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  1. 25C should be plenty. How plenty? Well, 4200mAh 25C should give you over 100A. That's 4200mAh drained in about 2.5 minutes. Silver can takes only about 1A burst. 15t motor will take more. But nowhere near 100A. My guess is about 2-3A. (13.5t Brushless can take out 5-6A burst) Even if you get a 10C battery, you'll still get 40A. That's more than 20 times your 15t motor can take out. Some of us are speed demons. In that case, you might want 40C (or higher) and install 3.5t motor or something. 40C can drain 4200mAh in 90 seconds. For mere mortals like myself, I can't envision any situation where I'd want my battery be drained in 90 seconds. I would keep the money and buy 25C.
  2. Unintentionally, Honda Civic Turbo was released as a slow vehicle. That's because WR02 wasn't designed for small tires. It was designed for big tires of Wild Dagger and Wild Willy 2. At least, the 20 teeth pinion gear is better than Wild Willy's 18t. But about 16:1 gear ratio is too torquey and slow. It would run fine even if the gear ratio was 7:1. But that's not possible. As you know already, the only option is to go with a faster motor. Bearings should be the first to be upgraded (in my opinion). But even if you gain (the mandatory) 10% higher top speed, it's not going to improve much when your speed is down to half. If you want to stick with a brushed motor, I'd recommend Super Stock motors. Because of low gear ratio, BZ, RZ, TZ, won't matter. Any one of 3 models of Super Stock motors would do. Just get the cheapest one. Or you could go with something like 17t motors or lower. (Cheap Chinese motors use thin wires. So their 17t motors work more like 23t motors.) If you want to get the brushless motor, and if you have TBLE02S ESC, you can get a 13.5t motor. That's the limit for that ESC. Few people do have a problem in hot weather in taller gears. But 16:1 is seriously low, so I doubt that it would thermal out. In either case, you'd be running over 27,000 RPM (as opposed to 16,000 of Torque Tuned). You'd probably want bearings. Plastic bushings are not designed for that kind of RPM. Bushings sapping 10% of 16,000 RPM of Torque tuned would get you down to 14,400 (about the silver can). But sapping 10% off of 27,000 RPM gets you down to 24,300. It's a substantial penalty. I think WR02 chassis require sixteen 1150 bearings? That's the most common bearings. You can search for "5x11x4mm bearings." You can get 20 bearings (MR115) for about $8. It will take weeks to deliver from China, though. (but often Amazon sellers are located in China too) https://www.ebay.com/itm/10PCS-MR105-2RS-MR115-2RS-Ball-Bearing-Miniature-Double-shield-5x10x4mm-5x11x4mm/324039311717?hash=item4b723f8165:g:LoQAAOSwoXRZkgeV P.S. If you get a fancy brushed motor, you can connect it before installing it. Use the trim to run it at slow speed for 20 minutes or so. Lubricate the axles. (No need to break in brushless motors because there is no brush to break in)
  3. Anybody else love the night-time? Or winter? I do. It's not that I like the darkness or coldness. But night-time allows me to enjoy the quiet. Winter gives me more night time. Needless to say, I like the isolation from the pandemic. (People dying is terrible. But removing myself from the "tx" & "rx" equation is good for everybody). Introverts know that there are extroverts and introverts. Extroverts think introverts don't exist. My neighbors hold a street party every year. They did it even during 2020. (I doubt that anybody showed up) They were surprised when my wife told them I'm basically a shut-in. They thought I was like them. As a child, I'd rather stay home and read books or tinker with stuff. I'm not an emotional person. I'm never overly happy, sad, depressed, nor easily rattled or surprised. The definition of living a life means having all kinds of ups and downs. No need to exhaust myself by over reacting. That does not mean that I don't feel any emotion. If you stay home and read books, you get to live inside of characters' minds few hours at a time. That made me be more empathetic. That's another misconception: Just because I don't go around saying, "hey, how you doin'?" dozens of times, they think I cannot relate to people. If I see some kid scraping his knee on TV, I get that sickening and panicky "danger" feeling myself. (He's acting, obviously!) Whatever the topic is, I could relate half the times (except for being an extrovert). By the same token, me being able to relate doesn't make me an extrovert. I don't mind listening to people. I ask questions. I make connections within the topic, and they would approve. (I don't care if they approve or not. It's a way to learn things for myself, but people seem to like it.) I showed up to the street party a couple of times. I talked to neighbors. That seems to have made an impression that I'm a people-person. When we moved here, my wife had to know all the people around us. She's an ultra-extrovert. If I ask her if I should brush our dog's teeth, she'll tell me all about neighbors' dogs, Cupcake, Cinnamon and Lexi on our street. Even our neighbor's son's dog, Charlie, and how Nancy got bitten by a cat. I like dogs, but I really don't need to remember 4 dogs' names. Thanks to her, I know them by their first names (that, and they don't have last names). And she still manages to not answer the one question I asked. So I start brushing and she'd say, "oh, why are you doing that? I'm going to feed him now, you silly you." Extroverts... she