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  1. I always liked A110. I think it's wonderful that they brought back the M06 version.
  2. I'm assuming these are the things you are planning to order? If you haven't, I would recommend Flysky GT3C. I have B version myself, but it takes 8 batteries. Mine didn't come with a LiPo battery, so I had to get an 11.1v LiPo. Instead of B, if you get GT3C, the C version only takes 4 batteries. Many of them come with a LiPo too. I don't know enough about electronic parts, but the C version seems to use more efficient electronic parts.
  3. Monster Beetle has a very low gearing of 37:1 when most buggies have 9:1 ratio. I would say Tamiya was very cautious when they were designing ORV back in the 1980s. I've run Blackfoot with the same gearing all day long on Sport Tuned. It would only get warm. If, however, you were to run 3S (11.1 volt), it would definitely heat up. You can use a fan, but the motor is likely to seize up at that voltage. Most mortals use 7.4v. If you are using motors like Sport Tuned, GT tuned, or super stock motors, you would be okay with a heatsink. At burst speed, the temperatures would go up to 50C, but it will quickly drop down to 40 degrees in 20-30 seconds. If you are running a faster 12 turn motor at 8.4v, a fan would be useful. But heatsinks do fine with 21-27 turn motors at 7.4v. You don't need the 3rd channel either. I'm not 100% sure, but you might use "Batt" slot to draw power if you have an older receiver. Or you can simply plug it to an extra slot on your receiver (receivers often have more channel slots than the transmitter transmits). If you happened to have a 3 channel radio, there is an option of turning on the fan remotely. You'll need a special switch for that, though. It plugs in like a servo, but all it does is turn the power on and off on that channel. People use it to turn on the LED lights but it should work for fans too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apex-RC-Products-RC-Remote-Electronic-AUX-Channel-On-Off-Switch-9025/222890439807?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item33e54e347f:g:GvAAAOSwxdtasAbT&enc=AQAFAAACYBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkgCVySCgrNFPU8Iu85TabMJaH69Rj3sM9GSmEhCel6uQNocgLdta1ppUgBAb3r%2Bvlxrg3PCiT7zNLhjlrjFqkLhxrNFrYs4IFJ6aiH2yGIyWel0e5e60ItKfQhs9YlZ3dvh5mV57IjxVLcVZfUW7tan30RQ841FVOw%2FyM59jXwQzWK9BIznVZMtlhnJeulcvDNMNJGvSLS02bI%2B6GIsnaZghkOOWdLMbpyKKim2gy%2B6wB%2FWKJdRyIml6ZX1omx1AVd6QdRCNAMPYfIrNgBXay%2FM5e7V1uzdMe%2BqQT8SAWdY3OtDGB8cIzn%2BAi3k0uiNpSmUPl4bOrigFe%2Fg2E3witoTiRhItRMtiKMQjvBd15JILrjGYObSwgfqaOPFbNLahJ%2FT2YCKeyFaP5q8sfRa1%2FuSdYl2Lk5to3W%2BYSMjG8fpg%2Fd0VChQlf1t46ALRapEa4%2FdIXyiN2AJ78z4CEzhQM9FAdgA%2BKFrR2%2FAs7AB4H7cd%2F2UCgnxKpRvCVLzyK4H%2FIBVVOdmh%2Bn8eUQmmzUZy9h%2BHsgnthcL5AOh7UnZauocVQnPx3IfYimwmLF6A5QEtyNRH2k4Sw7LYLmHnBo6ki99oFEyIXZFJnIp719qGmNqhpoEH89ENKyg%2B6Qdry6OxHHX2j98V1IHau7DU6iLidVZO2ntPfKRFiHpl4dlOplyCfoRBcXLAgRpb0OTTJrDmlOqv0fdicq9vjwGQw0vrolSJf8K1M%2BYWaG16QmXUCqkHUT%2BH5X%2BrKWqjKBdvTwBrp&checksum=2228904398072d1049763b0647cf95150da5bac1f3d9
  4. 1060 is a good ESC. It can handle down to 12 turn motor. You have a 27 turn, so it should be more than enough. You can use an analog servo and old AM/FM receiver. I actually prefer it for bashers because they use less energy than digital servos. Of course, if the plugs fit. If there is a notch, you can shave that. If the pins don't align, you can reorganize the pins. 18650 batteries should do fine also. Chinese brands tend to discharge at around 1A, Japanese and Korean brands discharge up to 3-4 amps. But the stock M38 motor draws less than 1 amp, so it should be okay for most 18650 batteries. If you were running a faster motor, I would have recommended getting a LiPo pack, but for M38? 18650 should be fine. @Tudorp, how did you manage to change the pinion? It's stamped on, isn't it? You've got a SWB. I haven't run my LWB hard, because tires are in bad condition. But I should slap on a heatsink just in case.
