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  1. When i had my Clod, i ran a twin motor/twin battery ESC. It was by Kyosho and think it was called a Perfex? It had two battery leads already installed, with tamiya style connectors. Sweet ESC and the Clod really shifted, didnt do much for the "handling" though!!! Modelmaniac[6]
  2. I think you will need wheel converters, ( sorry to sound so obvious!!) I converted my Red Lunchbox to go from std LB wheels to hex fitting HPI wheels. The converters/adaptors i used were included with the wheels,but im not sure if they are available to buy on their own. Heres a pic of my Lunchbox Rear axle after the conversion. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/pictureframe.asp...006175052_5.jpg Hope this helps. Modelmaniac[6]
  3. Def leave as is, very smart! modelmaniac[6]
  4. Hi mate, toothbrushes are very handy at getting rid of heavy mud (especially from wheels/tyres) and paint brushes (long bristles) are good for dust and raking out stones and debris from awkward nooks and crannies! I get toothbrushes from Morrisons for 16p!!! Also as long as the elecs are removed, or waterproofed,dont be shy about being generous with the water. Any more questions, fire away! Cheers Modelmaniac[6]
  5. Also, been surfing and found about some rumours of Hugh Jackman starring in "Wolverine". Apparantley, its in his contract with Marvel, that if he wants to star in a superhero movie, it must be a Marvel based film/character. The film, should chronicle the whole "Weapon X" program, all the early stuff before the X-men. Fingers crossed it gets the go ahead, but no confirmation yet, will keep all Marvel nuts informed as/when i hear more! Kind regards Modelmaniac[6]
  6. Hi all, i posted a while ago with a link to the teaser trailer, now the full trailer has been released! http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/transformers.html Hope you enjoy! modelmaniac[6]
  7. Sometimes the odd single wheel/tyre pop up on ebay, or here on the trades section, but getting an exact match might prove impossible! If you get a new set, you can always replace the one broken wheel and keep the other 3 for spares, or use the set you have now until their completely shot and then replace the whole lot. Cheers modelmaniac[6]
  8. hi, i cant remember your user name, and have had laptop problems so i have lost all previous emails. There was a postage problem with the tyres, first they came back unsent as i put the wrong postcode (apoligies!) and then Royal Mail lost them and i only got them back a couple of days ago! I can only apoligise again for the whole mess, i do have your address on the card that you enclosed with the payment so will get them posted to you this week. My email address has also been changed, so send a message through the site and not to my modelmaniac2@******** email. Kind regards. Craig (modelmaniac!)
  9. Hi mate, i have a Rising Storm thats fitted out with huge wheels/tyres and handles a dream! http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...078&id=6564 I have proline wheels and tyres fitted and all i did to ensure they didnt put too much strain on the car, was to change the pinion and install a better ESC. I run a 13 triple motor so i needed a good ESC, its an absolute blast to drive and there is no issues with the wheels/tyres rubbing the chassis/shell. Any more question or pics required, just ask. Cheers Modelmaniac[6]
  10. I recently bought a yeah racing anodised blue shock tower for my Rising Storm, but had to clean the threads of the tower before i could fit the alloy spacers. I used an exact screw with matching thread and screwed and unscrewed it a few times till the spacers could be fitted. Its fine now though! modelmaniac[6]
  11. sorry for the multiple posts everyone, my computer is going nuts. If possible, can the last posts please be erased? Many thanks Modelmaniac[6]
  12. that exe actually screwed my computer up once, so beware people!
  13. its been around for years and that exe actually screwed my computer up once, so beware people!
  14. thats been around years! modelmaniac[6]
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