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  1. Hi I have a few of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233627341691
  2. Interested in the escort spoiler and wing mirrors
  3. I'd be interested for the right price. How much are you after
  4. I'm looking for a tamiya ta03f pro j parts namely the steering support circled in the pic or even better an alloy version. I may also be interested in other hop ups. I dont need universal joints or anti roll bars. Cheers
  5. Ordered my sr yesterday. I'm looking forward to this one
  6. I've managed to accumulate all the parts to make a Celica 92 repsol all I need to complete it is a roof scoop. If anyone has one or can 3d print me one I would be very interested. Thanks
  7. Looking for tamiya repsol celica 9005391 h and j parts if you have some new or used please pm me. Thanks
  8. I've got some new unbuilt tamiya cva dampers for sale for £18 posted
  9. How much is delivery within the UK please
  10. Hi buddy that would be fantastic. If you could drop me a few pics and I price I will let you know. Thanks again
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