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  1. i will try be there about 9. Im not sure which cars yet, might take all the ones which are in this house
  2. Suits me fine. I have been sorting out some cars, i just hope the batteries work its been so long. I still havent finished painting that xc of mine, too preoccupied
  3. I may have to bail out of running this weekend People are telling me not to go as I have been in bed some of this week as the pigs have got me. Unless im fully well by saturday I think its best i dont go down maybe get wet and infect you all...
  4. Mine will be red sauce chris (If you cant get your propain refilled I can take my stove) I dont know what im taking yet. The cars currently in my house: Hi-Lift Mad bull Lancer Minis *4 Bmw Drifter Brat (my xc still is not finished being painted, started work on the body in march :S)
  5. hey all Thanks for the message belly I am free on the 1st and its been months since i have driven my cars. Will try and collect a few from my parents house tomorrow and sort them out before the bash, i know my lancer needs some superglue and things before it runs again. i donno what i will be taking yet, prob less than i sometimes do tho
  6. I am busy this sunday I miss my cars, they are not even in my new house yet. Any tips on building display cases?
  7. I might be able to come down and play. Currently I have cars in two different houses (not touched since last kent bash) and a list of diy which is far too long.. But if its good weather why not play cars instead.
  8. When we were last at the tarmac site we did not explore the ex crawling options in full. There are some rocks around the pond area (in the middle of the roundabout) which one member played on a bit. The bank up towards to moterway at the back of the carpark was not explored. This site is only just round the corner from the heath in tunbridge where there are deffinatly places for XC's I was too busy with my on roaders at the last bash to explore the options for crawling.
  9. Does anyone know when Chris was going to be getting married. I thought it could well be soon... I am unsure if i wil be able too make a bash. Still need too sort out the cars from the last bash.. 70mph car. is it an electric one?
  10. The F1 is on a F201 chassis so 4wd. I have never had it running properly above stock speed. last time i put brushless in it the stick batteries i had would not cope with the current load.. Please all take your mini's as I have fixed the ramp on my flatbed trailer!!!! (i want to play my favorite game... get the mini on the trailer while its driveing around)
  11. You wont be on your own Chris.... I will give you a race, either mission or f1 car with a novak 4.5 system in it.. Do you happen to have any Lipo cutout devices which plug inline into the battery leads?
  12. My line up so far Brushless f1 car 2x Schumacher missions Schumacher 99pro 2x tamiya m03 mini 2x ABC mini (one brushless, one stock) tl01 Brushless rally car F350 Unpainted Pajero Ford AreoMax and flatbed trailer Maybe some others... I hope for good weather as well... the 99pro has been setup with wet weather protection....
  13. Well im up for it on the 15th. For this bash I look at my collection and think... I might have to take nearly everything... I need to fix one of the ramps on my flat bed trailer.. then we can play the games of who can get the mini's onto the flat bed trailer while it drives around... anyone fancy it?
  14. Hi guys. When do we fancy the next kent bash... After the last bash chris and myself went and killed a few cars on some brand new flat tarmac which is very near the maidstone site. It is screaming out for a bash there as they also have gravel areas and possibly some rough stuff to play on.. (even comes with its own pond in the middle of the roundabout).. I have also given in to temptation yet again, now have an XC in my collection to join in... any painting ideas for this one... Chris, I have now got brushless and lipo in the ABC mini, you fancy a race against your "Unknown" motor..
  15. Fantastic pics mate. You got some great mid air shots there..
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