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  1. Following the success of my Striker Overkill, I've had this car in pieces in my parts boxes, it was mainly a donnor/parts car, since the Junkyard RadFox is going so well, I decided to do the same with this. The premise here, is to buy the least amount of new parts possible, and use what I have to take this as far as I can. Fist off, drivetrain: I've installed a new set of Falcon gears I've had a pair of Thorpe outdrives laying around that I knew would fit the transmission, but no dog bones. Trying to use everything I have on hand, I had a spare set of TRAXXAS Stampede axles, I cut the cup off the Thorpe out drive, made a flat spot on both sides of it, slide in the Traxxas yoke, two set screws and voila. I also had to cut down the drive shafts, but it worked like a charm, way better than the plastic drive cups that it had.
  2. The Junkyard RadFox is nearing completion, had to hack the body, but it fits ok😏, it’s going to look better with some paint and MCI decals 😁 What Tamiya color would match that Tamiya Striker Wing??????
  3. Wanting more steering, I decided to add a Traxxas Aluminum bellcrank. I had to cut a bit of the bellcrank arm that connects to the servo, in order to mount it opposite of what is supposed to be. Standoffs were used to create custom links, and it all worked out pretty good👍
  4. Super Hotshot wheels and tires😁.... Now this is going on the waiting list, while I wait for the shock tower from China....it says March some time😭
  5. After breaking 2 pairs of u-joints, I spent a bit more and got aluminum ones.... In these pictures you can get a clearer view of the wing mount, simple jet effective😁 I also got the front aluminum uprights, and CPR Hotshot wheel adapters.
  6. So after giving up on a custom front end, I decided to bite the bullet and order a dual shock front shock tower.....I went to work on attaching the front end to the rear end. For some reason, the top mounting hole on the Tamiya STRIKER wing, lined up with the inner most shock holes on the Traxxas shock tower😳, so with the wing mount from the Radicator 2 and a couple of standoffs, I hard mounted a Striker wing onto this Frankenbuggy😁 I used an RC10 shock tower that I had laying around,as a top side brace, it’s all very sturdy and rigid👍 Now I’m awaiting the drive shafts, wheels, and other bits and pieces, I’m really liking how this is coming along.....😁
  7. If you own a Hi-lift, 4 link the truck and get short dampers, that would give you the ability to lower it a lot😁
  8. Since custom builds like these, require a LOT of trial and error, I scrapped the dual shock set up that I came up with, and decided to give another set up a try.....still dual shock😁 Sooooo, while I wait for parts, once again, I started working on attaching the Rad 2 rear end, to the Fox chassis.... Using the chassis on my Traxxas Hawk as a templates, I cut, drilled, and counter sunk a 2mm thick carbon sheet, that will hold the transmission and arms, and will also serve as a chassis reinforcement....
  9. It’s getting there, installed the grille and rear window, along with the Ampro center servo mount, 13.5 Jrelecs BL motor, the TBLE-02 should be able to handle it, hopefully, and MIP Diff.....I’m dreading installing the LEDs😭
  10. Finally got around to finishing the Ampro Grille, Headlights, and Back Window....
  11. Have you ever thought of lowering the body??
  12. By the way, Shocks are just for mock up, I’m getting shorter shocks for the front, maybe 70-80 mm shocks.
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