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  1. Merry Christmas Miga . Personally Ive only used the Futaba Attack 4wd T4VWD controller . Both left and right side sticks are spring loaded so they return to neutral on their own . Now a lot of other guys on here will knock it because its an AM radio , but I have yet to ever run into any problems with it . Unless you want to drive your three speed up to a mile away from where your standing ( if you could even see it ) there is nothing wrong with AM radios . Futaba's T4VWD is made specifically for the three speeds anyways ( even comes with a shift gate packed in ) ...
  2. Checking in from South Bend , Indiana . Merry Christmas everyone !!! From your favorite fuzzy Frosty the Floydman
  3. Personaly , other than the silver can stock motors , Ive never seen an aftermarket motor come with the wires pre solderd on unless the hobby shop themselfs have done it .
  4. Eeek! How much is it to just live in a tent ???
  5. I allways thought "WHY' was Will Haggle You . As in go back and forth until an agreable price is met .
  6. Everyone else does , so I don't see why it would be a problem
  7. Ok , not trying to pic on you or anything but a stock Clod/Super Clod is as perfect to scale in its looks as it is in the way it drives ( even the funky steering issues ) . Its based on the 80's monster trucks and if you can get a hold of any old video from back in the day you'll see that Tamiya did a perfect job of making the Clod drive and bounce around exactly like the 1:1 trucks it was meant to resemble .
  8. Floyd

    The Icarus

    Unfortunately I think your rite . Though I do remember seeing someones RC get-to-gether pics which featured the Icarus . I forget who it was but I remember them bringing up the car a few times in the description so I know there are others out there that like them . Its is a decent looking buggy though Ive always been turned off by the crimped plastic hinge points on the front suspension . Remarkably the ones on this car I have are in good shape and still flexible , but Ive seen back in the day where that crimp point would eventually rip in half .
  9. Yup , I ran into it a few times the past few weeks now . Though to me I would allmost bet its Chris working on the website ...
  10. I must admit .... errr , well Ive never been afraid of saying that I hate anything prebuilt . Give me a kit or give me death . Though I think I'm probably worse than Alistair as I wont even consider buying a kit if it has a pre painted body packed in . I don't care if I'm just using it as a basher or something I plan on just sticking on the shelf ( not that they ever stay on a shelf for long ) if I cant build it and paint it the way I want to I wont even consider buying it no matter what it is . Have I missed out on some neat RC's the past few years because of this ? Not really because for me personally the neatest thing about the RC's I get into is building and detailing them the way I want and then seeing it come to life . Then figure out what I did wrong , fix it , and watch it come to life again . To me , though I know its not the case , XB's and pre painted shells is like someone telling me I'm not smart enough to know how to put it together or paint it .
  11. Floyd

    The Icarus

    So at this point I'm just taking it as no one even has a passing interest in the Icarus . Come on , some one has to like it , it was Kyosho's competitor to the Grass Hopper/Hornet
  12. Ive always enjoyed reading your race reports , especially because your using classics to kill cookie cutters ( ok , not so much kill but definitely giving them a run for their money ) . Though I cant say Ive ever replied to any of the older posts ( or at least cant remember ) I thought it was time to at least say as far as I'm concerned your race reports are the only ones that keep me reading from top to bottom . Definitely keep them coming and may the RC racing gods bless you and your cars at the next race ....
  13. I can send you 5 messages if you think it will help balance out everything
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