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  1. No problem ....will do so when I get home.... and you were referring to the Mid Custom version correct?
  2. All prices reduced to help clear. Thanks for looking!!
  3. lots still for sale. offers welcome, send me a PM thanks for looking
  4. Hi Dave, I can take additional pictures of the car for you (did you see the 2 pictures in the link below the add? You can zoom in pretty good)) . I'll be away this weekend returning Monday and will take some when I'm back. As for postage, it's usually a bit pricey to ship across the Atlantic, but maybe I can dismantle some of the car to shrink it's physical size to help with the costs.....I've done this before and it REALLY helps....It's a really nice car and in great shape, not the typical basket case with lots of missing parts. It just needs a servo cover as it went missing. I have a new unpainted body for it and may even have a few decals. .....I wish I had time to restore it, they can look pretty amazing when done. Will get back to you.
  5. Hang on rider Kyoshos both sold!! still lots for sale!
  6. 996TT

    Wanted - Nissan King Cab

    Hi, I have one for sale. It's in amazing shape. Not sure if its what level of quality you're after but scroll down and you won't miss the King Cab. let me know if you have any questions, otherwise thanks for looking Link to cars for sale Link to images
  7. It's unfortunately not for sale separately, it's part of the Landjump bundle.
  8. lots still for sale, you won't be disappointed
  9. as mentioned above, I never really thought about selling them, but I'm sure my brother-in-law who whips them up for me would be up to the task. Which colors and which parts are of interest? he also recently made me up a black set, but for some reason I like the brighter colors lol. I can snap some pics if need be.