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  1. add updated..... Optima mid custom sold Both original Optimas sold thanks for looking!!
  2. thanks for looking. I'm searching for a pair of metal headlights brackets to hold the 959's headlights to the plastic headlight buckets. If you have a pair, either clean used or new please let me know. Would also be glad to trade other parts from my FS: add just in case. thanks!!
  3. parts still available. Some flexibility with price.
  4. Thundershot and Boomerang sold more cars still available.
  5. I have some vintage "new" old stock Tamiya parts trees for sale. I was saving them for future restorations but I have some doubles and triples of certain items that I'd like to sell.....pics available at buyers request .....Again, there are all original and NOT re-re parts, most still in their original bags..... Will gladly ship anywhere if you pay for shipping Prices are in USD 1a: Calsonic R32 GTR body set NIB. $160 >>>> $100 1b: Lancia Delta Integrale body set from kit 58117.(includes decals and plastic parts tree, no cockpit) Original release, new in Tamiya bag $60 2: Boomerang chassis (original) $20 3: Midnight pumpkin "Ford" front and rear tailgate tree "E parts" (original) $45 (save $10 when purchased with #4 below) 4: Midnight pumpkin front grill "V8" and rear chrome bumper tree "F parts" $45 5: Hotshot 2 skid plate tree "D parts" super rare ...I have a good used one, almost new 6: Fox front control arms tree "F parts" ( missing one front upper arm) make offer 7: Nissan King Cab front bumper,rear skid plate, radio tray tree "B parts" SOLD 7a: Nissan King Cab lower arms 1 front, 1 rear , "C parts" $40 8 : Nissan King Cab front skid plate, suspension uprights tree "D " $40 9: Mad Cap "G parts" $10 10: Falcon gearbox tree "C parts" $25 11: Grasshopper 2 front control arm tree "A parts" $10 12: Thundershot "B parts" $15 13: Avante control arms trailing arms "D parts" SOLD 1x !! have another $25 (original) 14: Grasshopper "C parts" $25 15: Hornet "D parts" $20 16: used complete SRB front end (from Ranger good shape) 17: Used SRB rear control arms including axles with wheel adapters and universal joints (from Ranger, in good shape) 18: Avante cast front upright set new in pack #348, $45 19: Striker Gearbox tree "A parts" $20
  6. updated thread , Frog and Hotshot 2 sold. thanks for looking
  7. No problem ....will do so when I get home.... and you were referring to the Mid Custom version correct?
  8. All prices reduced to help clear. Thanks for looking!!
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