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  1. It's a new built from a NIB kit WW1. It has not use at all. Make me a reasonable offer Somebody interested?
  2. I have a new (master Built) Cheetah, new body new tires and wheels, re-re chassis. It has not use, just weathering. Make me a reasonable offer. Thanks for reading Somebody interested?
  3. I'm selling a NIB sand Scorcher, 1980, MRC version, english manual The kit is in good condition, less the blister in the motor is broken, the motor was removed and placed again. The rest is original untouched. No smoking home, neither stain in the box. Shipping EMS worldwide US$220, USA could be less. Paypal only. I'm asking US$950 Please ask me for more pictures, I couldn't upload more Thanks Offers are welcome
  4. I don't agree, the tittle is short then the content is what you have to read. I didn't consider somebody will be offended because a short tittle, at least it has a personal interest, I don't have it, in fact I don't collect vintage anymore, of course would buy a rerelease. I insist talking about the Bruiser and Mountain reissue, and the shock this produced me, I received this information, as a comment. Finally and I say this without any second intention, some people must to get Valium and therapy, it's not possible that a guy flames because I wrote 3 sentences, and other write 1000 words to explain all he knows, and I don't. The problem is on their side not mine. If I should tell all what I did during the last 56 years around modelling in general, I would need 50 pages, then I never underestimate others as I don't know them, as many don't know me. Peace and have fun with modelling :-)
  5. Mokei I'm working with Tamiya distributors at Japan since 16 years now, and rarely I got some good info, but few times I did. Anyway re-read my post I said I think that the information was good enough to share here, I didn't tell I'm a friend of Tamiya or have a contact inside the walls. I have the same expectations like others, I have no links to prove (OBVIOUSLY), and have to prove nothing as I didn't comment I saw nothing. Just a trustable guy shared some info when we were talking about the Mountain rider, that's all.
  6. Big mind "Rosey" has talked. plap plap plap ( my hands applauding ) :-) I'm desperately going to tamiyablog to know the lastest news from 2 months ago. Seriously, your post put me in a good mood, remember tiny minds need cheap answers to be happy LOL LOL I love you too LOL LOL
  7. I think, we already have the new cast gear box ( a beauty), the tires wouldn't be a problem at all as they re-re the sand scorcher ones and these are just bigger. Then the metal parts are few, the axles are almost the same and the radiogear proved with the sand scorcher not to be a problem. I think that Tamiya has proved not to have fear to go on with old kits, so I'm very positive about this and probably one of the best shots from Tamiya since many years ago..
  8. The best for Crawling is the SCX10 obviously. The TF2 is for trail, with moderate climbs, by the other hand the Mountain rider.... is a mountain rider, a lot of fun, engineering but little weigthed
  9. The Blazing Blazer will NOT be ever reissued. So those who were offended because are selling their models could rest in peace... I unsubscribed from this post so don't spent time answering, investigating and insulting me LOL LOL Happy modelling :-)
  10. The colour is "dark cream" it's a spray can from Rustoleoum named Fossil. The lights were made from scratch two by two in series to be connected to a 5V BEC. The only one with resistor is the one in the center with 150ohms.
  11. Some time has past since my last entry here. I have been busy with others stuffs but Hilux were always my weak side. During this year I have built the new Mountain rider, the TF2 and and Axial SCx-10 Here some pictures of the TF2 and SCX-10
  12. I'm selling many of my RC cars because I'm focused in tanks and boats now. Make me your best offer, shipping EMS from Argentina with online tracking, or regular registered to cut prices Tamiya Super Champ (NIB with re-re front bumper) US$550 Tamiya Bruiser (Restored) US$600 Tamiya Monster beetle (Mub Blaster NIB chassis with MB box, NIB SS body, tellow shochs...etc) US$300 Auctions at ebay TAMIYA 1/10 M-03R #84023 M-03R BLUE CHASSIS KIT http://www.ebay.com/itm/121287621254 US$220 TAMIYA 1/10 M-03R #49417 M-03R CHASSIS KITTAMIYA 1/10 M-03R #49417 M-03R CHASSIS KIT http://www.ebay.com/itm/121287621255 US$220 Cheetah (new built body with re-re chassis) US$350 Plus shipping/handling/paypal fee Check my feedback at ebay and people have dealt here with Thanks for reading ( mario@modelersite.com) -- Mario Covalski Editor http://www.modelersite.com
  13. http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=58519 Topic closed Please refer to; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65565 http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=65674 and http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?...Search&f=50
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