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  1. Thanks folks! Would really like one from a TC member if poss. When spending that much it's important to trust those you are dealing with. Gary
  2. Been looking for one of these for a while so if anyone is considering selling theirs please let me know. Thanks Gary
  3. Thanks John! You are a star! As soon as I have a fixed date I'll let you know! Gary
  4. Ideally, yes John but not essential. Be great if you can make it! Gary
  5. Hi folks, My local RC club track (Southend on Sea) are holding an M-chassis endurance run/competition in June/July 2014. The date is not certain yet. Rules will be: * Standard Tamiya M-chassis (M01, M02, M03, M04, M05 & M06). * Race duration - 4 hours * Number of drivers per team - between 2 and 4 * 1 car per team (if a car become unusable a second can be used with a penalty) * Standard 540 kit motor * Own choice of tyres but no bigger that 60d (standard M03-M06 size) * Any body shell * Winning team gets a brand new M-chassis kit! * £5 per driver entry fee We did a test run of this event back in November and it was a huge success. Everyone who took part enjoyed it. Is there any interest amongst Tamiyaclub members for this event? Please see club website home page for picture of the track (http://www.southendrccc.org) We are a very friendly bunch. Any questions please email me at garyn@post.com Thanks Gary
  6. Thanks very much for the link. I'll pass it on!Gary
  7. Thanks for the compliment :-). I have already painted my own vingage SS shell and although it came out reasonably well I hated every second of it! I have always disliked cutting out and painting bodies. I love building and restoring the chassis though! The standard of my finish will not be what is required for his shelf queen. He really wants someting close to the XB version really. If I enjoyed doing bodies I could probably acheive a much better standard but that's just the way I am :-D!Thanks Gary
  8. Hi folks, A freind of mine has purchased himself a Re Re Sand Scorcher and does not have the confidence to paint the body himself. He has asked me if I can do it for him but I am not capable of the level of finish he requires. The SS will be a shelf queen so has to look good. Is there a UK member who would offer their services to paint the body for him? (He could post it to you etc). He will of course pay for all the materials used and the time taken. Be great to hear from you if you are able to offer this service. Many thanks Gary (garyn@post.com)
  9. Hi there, Just thought I would mention that my local R/C touring car track is now racing a heat of M03/M03M/M03L & M05's each Sunday. We have been doing this for a while and we are now getting 8-14 drivers of varying standard each week. Rules are not really a problem but in an effort to keep costs down for newcommers we prefer everyone to use the following: * Standard kit silver can 540 motor. * Any Speed controller * Any body (prefer Rover Mini's myself though) * Anything goes on shocks * All tyres are fine (we generally use standard 60D on front and Super Grip 60D on rear). * Any battery (Lipo's recommended) * Alluminium Uprights are fine * Ballraces and steel pinion are recommended * Any radio and servo * UJ's are fine * Ball diffs are ok but not recommended (due to extra cost and on-going maintenance). The club track is situated about 3 minutes off the A127. It's an outdoor track and is quite twisty and bumpy compared to most other touring car tracks. This makes it ideal for Mini's and close racing is just about guaranteed. Lots of friendly members who will give help and advice (inc me). Heats are 8 minutes long. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions. My email is garyn@post.com. Alternatively please see the clubs website. http://www.southendrccc.org Gary
  10. Thanks for the suggestion BeetleLover, The axle part is not damaged but always like to strip my cars completely before cleaning etc.. I think that on this occasion I am definately just leaving it in situe. However I still have the bigger problem of the sheered-off thread from the battery cover clip mount. I think I'l concentrate on getting that fixed and as you suggest, ignore the other two screws. Thanks Gary
  11. Thanks for looking. Very kind of you. The battery acid has made the screws set like stone into the plastic. Cannot budge them despite being able to get the screwdriver on to the heads fairly well. The worst problem is the one that has sheered off underneath. I'l just have to see if anyone at my model car club has somethibg capable of drilling this one with some accuracy. Doing it by hand has so far proved impossible. Thanks again Gary
  12. Thanks, very much for your replies. Looks like I am going to have to be patient and use a better quality drill bit. Thanks again. Gary
  13. Hi there, I purchased what I thought was a very tidy Wild One some months back. It is in virtually unused condition. Tonight I have finally begun stripping it down ready for a clean-up and rebuild. I noticed that there was some damage to the area of the cahssis which houses the reciever pack. No-doubt due to battery leakage. I cannot remove the two screws which hold on the rear arm mounts (only on one side thankfully). The 'body' mount which holds in the battery sheered off leaving me with a nightmare. I tried drilling the three remains but I keep slipping plus the plastic starts to melt. Please see pics below. Anyone have any ideas as it would be criminal to bin an otherwise perfect chassis . As you can see from the second pic I have started to make another hole as I kept slipping off the remainder of the mount. Thanking you in anticipation. Gary
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