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  1. So I took the RadFox for a drive, and want I thought could fail, did, the old and brittle plastic drive shafts, so, why not upgrade.... Blue Integy TRAXXAS Bandit drive shafts....😁
  2. A lot more work went into the Mbaku Blackfoot, besides the interior, I’ve added: Front bumper KC lights Ampro Engineering Ford Tailgate letters Ford Hi Lift tailpipe I see the light at the end of the tunnel with this one😁
  3. Worked on the interior a bit more, added the steering wheel and a small digital display (look alike), I gotta say, it came out better than expected, maybe some paint and more details in the future “maybe”😁
  4. I’m using these: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F274283625583
  5. I made a small video while replacing the rear arms👍 https://youtu.be/B7W0LLgK8bA
  6. Got a bit done on the Good Ole Boomer: Dyed the wheels black and added some scale hardware, painted the letters, added some spotlights, raised the wing a bit to make it look different, and mounted it the opposite way..... Still awaiting my 3ARacing shocks.👍
  7. I bought: NEW Wheels and tires CRP arms, because I can’t stand the stock ones CRP front brace/bumper Fast Eddies ball bearings New Tamiya Falcon gears New Rear Shock tower I still paid a pretty penny getting it to this point,😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
  8. I’m converting mine into a dual shock, and ball racing the whole thing, parts are on hand to start the rebuild, except for the new aluminum shocks👍
  9. Finally finished and ready to go, I recycled an old Futaba servo and added a Hobbywing ESC. The steering needed some finagling, once it was all sorted out, added some decals and voila.....Sweet custom TAMIYA Sonic Fighter, I really like this buggy more than my Striker.😁
  10. Here we go: Repro Custom MCI decals....
  11. I recently acquired this original 1987 Tamiya Boomerang, and while I was never a fan of the Hotshot family of cars, I couldn’t pass this deal up. So I decided to put my little spin on it..... This will be a runner, so no full on restoration, rather clean up and rebuild, whatever is broken will be replaced or upgraded,
  12. Finally installed the 3ARacing DT-02 Aluminum Dampers, they’re pretty smooth for the price....
  13. “NEVER ENDING STORYYYYY.....” Awesomeness😁
  14. A bit more done today, mounted longer front axles in order to clear the shocks, so the final width for the front is 9 inches and 9.5 inches in the rear.....I have to order some rear arms and shock towers, they’re all cracked and busted🙄😁 thw wheels are Tamiya 5 spokes 2 piece, in their Narrow wide Config, and pre-runner Tires, the front were narrowed to give it that 2wd buggy look.
  15. Coming along nicely, had to reconfigure the front shock mounting position, the CRP arms, do not work with the stock Sonic shock tower, but I’ll figure it out😁, started building it and I think I’m liking this better than my Striker👍
  16. Finally painted the chassis and body with Krylon Dark Metal, it looks pretty good for a car that was halfway to the garbage bin😁
  17. Thanks, It’s definitely a lot of trial and error, but if you cut 5 times and measure afterwards, you’ll be ok😁
  18. Junkyard RadFox doesn’t look that Junky anymore😁, Body Painted, MCI Decals, Dual Front Shock Conversion, the only thing that’s missing, it’s a set of DT-03 shocks....soon enough👍
  19. A bit of progress on the project Sonic Fighter, got my GPM aluminum knuckles and hex adapters, mounted them on the CRP arms, and added a bit of a roof to the Sonic Fighters hideous cage, it changes the side profile a bit....😁
  20. Following the success of my Striker Overkill, I've had this car in pieces in my parts boxes, it was mainly a donnor/parts car, since the Junkyard RadFox is going so well, I decided to do the same with this. The premise here, is to buy the least amount of new parts possible, and use what I have to take this as far as I can. Fist off, drivetrain: I've installed a new set of Falcon gears I've had a pair of Thorpe outdrives laying around that I knew would fit the transmission, but no dog bones. Trying to use everything I have on hand, I had a spare set of TRAXXAS Stampede axles, I cut the cup off the Thorpe out drive, made a flat spot on both sides of it, slide in the Traxxas yoke, two set screws and voila. I also had to cut down the drive shafts, but it worked like a charm, way better than the plastic drive cups that it had.
  21. The Junkyard RadFox is nearing completion, had to hack the body, but it fits ok😏, it’s going to look better with some paint and MCI decals 😁 What Tamiya color would match that Tamiya Striker Wing??????
  22. Wanting more steering, I decided to add a Traxxas Aluminum bellcrank. I had to cut a bit of the bellcrank arm that connects to the servo, in order to mount it opposite of what is supposed to be. Standoffs were used to create custom links, and it all worked out pretty good👍
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