  5. Kit for me. If you build it, it becomes twice-yours.
  6. Thank you for posting. That was interesting. Aside from the looks, it's a silver can! It's a shame that these things cannot be trusted. If they had called it "speed tuned" and made it a bit faster than the silver can, they could have competed with the real Sport Tuned, especially for that money. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that most clones of 1060 ESC and SkyRC IMAX B6 chargers are good enough.
  7. @Mad Ax said it so well, I'll just put my 1 cent. M06, M07, M08 are fine. When it comes to the build, they are more like DF03 than DF02. While M05 is less sophisticated, it is still fun for things like 2CV rally. I often buy used RC cars, but I don't think I would buy cars before M05. I like M06. I suppose Tamiya hadn't adjusted the suspension for the heavy Pumpkin shell, though. I'm using Yeah Racing shocks too, which are decent enough. I hadn't thought of M-chassis as minuscule because of the shells. Unlike buggies which have tiny shells compared to their chassis, M chassis wear them big. There are many Hong Kong option part makers. I only install heatsinks because the motors tend to be hidden away from the airflow. But you can find all sorts of blue-bling-blings for M05-M08. They don't need a lot of power, if you put in at least anti-wear grease in the diff, they run fast enough. M07 came with 100,000 oil, and M08 seems like it comes with #3,000 oil. M06 has the rear motor hanging behind the rear wheels. M05, M07 and M08 are mid-ship engined cars because they have their motors and batteries at the center of the chassis. The driving characteristics should be less severe than M06. Having said that, when it's rear wheel rear motored chassis, it should show. Alpine A110, Renault 5 turbo, NSU Prinz TT, Lancia Stratos, VW beetle, Karmann Ghia should run like they have engine at the tail, twerking the chassis from the rear. Sadly, only about half of those cars have M06 chassis. A110 was initially released with M05, so were NSU Prinz TT and Renault 5 Turbo which was release only months ago. (I'm starting to think Tamiya is mixing FF and RR chassis intentionally!) For some reason, FF and RR driving characteristics seem more pronounced with M chassis than buggies. So if you had 4WD, RR will be quite different. Taming that will require more skills. I wouldn't upgrade the motor just yet either. It will take some getting used to. In all, I'm glad that I dipped my toe into M-chassis.
  8. I wouldn't call it good, but this is usable in tricky places. The brand is "Mr. Hobby." The product is "Mr. Masking Sol." Amazon or ebay might sell it. I've been using the same bottle since the 90's. [Problem 1] Because it's liquid you can't draw a clean straight line like masking tapes. Even curved lines would be clean looking with tapes. [Problem 2] When you take it off, the edges of paint won't be sharp either. It would be for small scale models where the spray is thin. But for RC car, the paint is much thicker and stronger. Masking solution doesn't have the physical strength to cleanly break away from the paint because the mask is rubbery and the Lexan paint would be rubbery too (this would be the same for hard shells). If I could use tapes, I would use tapes. (But the lights were difficult to mask, and they were going to be covered with stickers on the outside. The masking solution was a convenient solution)
  9. Lol, LiPo implant... that made no sense to my wife. All good points! While carnivore diet has no potassium, meat has something in it that allows preservation of potassium (if there is no carb). I think it's probably better to go with Paleo diet in keto style, though. After cutting sugar, I realized how it makes you hungrier and tireder. If I was on keto, I could go without food for about 36-40 hours. I wouldn't even be all that hungry. If I had sugar? No way. I can't go longer than 2 hours after meal time. I'd be dizzy and my hands would be shaking. It's the most fattening thing too (more than fat itself). And large quantity would damage your liver (my mom had her liver hardening. She kept a big basketful of candies. It took me years to convince her to let that habit go). My wife was a "grazer," 5-7 small meals and snacks a day. We now have 2 meals and generally we feel better. That might not be an option for diabetic people, but keto might. (below discusses type 2, not type 1). If I were smarter, I'd stick with drinking tea. But every few years, I start drinking tea. Then I say, "man, I have more energy." I think I'm one of those people who does not do well on coffee. It gives me a jolt in the morning, but I crash in the afternoon. Tea is slower to kick in, but I've got energy in the evening for other stuff. I forget this all the time. I re-discovered it a week ago again, for the 5th time in the past decade. Having said all that, though, we just had two of our nieces run around the house yesterday. As much as we love them, having them is tiring for a couple who do not have kids. So hats off to parents. Having even one hobby is a feat.
