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  1. There are pictures of the PI factory. It was from the Shimbashi mangers trip there. Very clean and modern factory. Google is your friend if you wanna see the pictures.
  2. F1 tires and wheels will fit. They are both 200mm wide. The only issue is the F1 tires are smaller so might look a little silly
  3. There are a lot of bodies that will fit. The main thing is the servo will hang out the side of some of them. What sort of look are you going for such as years. Just about anything up until the late 90s body style will hide the servo. You can also go LeMans style as the width and wheel base is the same for most aftermarket bodies. The Tamiya C car bodies have different wheel bases so its case buy case for them. Let me know what you like and i can point you in the right direction. Cheers
  4. Hotshot. Interested in this. Paypal ready. PM coming your way
  5. Just looking for used 956 chassis plates or even the Toyota toms chassis plates. Im just using for hole locations so they can be beat up. Thanks for looking
  6. I about have something figured out but wanted to ask about programs. Mach3 i understand what it does. About Cambam do i need another program to actually design parts? Cambam says it has some design software but is this enough? I am thinking about buying Cambam but in the future i would like to 3d also and do not know what cambam allows as far as design goes. Also tool paths. Does cambam have tool paths? I want to buy the programs before i decide the machine. I know it going to be one of the China machines just dont know what size yet. Any advise on designing programs would be welcome. Thanks again
  7. Thats Grahoos first hornet. Long gone but you can see what its evolution in his Grasshopper.
  8. Your advice really help as the machine you have now is what im interested in. I looked into the programs you use and there is a nice bundle for both around 300 i found. You say you cut MDF. Would you ming posting a picture of something you have cut. I used to use MDF on military aircraft so i am familiar with it. It seems slightly softer than carbon if i remember correctly. One last question do you know of a forum that i should look into? Thanks again
  9. Proxxon tools are pretty good. I have been using the jigsaw they make for cutting chassis plates. I have looked into the mills they make for doing blukheads but right now im looking for something that can do chassis plates. Thanks for the advice though
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations for a small desk top size mill. Im mainly looking on ebay but most are descrided kinda strange. Im wanting to cut frp and carbon. Any advice would be great Thanks in advance
  11. There is a 380 adapter for the grasshopper and RM01. Both of these would be easier to find than the normal brat part. You could also level out the body by using some foam under the truck bed on the left side. Just a little will level out the bed pretty good. Good luck with your brat. Great truck
  12. Clearly out my Japanese rc magazines. Around 100 text is in Japanese but plenty of pictures to look at. 10 dollars each and that incudes the shipping world wide. Its hard to list every cool article or feature in them but if there is something special you are looking for send me a pm and i will see what i can find in them. Lots of interesting ideas and events. Most are over 100 pages printed one quality paper and in good shape. Cheers
  13. I have a nib Holiday buggy. The box is a little beat but everything inside is fine. Its Japanese so no speed controller. Looking for $75 that includes the shipping. Nice car just didnt get around to building it and its just taking up space. Paypal preferred and would take trades for anything 1/12 onroad. Can send pictures if needed Cheers
  14. Its the US Dollar,Kits here in Japan havent risen.
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