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  1. yep mate their ideal , ive got to extend the side panels. no need to remove your post. let me know how much postage is mate as and when you can. really appreciate the help. this is my first build of this kind. ade
  2. cheers mate , things will work out ok i the long run. yeah saw the gmade shocks and their ideal. just what im looking for , i will run at the mo with the original shocks till i have the money. im planning on styrene/glassing to rebuild/stretch the body, i want to do a real redneck hillbilly dualcab long bed monster truck. toying with the ideal of dented wings , red oxide body , with rust patches to the body. dependng on hopw good the body turns out that is.
  3. hello all , im lookig for a clodbuster body , the re release body is ideal , damaged or shabby not a problem as i want to use it along with the body i all ready have. i want to build a extended body to fit the new chassis im building. cheap as possible please ade.
  4. cheers danno , lower link plates are 2mm plate steel that was tig`d along the length and i used the tig torch to heat the metal up so could form it around the tube shape. yeah im think about that for the shocks. as to chassis colour , i aint got a clue !! i want a colour that stands out hugely , not yellow or green though as thats been done already.
  5. latest updates are . front lower links turned from alloy and fitted with rod ends , link mounts made and tig`d onto chassis. as Im currently now unemployed ( made redundant 25/09/09) and looking at going self employed I should get it finished pretty quickly. more pics as I take them. thanks for the positive comments , ade. tig welded a plate onto the bottom of the chassis to attach the links to. upper and lower links made from 8mm alliminium bar , cntre drilled and tapped to m4 , m4 studding fitted and rod ends screwed onto them. ends of the rod are turned down on my lathe to the diameter of the rod ends. still got to fit a mounting point in for the shocks , ride height not determined yet.
  6. abit more work , lower link brackets rear bracing cross bracing in roof area once the chassis is finished the body has got to stretched to fit the new wheelbase, anybody have a damaged super clod body going spare in the uk?? . would like to get the chassis powder coated once its finished , anybody know of a cheap powder coaters around birmingham that would do such a small job? ordered the traxxas rod ends off evil bay , got the aluminium bar to turn down the links. more oics as it progresses.
  7. not sure if anybody would be interested , but if anybody wants a scale tube chassis building for their car then im open to discussion. im based in the uk but postage abroad possible.
  8. as a hint , a friend of mine used to repair electronic equipment , if he had a peice of electronic pcb that had got wet he used to re wash it in demineralised water and let it dry out slowly. he says the damage comes from the minerals causing shorts. once clean you could varnish the board for added water protection.
  9. love this , i had one of these around ten years ago, brought it off my relative for 30quid. wish i still had it. yours looks cool.
  10. yeah theres that option , but im trying to cut down on amount of equipment lying around.
  11. cheers . i will have a look at the shocks. more pics to follow. ade
  12. cheers , not bbq mate , its B and Q which is a hardware store in the uk. lol.
  13. this is after 6 hours work , the frame is 4mm rod from B&Q , its all TIG welded together. daft thing is its around a pound lighter than the plastic chassis. placed roughly inplace to get an idea of where its going to sit. this is the first chassis i have ever built. still got the links to machine up on the lathe , and get decent shocks. i want to go for a full on race style monster truck rather than a crawler. any input appreciated , cheers ade
  14. hello all, im currently running a super clodbuster with twin venom 15s and twin escs with twin 3300 batteries , my son runs a super blackfoot with 2500 batteries and my daughters mad bull runs a 1200 battery , we only have one annsman charger bewteen use , we currently have 7 batteries so its a long wait to play , is there a charger out there that will cgarge all at once with out breaking the bank. cheers ade
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