  10. I have one of those cheap 1/18th buggy that takes two of those 18650 batteries. But for 1/10th RC cars, the problem might be the amp draw. I don't think these can do more than 1 or 2A draw, which is similar to NiCd batteries of the olden days, but not quite as punchy as LiPo. That's just my guess though. Also, Chinese brands lie and lie big. If you want to get 18650 batteries, make sure to get Korean or Japanese brands. Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sony, all produce over 90% of what they claim to be. If they say it's 3000mAh, they produce at least 2700mAh. Chinese brand like Ultrafire? They may say those are 10,000 mAh, but they only give you 1200mAh. There are good Chinese brands like Hobbywing and SkyRC who do not lie about their products. Sadly, there are many others that do.
  11. You might have asked in a rhetorical manner... please don't mind if I go to strange places with this question. In one word... Potassium. After 40, I get the feeling you rare getting, when I'm low on potassium. Then my friends would come over and say, "where do you get the energy to do all that?" I learned to replace rotten floor boards, re-finish the floors, sweat (solder) water pipes, replace 2-prong sockets with 3-pronged ones, etc. I even built a coffee table in exchange for Konghead. (later I learned that the table my wife wanted was about $1000. Lesson learned. Look up what your labor is worth before striking up the bargain). After a bookshelf that I needed, this was #2 furniture in my life. But I learned that putting planks together is no different from building Tamiya kits. (I bought the legs for $120, but the rest is about $200 worth of planks, nails, screws and glue from Home Depot) I was waiting for warm weather when we could leave the windows open after vanishing this thing. Now, I'm looking back and think, "how the heck did we do all that?" We've got no one to delegate to. As mentioned, I think like that when I'm running low on potassium. Food with potassium will give you energy; spinach, broccoli, potato, beat root, cucumber, banana, kiwi, orange, etc. Omega-3 helps too. My wife's doctor once told her to take iron supplement immediately. That was 2 years ago when she was getting headaches. She perked right up. Whenever she says she's too tired, I get her some iron and potassium supplements. Iron is no good for men, but potassium, we need lots. The older I get, the greater impact food/supplements have. When I was in my 20's, a slice of pizza and a can of Mountain Dew would fuel me all day long. That doesn't work in my 40's. I'd rather eat food than take supplements. But I gained 6 pounds since the pandemic. (I was down to 150 pounds, now I'm up to 156) Potatoes, kiwis and bananas made me gain weight. So, I took some potassium supplement yesterday instead. After months of inactivity, I was out mowing the lawn and doing various yard work for 2 hours (even after dark). Without salt people will die. Without potassium, people will die. That's why sports drinks have potassium (or taurine that could help with potassium use in our body). But sports/energy drinks have lots of sugar/caffeine too. That's no good. Taking a fistful of salt will kill you, so will a fistful of potassium pills or 10 cans of red bull. But most of us live in permanent deficit when it comes to potassium. We just don't eat enough fruits and veggies. Potassium supplements that you can find in any drug store, supermarket (or supplement store) will give you 3% of daily need in one pill. You might try and take a pill or two a day and see how you feel. If you have a heart problem ask your doctor first. I don't have a heart problem, and it's been working for me for about 20 years. I had this dry cough on and off since early teen years. One nurse told me to drink Gatorade. I was already better by the time I got to the parking lot. And that's how I learned about potassium. (not the garden potassium made for flowers and trees, I'm talking about supplement for human consumption)
  12. Well, I thought, "why didn't I think of a sunroof!" Please don't mind if I steal your accidental idea for my Wild One someday.
  13. For posterity, Tamiya recommends using motors over 25t. Sport Tuned is included (even though it's 23t--maybe because it's mildly timed?).
  14. Grasshopper is very hard to kill. I'd say that's an achievement! (RIP for the gear, though) Looking at the photo, I thought the teeth looked small too. Aluminum gear is worse than nylon. I once thought, "aluminum is metal! it's got to be stronger than plastic!" No, not on gears. Some Boeing engineer tried to make gears stronger with aluminum, steel, and titanium. All stripped. In the end, nylon gear solved the problem. Gears don't just turn. Teeth rub on each other. Nylon gear giving a little + some good grease, it's very strong against wear. Sadly, aluminum doesn't give. And because of the rubbing, the surface is easier to grind away than nylon. I think we had a member whose aluminum gear got ground to a pulp few months ago? I'd use the correct pinion you got, and get another nylon gear from Tamiya. What grease did you use?
  15. Yep , I think most comes with a rechargeable LiPo. Some old stock might come with an AA battery tray though.
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