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  1. Well, I bought it completely with stickers AND those cover stickers to leave the windows clear!!! Als included spoiler etc.. This shop must do their shopping in Germany because it was also sold in original 406 boxes!! Reason I wanted to buy it is that I love the real Coupé version of the 406.. thx for the advise!
  2. Hi everyone, I jus saw in my local hobby-shop the body for the Peugeot 406ST (P# 1825173). I tried to find it on the net but it was hard to find. Luckely at Tamiya USA.com I found the part. Is it so rare? It's realy cheap EUR 20,-, should I consider buying it? Thnx Frits
  3. I understand the effort put into these kind of databases (trust me, I know!!). if I'll find and gather any sort of data, I'll let you know and share it with you! quote:Originally posted by netsmithUKIts a big task, and also quite a draw to any site which hosts it. For this reason we don't give out the database we have to anyone as one list. Like the manuals we provide, it would just turn up on ebay after a short time with someone trying to make a quick profit out of our members hard work. This is why we present it as a searchable database rather than a simple listing. If you want to contribute to the list you are welcome though - we can take data in whatever electronic format - excel or access is ideal. The more info you can include about which models the part is compatible with the better for our users. regards Chris id="quote">id="quote">
  4. Well, maybe somone should take this task upon his shoulders But you can't provide me with a list of somekind? I assume the online database is based on this data? quote:Originally posted by netsmithUKI'm not sure one actually exists - not electronically anyway. I've been searching for years and not found it yet. What you see on the club is a result of 'digitising' several old printed parts manuals - but each covered a different period and had 'holes' in it. You also have different manuals, with different number listings/standards for different areas just to complicate things a bit more difficult. I think the main pointer it doesn't exist is there isn't a searchable resource on any of Tamiya sites. If they had it electronically it would be a since to do. Cheers Chris id="quote">id="quote">
  5. Hi Chris, I found some cross references in pdf. Since I've got pdf writer I was able to select those parts and put them into excel. Problem is that with "old" parts these files are hard to find. What I'm planning to do is make a small but usefull Access based database to keep track of parts, your own cars, your own sparelist, etc.. Still, I'm going to build it and if you are interested I can keep you up to date on my prolongings (wrong spelling?!). Maurits
  6. Hi all, Since several weeks I've been an enthousiastic visitor of Tamiyaclub.com. I've been using the database quit reguarly and i've got a question. Does anyone know where I can download a complete (that means since 1976) list of spare parts? Greetz Maurits
  7. Well, thanks for all the answers guys. Cleaned up the motor last night and decided to put it back into the Bigwig and restore that old car. Only thing missing now is the front bumper. Crashed that one after 1 week I believe. I've got the old glued together... So, the best thing I can do is buy a new motor. First have to buy a new transmitter and servo's and speed controler. ****, this hobby is expensive[V]
  8. quote:Originally posted by fatboyslim quote:You should use a pinion that has either 2 or 3 teeth less than the standard size with the technigold. id="quote">id="quote">Not possible on a TL-01!! Standard pinion is a 19t and thet have a fixed motor mount allowing use of a 19t,21t and 23t pinion, also I'd recommend the opposite and use a pinion 2 or 3 teeth MORE!! id="quote">id="quote">What I meant was the pinion that came in the Impreza box. So, what you suggest is to use the standard 19T pinion OR the 21T pinion?? I'm realy a newby considdering this and I don't want to crash the gears on the first run.. Maybe I'll first drive with the standard 540 motor[:I]
  9. Actualy, is the Technigold so much better then you'll find nowadays? I can use the standard gear that is in the box? Before "tuning" the car, I want to make it run first[], the transmitter and servos are rusty....
  10. Hi all. Since several weeks I started my old hobby of RC racing again (see my profile). I bought a Bigwig in '89 and used for only a few times. After that the mtor didn't run for 14 years. Now, I want to put that motor (teh Technigold) in my Subaru Impreza on the TL01 chassis? Is that a wise thing to do or not? Also, how do I best "refurbisch"that motor? Thanks!!
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