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  1. To be honest, my DF-02 would have PTSD just by hearing the name "Kevin Talbot." (below is a screenshot of his video I saw today.) DF-03 isn't in my fleet yet, but I'll keep your mod in mind!
  2. I'm sorry for a random question, but what happened to 1999? You are talking about Hobby Search?
  3. The way I see it, it's how much extra strength you have. If somebody can't feed himself? He can't feed abandoned dogs. (I love dogs.) That's why you see stray dogs in poor nations. As those nations get stronger, they will care for abandoned dogs and cats. It's a matter of how much extra energy you have. (I'm not comparing immigrants, by the way. I'm only saying it takes strength to care.) Knowledge is strength, so it works the same way. When you were a toddler, everything with 4-wheels was a "car." You didn't know better. Now that you build your own RC cars, you know a lot. When you hear "4x4 is AWD!" you say, "no, there is a difference" and they would say, "chill, who cares, man." But if you are driving your old 4x4 on ice, and there is a turn coming up, you may disengage 4x4 so you wouldn't lose traction. That could make a life-or-death difference. Knowledge is power. I have a 3rd Generation Mexican friend from our teenage years. He used to say, "everybody is a racist to some degree." He accepted racism against him, and he covered what little racism he had himself. I now recognize that as a weakness. Not knowing all he experienced, I can't blame him. I don't know how many times he repeated that to other people, making them accept and justify racism. I wish I was smart enough to have said, "but do you want everybody to stay racists?" Sadly, I lacked the mental strength to know better. I've heard a nice story today. ------------------------------- This girl was in an abusive relationship. She cut herself off from her family. By dumb luck, she took "intro to leadership" taught by a retired Marine Lt. General. When she said she wanted to be in music business, he offered a mock interview. The old Marine knew nothing about music. But in a typical Marine fashion, he came fully prepared for her mock interview, even when she was half way given up on her life. That changed her life. She was fully present since then. That's true strength. A real man is somebody others can rely on. A fighter recognizes fights in others; "Be kind, for everybody is fighting a hard battle." A weaker person would lash out, saying "just get a hold of yourself!" That takes less energy than spending a night researching music business for a girl he'd never see again. Now, her story is repeated here, for whoever wants to spread good karma. It all started with a real man who had the extra energy to care. Black, Asian, women, men, gay, trans, Arab or Jew, it doesn't matter. The same logic applies to certain groupies. If they were rich, smart, tall, good-looking, have some class and strong? They don't have to put down others to feel good. They wouldn't worship anybody either. "We the people" have the power. We lend it to politicians to serve, not to rule us. We are not feudal peasants. Sadly, we all fall for "divide and conquer" tactics of politicians. I hope everybody has the mental capacity to see that. If not, as my mom used to tell me, "I can't grow IQ for you!" (lol...no, I'd never say that unless somebody is totally mean first.) US Department of Education says that 54% of adults read below the 6th grade level. Words are too "intellectual" to read. No wonder some politicians love the uneducated... it's easier to control them, and some actually want to be controlled. What can you do...you can't argue with 6th graders... if you read 1000 books, you can't go back to age 5 when you read none. You just keep polite distance from people who burn books. (If history is any guide, bad juju for book burners...lol.) While I keep distance, I do ridicule them. 6th graders might think it's a good idea to ban imports like Tamiya, or ban RC altogether as witchcraft. I must have my RC.
  4. Does that mean generally lower RPM? For example, 16t 5 pole would have similar RPM as 27 turn with 3 pole?
  5. I'd say just be suspicious if there isn't a label. East or West, people cheat to get ahead. That's why Truth in Advertisement is enforced in most countries by law. When it's not enforced, consumers and honest sellers are hurt. I'd say we are fortunate that we can come to Tamiya club to ask about fishy products.
  6. The problem isn't the ESC itself, it's 320A being totally false. When I bought one, it was sold for 15A, I think. But now I see that it's gone up to 320A. (If it's 15A, that'd be 2,100% bluff.) I use one on my Dancing rider, it's working perfectly fine. It doesn't even get warm. (It might work for silver cans too, especially if it came with a used FF01. I wouldn't use it for upgraded motors, though.)
  7. I agree with that, especially for people who (re)start the hobby. Why worry about LiPo fire issues for a small gain? Only when it comes to hotter motors like Super Stock and brushless, you'd be limited by NiMH. NiMH can give you 2-3A easily. The silver can and Sport Tuned aren't going to need 2A. But a brushless could draw 5-6A in the first second, LiPo can supply that but NiMH cannot drain that fast. So NiMH is fine until the motor is upgraded beyond Sport Tuned.
  8. lol... @Mad Ax, that was a masterpiece! It's a young men's problem... Get as old as I am, you've forgotten all the projects, hahahaha...ha...ha...wait... should I be worried about this? (I'm not even 50 yet).
  9. I have a feeling that RC crawlers' overdrive means something different from overdrive in 1:1. I found this diagram for Element (Team Associated) Enduro. My CC-01 doesn't allow different ratio, so I've got no experience in overdrive (thanks, Tamiya). You can have the front turn at a slightly faster rate. What's the benefit of that? Is it for turning radius (since many crawlers lack the differentials)? That seems like a minor benefit. Is it good for crawling? Anybody has experience in this?
  10. Drivers. Is that strange? I love having an avatar sitting in an RC car. I wish everything came with a driver, so I could know how big/small things are. (Below are 2 vehicles made into RC)
  11. I built 3 dozen Tamiya kits. None of them snaps on. What they mean is that you should push the shaft into the keyed shape in the gears. The ends of the shaft are sort of oblong in shape. You should rotate the "GB2" gear until they go in fully. That's what they mean by "snap on." It has no clip or anything to make the snapping sound. It doesn't even take any force to do it either. The Japanese translation says, "Push it all the way in." That's it. No clicking, no snapping. I'd say 'snap on' is one of those funny translations.
  12. Sorry, no clue on the Optima, but I did the same! I feel the withdrawal symptoms, though. At this rate, I might have to get a CC02 or something (which is more expensive).
  13. That's a nifty trick! When I read "Hydro Dipping," I thought it was this...
  14. Looks like Duratrax Intellispeed? https://www.hobbytown.com/duratrax-intellispeed-sport-fwd-rev-esc-dtxm1059/p643819
  15. That's so true. Tamiya's mufflers are the worst in that regard. Mad Bison just has a square box. It bounces the exhaust right out of the sleeve. Having a tuned pipe definitely improves the performance. (Generally speaking, 8-15% improvement in horsepower and fuel saving of about 12%. Going from 0.5 hp to 0.55 isn't much, but it is noticeable.)
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