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  1. The transport truck (trailer) is owned by my cousin......He transports new rigs from the dutch scania factory to truckdealers in Europe. Really like your choice of color.... This is one of his trucks...
  2. I'm seeing 4spoke m-chassis wheels there.....maybe a new M-chassis release?
  3. Didnt work out with CTRL F. 'But I noticed something else.......In the list with modelnumber 56000s is mentioned twice. Does this have a specific reason? That is why I could not find it. (Btw this is where my sig should be ) Kind regards, Eric
  4. I'll use the CTRL F to find them. Really couldn't find them last night
  5. Maybe it's better to ask questions about fitment of parts on Tamiyaclub forums.....Chance you get an answer is far bigger IMHO. Just an idea, I mean no trouble I have no problems using JR-RC. He's fair on shipping and gives very fast service/repy on bought items via Ebay.
  6. Hi Stefan, is it possible to add the Tam Tech Gear cars? 56701 TamTech-Gear The Frog 56703 TamTech-Gear Fox-Mini 56704 TamTech-Gear WildBoar 56705 TamTech-Gear Desert Gator 56706 TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 56707 TamTech-Gear Buggy Champ 56708 TamTech-Gear Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jagermeister 56710 TamTech-Gear Ferrari GTO These are the one I noticed that are not yet in the list. Thanks in advance
  7. Thanx, I'll edit my model right away[Y]
  8. Hi Stefan, how about 49417 M-03R chassis kit []
  9. Is use TA03 low friction dampers on mine. work very well and look great too . http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...313&id=6378
  10. Hi Steve, It's a lot better since I removed the springs from the dampers. think I'll let go like this for now.
  11. I guess it's normal for the High-Lift. I set the car up with soft suspension and removed the springs from the dampers. It's nice an soft now and has some articulation (is that spelled right?) on the axles. Thank you all for the info.
  12. Got this mail from Steve (Biscuit): Message left at you member details page... Hi, some reason I can not send you a reply on the forum, it keeps asking me to sign in but I am, never mind my propshaft is also tight you have to push the diff forward to get the flat to line up with the grub screw, maybe the other guys had not notice this. Biscutt
  13. No that's not it. It just looks like the centre shaft piece (the parts that slides into the joints) is just a bit too long. Hope you understand what I mean. I don't know the right wordt to express my self clearly.
  14. If you are trying to say that as in up side down. Then they are correct just like the manual. Thanx anyway.
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