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  1. Are you in the uk ? I have a brand new in box ta04 pro if your interested?
  2. I will take the top mondeo, porsche, renault and audi decals please.
  3. Sorry your right i just read 2.5 and assumed it was in lbs. I have no problem treating them as soft/medium/hard but it would be nice to know the rates and where the green springs that come with the shocks fit in on the spectrum so to speak. I may to just gauge them as suggested by you. As regards to using another manufacturer's springs, i really could not bring myself to do it lol. Thanks
  4. Hi does anybody know the spring rates of the latest big bore shock springs. All u can find is there soft, medium and hard. I've recently found out the the springs that come with the big bore shocks (green spring) is rated around around 2.5lbs. So it will be good to know the other spring rates. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi sorry buddy i forgot all about this, i have found one its not new in the packet tho. Pm me if interested
  6. Tamiya monster beetle 2015 unbuilt kit Brand new unbuilt kit does not include a esc £160 collected from ellesmere port or luton. Can post for £10 extra
  7. I'm sure i have a nib one at home. I will take a look this evening.
  8. I will take the gear casings and tub please
  9. Hi I have a few of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233627341691
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