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  1. hahaha thanks! just get one, you will love it!
  2. Johan

    T3-01 Dancing Rider

    oh Oh.. so my 7300kv is over the top?
  3. Johan

    T3-01 Dancing Rider

    My Dancing Rider finally finished, now need to go out and let it rip..
  4. Johan

    MF-01Xes on Ice

    I filmed with the YI4K+ in 720 at 240fps...
  5. Johan

    MF-01Xes on Ice

    thanks, and yes that is the GF-01 land cruiser. The wheel base is shortened quite a bit, with also a shortened drive shaft.
  6. Johan

    MF-01Xes on Ice

    Thanks! I used a YI4K + , it is a replacement for my broken gopro. Much cheaper and just as good.
  7. Johan

    MF-01Xes on Ice

    No trickery, the battery is actually not in the battery compartment but under the hood..
  8. Johan

    MF-01Xes on Ice

  9. Johan

    Classics on ice

    We had some EPIC fun
  10. Johan

    WR02 fun

    Me too, I took that part made a loop out of it and used it as the cover for our facebookpage..
  11. Johan

    WR02 fun

    yes it does....
  12. Johan

    WR02 fun

    the jimny is silvercan.. the wild willy is a brushless 6000kv motor .. but on this uneven surface i could not aply much power..
  13. Johan

    WR02 fun

    all I have to say about this is that we had loads of fun...