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  1. As above a re re Hotshot for sale for a mere 100.00 posted in the UK and with a spare transmission bag,look in my trades for more details, cheers nige
  2. There just when I thought we was getting some good replys(mad Ax and Kev the Rev) someone has to go and spoil it with the old If your it it for money then your it for the wrong reason route.or words to that effect is that a yawn face,cos it should be.
  3. I would keep them mate cos as I said I could'nt find them when I was on the hunt for them
  4. What I do like about some of you guys is the way you think Tamiya are doing us a favour with the Re Re's , give me a brake this must be the biggest money spinner out for them.Old models, all drawings there,all the moulds there, just what have they got to do to get one of these cars back out onto the shelf,er next to nothing.By the way I own at least 5 Re Re
  5. Re wheels,yep same fit as Manta but Manta are a grey colour and bear hawk ones are white,when I done a scratch build bear hawk the wheels were the the items I never found,I had to get manta wheels and spray them white.But if its going to be a runner it dont matter
  6. Anyone want my super sabre shelf'ee,various new parts,box and manual,pics in showroom and trades,a mere 80.00 posted in UK
  7. Easy thing to do is round off the battery holder/stops(the blue bit in the pic) with a file cos the part that is against the battery is flat and sharpe, and put a bit of insulation tape around the wires on the battery just for added protection.I run mine all the time without any such probs.
  8. Is the dude who asked me about my astute box reading this,if so its now up for grabs for a super cheap price.mail me or reply on here,cheers nige
  9. WOW what a lovely pic of a Hotshot 2 , I wish I could buy one as good as that, its really beautiful if that car was ON EBAY I would snap it up
  10. Astute for sale 120.00 with box and manual,more details in my showroom. cheers nige
  11. HZ your the man 1 2 and 3 spot on,thats what I said
  12. forget it, just take away the word collecting from all my posts and you might get what i'm trying to get at. P.S I think that's kill this post off
  13. Le Parrain you dont get what i mean,I like to buy a car and take it apart and put it back together with as many new parts as poss or even buy all new parts and build it from scratch,say I did this with a Lunchbox it would have cost me may be 150.00 plus to scratch build then next week tamiya re re it and only cost 80.00.I would rather buy the re re at 80.00 than spend 150.00 on making one up.Therefore I wont be doing any more buy and do up or scratch builds cos of the re re's. I for one have not got money to throw away. As for buying to gain money, did I not put in my first post that I do not think any car is an instement so buying to gain money is NOT my intention
  14. Mtroniks fits end on on one side and standard acoms reciver fits on the other side no probs with mine.The one hop up I would suggest is alloy front and rear suspension mount as both mine broke and i would not say i abuse mine
  15. As always with ebay its luck of the draw he was just lucky 2 or may be 3 people saw it and really wanted it,then it comes down to a bidding war.Other times you can put it it on and only 1 out of the 3 people see it and it goes for a song ,this has gotta happen to all of us at some time if you sell loads on ebay,but I never seem to get the over the top price
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