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    Classic Bmx Bikes, Etc...

    Hey Guys thought this would raise your interest. I'll do a free post for TC subscribed uk members too.
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    Crunchy Falcon

    New build rules out sand in the gear box then
  3. sgt.barnes

    Crunchy Falcon

    No The falcon should roll smooth and quite. Pop the dog bones out and check the ends where they come off the sprue. Make sure all the flashing has been removed. Secondly check the bearings in the trailing arms are fully pressed home. They should be flush in. The next thing to check is the diff alignment pin. Its the turned pin that sits inside the ends of the two drive cups in the middle of the diff. If this has not seated correctly or is too long it will cause binding. Beyond that it could be an poorly aligned pinion. Is it a new built falcon or a restoration ?
  4. Sorry to moan Is there any chance of increasing the picture limit beyond the 500k size please. Thats only really enough for an avatar. I wanted to upload pic in the trade section but I need a couple of meg ? Pretty please ? Thanks in advance Mark
  5. I have been hanging on to this meaning too do 'something' with it, but you know how this story goes Its the first Impreza Tamiya ever did and its the TA03F McCrae version. Its in good nick but not perfect. Its had very little running but to make it really nice it will need a new decal set. The chassis is very dusty but has only minor marks on the underside and the belts and transmission are all in good order. It comes complete with the motor mount and pinion plus is fitted with front and rear anti roll bars and a steering servo. I presume its ball raced too but dont quote me on that. The wheels and tyres are brand new too. All in all a nice example that could be a shelfer with very little effort or just run it and enjoy it. I will take offers and trades/Part Ex etc. P.S The pics do this no justice it look better in real life. £65 Plus post Cheers! Mark See My trade link for photos http://www.tamiyaclu...=12062012102916 See my showroom Link http://www.tamiyaclu...=49064&sid=6167
  6. Cheesy Peas, Peas with cheese on !

  7. My ol mans a dustman E wears a dustmuns at, e wears cor blimey trousers an E lives in a council flat

  8. sgt.barnes

    parts id. anyone know what these are from?

    I know what I meant I was just testing you
  9. sgt.barnes

    parts id. anyone know what these are from?

    They are ESC arms from an older esc. try the first gen Tamiya and Kyosho for reference
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    Falcon Drive Cup Upgrades

    Coming soon
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    Falcon Drive Cup Upgrades

    No that's a common misconception. The only part that is common to both buggy's is the bath tub. Because it has Falcon stamped on it people assume the whole thing is the same. The Blitzer is a Bearhawk chassis with bigger wheels again with the falcon tub. Even the fittings inside the tub for the battery and MSC mount are different. On the Plus side I have been working on an all metal drive system using modern off the shelf & cheap Tamiya parts and it seems to be bomb proof. I have just agreed to buy a 9T brushless set like Bromvw's to give it the acid test but at the moment it seems too be fine with a Tamiya super modified 11t brushed and crazy driving. I usually use Thorpe sets but I have even been shearing the cups from the stubs on them whilst running on high grip surfaces due to the torque of the motor. The Tamiya standard steel set does not seem to have this weakness. I will reveal all in a how to showroom entry shortly. Mark
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    Vintage Decals

    quack quack ooppss cheesy peas... peas with cheese on !
  13. The last few days when I go into my trades or other peoples trades the categories are all mixed up (trade, for sale, wanted etc) They all used to be in categorical order and now they seem too be random ? is there a way of arranging them like my showroom entries eg: date added, most viewed etc ? I know it's not the end of the world and all that but I was just wondering as its interfering something chronic with my O.C.D Cheers! Mark
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    White spirit ! just soak a cotton cloth in white spirit and rub it gently !
  15. sgt.barnes was hacked in Feb 2012

    Just to make you all feel a little better BBC News Police arrest 25 Anonymous Hackers
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    Biggus' King Hauler

    Nice rig mate. You planning on building a boat trailer for that ?
  17. This old chestnut again. Every 12 months
  18. sgt.barnes

    ACOMS R/C Car? Tough one

    Yep its from the Acoms Baltic cruiser This is it in Tamiya kings showroom. I'am sure he won't mind me using his entry. Tamiya Kings Acoms Baltic Cruiser Its the gearbox cover for the main motor coupling. Picture 6
  19. sgt.barnes

    ACOMS R/C Car? Tough one

    They definitely made boats. They are quite collectable. That could be a boat part.
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    The Hornet by Jun Watanabe

    I think thats settles it then.. Its Marmite
  21. sgt.barnes

    The Hornet by Jun Watanabe

    Only if you are a 6 year old girl princess and into Barbie & My Little Pony
  22. sgt.barnes

    The Hornet by Jun Watanabe

    I agree Blaaagh
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    Carson Tires on Falcon rims

    Hi Max Hope your well. I suspect they will be too big on the inner diameter. The standard Falcon wheels are slightly smaller than normal just like the Thunderdragon series of buggies. You would be better changing the Falcon rims and drives for standard rims and hexes for those tyres.
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    Vintage tire and wheels

    Could be Serpent ?
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    Crawlers and ideas

    Try This ! If its good enough for Nasa