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  1. "first beadlock wheel" What kind of remark is that? All they did was reverse engineer what Tamiya built 30 + years ago. Why not claim they built the first round tire? You can see in the pic that has the 5 protruding points for the standard hubs. Dont get me wrong as RC4WD has created a niche and has brought a lot of innovation to our hobby but it frustrates me to read stuff like that. Besides these same wheels were built by contributing board members years ago. Clint
  2. Has anyone picked one of these up yet? Just wondering as I was ready to buy one but was hesitant till I heard of the quality etc? Any input is appreciated! Clint
  3. Thank you champ85! I really appreciate it. Clint
  4. Can anyone let me know what size bearing fits the rear trailing arm of the Scorpion? Thanks, Clint
  5. Those look amazing! Fantastic job on those and thanks for following through. RA1028 I sent you a message about the combo deal! Clint
  6. So are you going to run it? What electrics are you planning on running? Clint
  7. Looks great! I need to get my hands on one of these. Must wait till after Christmas though! Clint
  8. OK I have been digging most the day through showrooms, trades and for sale and have yet to find one. Can someone please point me in the right direction to find one of the carbon fiber looking SRB radio boxes? Thanks!!! Clint
  9. Just like the title says. Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested. Thanks, Clint hardemanac@comcast.net
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys. I don't have any off body shots that turned out worth posting but as soon as the sun comes out again I will post some. Yes I did the paint myself. It took about 5 days to get it about right and I am pretty happy with it considering I don't have an airbrush and only did it with rattle cans.
  11. I couldn't find my old post in regards to my SRB Blitzer project so I will just start another. I am waiting on some lights from Cultech, exhaust, misc body mods and the front lenses and it will be done. I am happy with the paint although when I put on the clear coat some of the metallic blue ran. It is not bad for a runner but the flames are not as crisp as I would have liked. Right now as it sits it has: Twinset chassis (thanks Twinset) A&L trailing arm suspension INET TLT shocks RCH aluminum wheels covers (thanks bluefoot) Duratrax Paddles/ Proline Wedge tires Futaba ESC Thorp Ball diff Full BB's HITEC servo CRP wide front end kit Thorp top hat ball joint cups Custom rear cage Blitzer Beetle body Revtek 21X2 vintage motor (thanks Jayjordan) Thanks for looking and feel free to ask questions or leave feeback. http://www2.propichosting.com/Images/450008158/14.jpg http://www2.propichosting.com/Images/450008158/15.jpg http://www2.propichosting.com/Images/450008158/11.jpg
  12. Tarznats, I would take your wheel axle down to your local hobby shop and talk to them. Someone there may know of a part from another Tamiya kit that might work. Or at least be able to let you dig through some Tamiya parts or catalogs for references. If you are committed you could also see if you could dig through the on-line manuals here for a similar car/ drivetrain? Good luck!
  13. thanks for the heads up terry. I am kind of set on the aluminum ones though. so the search continues!
  14. I have a used set of Kyosho Optima Red shocks and of course the stock collars are broken and unusable. There was a post around here at one time sbout someone making aluminum shock collars but I can't seem to find it. I know that CRP used to make a set but I have not seen a set on ebay in a while. If anyone can help point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks!! Clint
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