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  1. Hideous, Send it my way so I can properly dispose of it.... You can never go wrong with a Blackfoot body......Good Job, check out Ampro Engineering accessories for that body, light bar is killer...
  2. Here's a bit of an update, I used servo mounts as shock mounts attached to the transmission brace. I made vertical servo mounts. and 4 linked the transmission.....All this is just preliminary, mocking stage if you will, I'm leaning towards going back to the ladder arms, but we'll see, the vertical servo mounts came out rather nice, and I'm definitely keeping those, the 4 links and shock mounts, I'm still on the fence about them....
  3. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    FINALLY!!!!! Got my MCI Racing Decals, these guys are awesome by the way.... These are blank Blackfoot decals, that I've switched from red to silver, a sheet of racing numbers, and the look is completed.... finished up the gerry gas cans, and I can honestly say, this is my favorite R/C build so far, it's not the faster, it's not the prettiest, but it's definitely my favorite, maybe a soon to come 4x4 version of this one will be my favorite, until then, this one tops em all....
  4. I’ve always been a fan of the Clodbuster, because of the customization factor, so many variations on the same chassis, it’s crazy....so here’s mi rendering of the Clodbuster..... Had an extra set of SCX10 rails sitting around, so I decided to replicate a lift kit for the SCX10 with these aluminum plates which coincidentally lined up with the SCX10 holes, go figure, it will be 4 linked, with vertically mounted dual servos, working lights, Ampro GMC grill....amongst other things..... Ego will be captain of this rig, still deciding on interior, Recaro seats of RC4WD blazer interior...
  5. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Thank you, I agree 100%, I love this Tamiya body, I'm already thinking of another project that I want to build with it (4wd though).... with the proper wheels and adaptors, you can tuck half of the tire under the body....I just received a set of RC4WD narrow pin hubs for the wheels and that brought my rear end width to about 184mm, while the front is about 188mm with the 1.55 RC4wd wheels and tires... I might throw in a spare tire to complete the bed, and still waiting on my MCI Racing decals....
  6. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Here are the Holiday buggy gerry cans that i've attached using rare earth magnets, and another look at the styrene bumper and homemade tailights....
  7. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Made a rear bumper out of styrene plastic and installed two off road lamps as tail lights and a left over stop light from a Jeep body....
  8. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Thanks👍 Oh yeah, needs painting first and some sponsor stickers for sure....oh, some tail lights as well😁
  9. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Here's a small running video.....This thing is pretty fun, needs a diff locker thought and maybe stiffen up the front suspension https://youtu.be/mbmPrlXOQMk
  10. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    Almost there..... Made a styrene half drop bed, and a box to mount the esc on and hid the light bar wires behind it. Mounted a leftover Axial receiver box. Gave Starlord a Raise.....thanks JennyMo for the suggestion👍. Made the light bar out of square aluminum tubing and Tamiya fake lamps, which were modded to accept leds, some lamp grills and Hi-lift 350 yellow lenses....
  11. tecnica2001

    2wd Baja Ford F-150 Stepside

    I got my rare earth magnets in the mail and mounted up the body....on the chassis side is screwed on and on the body side it’s shoe goo’ed on....had to glue on a little piece of plastic in between the magnets to make it easier to take apart, but I can pick up the truck by the body and they hold.... Here's an underbelly view of this hot mess of a truck....you can see how the Magnet Mounts extend to the body mounted magnets....I also mounted a low profile servo and aluminum horn.