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  1. We can only hope that a Top Force EVO is in the cards, it would make sense as other brands have re-re their hi end racing chassis from back in the day. And as Tamiya doesn't like to be left behind a Top Force EVO makes sense... well in my mind it does as a complete new kit or even an upgrade system of parts that the ends user can put together.
  2. As per the Tamiya USA site, "The Top-Force is back! This is a limited-edition re-issue of the Top-Force (2005) model, with one minor change - different tires are now included."
  3. Tower pricing is at $204 USD, I wonder if that would change?
  4. Sweet Baby Jesus you have answered my prayers!! The Top Force is coming to my home, now let me start praying for the Top Force EVO. Thank you Mr T, thank you, thank you, thank you.
  5. My money is on the Top Force EVO, more so no that the Optima has come back. It would also be easy for Tamiya in regards to tooling as most of what makes an Top Force EVO currently available.
  6. Well Looks like Tamiya will re-re-re the TA02SW Porsche again, the new model number will be 47321. Looks like nothing will change except the model number.
  7. I know that its been asked for, but I would like to ask again: My vote would be for anything TopForce!
  8. I've been thinking about selling my NIB with an extra body set, what would something like that go for?
  9. My vote for a Manta Ray, Top Force, and Top Force EVO since its Tamiya's 40th Anniversary.
  10. Neverfollow That is genius, wow I truly hope that someone at Tamiya Headquarters is reading this. I personally owned the Nissan R390 TGX with a Raybrig NSX body shell. Tamiya if you are reading this please make this particular suggestion a reality bring out a brushless powered TGX 1/8 Chassis and bring back the 1/8 Body shells.
  11. What would be a good brushed motor set up for this chassis, or would brushless be a better set up? It would be mostly just to have fun.
  12. Very happy today, just received my new Tamiya TA02SW
  13. I placed my order with tower, it came out to $144.99 USD with free shipping. A heck of a deal, I would say!
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