid down in the sun for a couple of hours... Stupid me.. But, I found a solution which works for me:
  8. See below picture: I hate when this happens. I used standard Tamiya masking tape 18mm. When I peeled it of, the chrome just came of. Can I use this tape when I'm putting on my 2nd colour on my F350 shell (making stripes)?
  9. Try: http://www.waigohobby.com/index.html
  10. Hi all, Since this will be a Dutch meeting I will post here a link to a Dutch site. http://www.tamiyagekken.nl/forum/viewtopic...?f=5&t=2745 Meeting date: 11 or 18 Oktober Location: Mannege de Veerkracht in Heumen (5 km onder Nijmegen) Lokatie op maps.google.nl: 51.771619, 5.815500
  11. Answers: - No, the wheel arches are not precut, you will need scissors to cut them. Here is a little hint to help you. If you wrap sandpaper around that carton from a toilet roll, you can get a nice smooth finish. - The kit is easy to built, if you just use it for slow driving I wouldn't bother to get hopups. If you want them, here you go: http://www.stellamodels.net/catalog/default.php?cPath=75_115 Look at mine, I painted also the wheels to get a more accurate look: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...816&id=5798
  12. Must be including transmitter, battery and charger...
  13. See here: http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58441 34.000 YEN will probably be including Transmitter, stick pack, etc.. They often give different prices..
  14. Hi Dan, Thank you for the explanation. I already have a oneway frontdiff and reading the article made me doubt purchasing a center oneway. Here is the part that made me doubt [Q] The presence of a front diff, however, makes the center one-way somewhat of a compromise between having no one-ways at all and the aforementioned front one-way configuration. Does the writer mean that when you have a oneway frontdiff the advantages of this are minimized by placing a center oneway?? Thanks Maurits
  15. I have an additional question: What would be the advantage of the center one-way-pulley: http://www.stellamodels.net/catalog/produc...roducts_id=3500 Second questions: Would I need two of these since I do only see a pulley for ONE belt?!
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