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  1. I tried Willspeed on Facebook the steering rack is currently out of stock, They do have plans to machine some more at some point but were unable to specify when.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to look for the part for me WWD much appreciated
  3. Thank you both for the replies if wildwillydriver has not got the part the I will look at making the part myself, I know Origineelreclamebord ( Paul ) said he would think about making some if there was a demand for them but I know he is busy with various projects.
  4. Still after this part if anybody has one new or used please.
  5. Sure can this is the part that I am after.
  6. Can anyone please help? This is the only part that I need in order to get my Dyna Blaster back up and running. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Got the j parts now just need the E5 part if anyone has one new or used please let me know. Thank you, Simon.
  8. Hi guys For those of you who are running their Egress what lipo battery's are you using? I need to get some new ones & want to get some that will fit when I get round to finishing mine.
  9. The hpi ones work great for the cover and for the sleeved dampers. PM me your address and I will post you a couple. I forgot who told me about them I think it was someone on here.
  10. Hi Max, I can not help with the more expensive E2 part but the o rings I can I use HPI ones part number 75078 they are 10mm and are only a few pounds on Ebay for 10 of them.
  11. Hi everyone I am after the following parts new or used but good condition please. Dyna Blaster J6 & J7 parts & Dyna Storm/Blaster E5 part Thank you.
  12. Thank you for the replies, the motor I will be using is a tamiya acto pink.
  13. Thanks for the advice, do the capacitors have to be used or can I get away with not using them?
  14. Thank you for the reply I believe the diode is a must as the esc is forward only, sorry forgot to mention that and it also has no motor limit.
  15. Hi all I am in need of a little advice on what I should solder what to where . This is the first time I have bought a brushed esc new so please bare with me, I recently bought a Mtroniks viper dash esc and while I am confident about soldering the wires correctly I am however unsure on the other items the instructions tell me to add. I know one is the schottky diode and has to be soldered to the + & - terminals of the motor silver band to the + terminal, It is the other 2 items I am unsure of they both look like capacitors but one is way bigger than the other & has Mpowercap on it & two small terminals the other is smaller but slightly bigger than the diode and purple where do these go do I use both or one or the other? Cheers
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