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  1. These are the Front Damper Oil Seals: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-9805363-19805363-Oil-Seal-Grey-2-Pcs-Terra-Scorcher-Astute-Vanquish-/381943154720?hash=item58ed960820 Antony
  2. Does any one know, the Tamiya TS paint code for the original Hilux? Antony
  3. Apologies, illegal may be a bit strong. Any UK business found selling Tamiya products purchased from outside the UK, are at risk of been taken to court.
  4. With regard to Vintage Tamiya, I'm afraid the truth is rather different from that stated above. Vintage Tamiya were shut down by the Hobby Company (Tamiya's UK importer). The license Hobby Company now have with Tamiya Japan, is that only the Hobby Company can supply Tamiya products to business sellers in the UK (Online stores and Retail Shops). Vintage Tamiya were 'Grey Importing' from the far east, which is now illegal. Myles, may have taken a break from selling the Kyosho parts, but of that, I'm can't be sure.
  5. Can some one who has a F102, please measure the length of each steering tie rod (Without the adjuster on one end) Many Thanks, Antony
  6. Wow, new in sealed box TRF414x, those are a rare beast. Only approximately 170 made and all went to importers or racers. I have a 414x, although it has been used a couple of times. I have all the rest NIB, except 49220 TRF414M Memorial (Believed to have only been released in Japan) Any one selling one NIB? Antony
  7. The Hobby Company, (Tamiya's UK importer) have stock of the Bigwig arriving 7th Feb. There will be no ESC supplied with with any of the kits. Tony's Tamiya Parts on ebay, already have some parts in stock, with the rest to arrive soon. They will also do the Kits for £170, posted in the UK. (International please ask)
  8. Just reminding everyone about our Facebook page, updated regularly. https://www.facebook.com/Tonys-Tamiya-Parts-230504076960050/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Antony
  9. If your looking for parts, use the Tamiya part number, (5 or 8 digit, if you have an old 7 digit number add a one at the start) Antony
  10. Ducatikid, PM me and I'll find out if those parts are still available from Tamiya Japan for you. Antony
  11. Hobby Company have down as been delivered to them, on the 5th June. I expect to have them around 8th June. Antony
  12. I believe, T2M did use some Kyosho parts on their cars, as T2M are the Kyosho importers for France. Antony
  13. Hi Pumesta, Just checked with Japan and I'm afraid those decals are now discontinued and they have none left in stock. Also checked with the UK and US importers and they too have none left in stock. Might be worth you putting a wanted add on here. Antony
  14. As Acprc mentioned, I have a special relationship with Tamiya Japan. I can special order any part they have in stock, that also includes tools, clothing etc. Also, if there are parts, people want on a regular basis, I will be more than happy to keep them in stock. Please let me know. I can 99% of the time, match or beat any other UK ebay sellers prices. All items, now have free worldwide standard shipping, 30 day returns and we dispatch all orders received before 5pm (UK time) on that same day. Antony
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