thinks I'm happy if she graces me with all the gossips. I keep telling her that she's torturing me. But of course, I don't think she believes that I'm an introvert. Extroverts tend to believe the opinions of the people they know. If the people around them are scientific, they'll go with science. If the people around them are not, they will pretend that the clinical facts don't exist. It's like they have the supernatural ability to turn off the stuff they already know. Singing "I believe I can fly" won't make them fly. They know that. But they act like they could. They cannot believe that everybody is different. (Which is why they are shocked when results are different from their expectations--they make up stuff to squeeze reality into their fanciful expectations. Humans are endlessly fascinating!) As for me, I've been reading stuff like this a couple years before the pandemic started. (I don't read serious stuff. This is a science fiction. It isn't really about viruses either. But you get to learn about how the CDC works---or 'had worked' traditionally. They don't usually wait around until the pandemic hit the shore. CDC would send the best and brightest doctors wherever transmittable diseases break out. At least that's how CDC used to work. I can almost guarantee that if you read 30 zombie novels, you won't get surprised by stuff like the real pandemic... lol... You bet I take the virus seriously. Introverts are tiny bit less likely to be swayed by other people's opinions too. Group-thinking isn't really our thing, is it? We tend to come to our own conclusions.) I dread being among people. They drain me. Being alone is fun. I can tinker, sketch, or read. I like the quiet that comes with it. I keep the rain-sound on my white-noise maker at the lowest volume. My wife may snore lightly. My tiny dog would attach himself to my side like a whale's calf. Sometimes he'd quietly sleep-bark, drool on my leg or do that sleep-running paw-movements dogs do. If it's cold, I may have a blanket over my head. I keep the kindle's screen black. Only the letters would float white in total darkness. And I sink into the depths of a character. (Generally speaking, male authors are not really good at character developing. I prefer female authors, even for Star Wars books.) So... yeah, I love the feeling of being totally alone when the world has gone to sleep. If you know what I'm talking about, you are an introvert. If you think being alone is like a punishment, then you are an extrovert... There is no right or wrong kinds. The world needs both kinds.
  4. 10.5t motor is good for most basher applications. Hobbywing's ESC is 120A. They make good ESCs. If you want a hotter motor, it should be able to handle it. 60A ESC of SkyRC could thermal out in hot weather and/or tall gearing. It's not about the ESC's built quality, it's about the capacity. 60A is generally good for 13.5t. 10.5t is a bit iffy (unless the gearing is low and the weather is cool).
  5. 1] I prefer to draw them from outside with a sharpie. If you mess it up, no worries. Just erase it with alcohol and start again. 2] I used diff clay. It's more like chewing gum. But it's not necessary, AW would do okay. 3] Unless you are using a really fast motor or something, you don't have to glue them. I worry about wobbles, so if I were to use, I'd use caulk or equally slow-curing adhesive, so you can adjust how it seats.
  6. A couple of cells were noticeably getting hot? All the hot cells need to be replaced. I've tried replacing individual cells too, but it's like building a house of cards on a windy beach. I was never successful in any attempt, sadly. The problem is that old battery cells won't match with any of the newer cells. New cell would be the strongest, so the second weakest will be the weakest now. That one will get hot and die next. So, the best way would be to replace 3 weakest cells. With cells of lesser amp. If your pack was 4000 mAh, then maybe replace them with 3500 mAh or 3000 mAh cell, because older cells would be weaker. Then you might have some chance of keeping the pack. But for the trouble, it's just better to build a new pack. The only way this is worth doing is when you have dozens of old packs. You could individually charge each cells, measure amp and resistance of each cell and mix and match cells of similar strengths. You'll be matching weak cells to weak cells. So I gave up. It was just easier to buy a new 5000 Amp LiPo pack for $13.
  7. It's a must for me. When I got Porsche 956 (Kyosho), it did not have a driver. It felt odd. (below is not mine) I couldn't get a sense of scale. Just how big was this thing in real life? Later when I saw a photo of Tamiya's version, I could see how a driver would fit into it. "Oh, he can actually glance through that tiny side window." I like to imagine a small driver white-knuckled in the cockpit. To me, a driver is a part of a moving car. Having no driver feels like a Lamborghini without the engine in the bay. If I see nothing under the rear window, I'd say, "come on, at least slap on a sticker that looks like an engine!" Maybe it came from scale airplane kits. I used to hang them up. If it's got the landing gear down and sitting, I don't mind the canopy open and having no pilot in it. But a plane up in the air without a pilot feels strange to me. Are these things so light, they would just float up without anybody piloting them? That says, "because it's a toy somebody put together." (below is not mine either) To me, even a Lego looks better with a pilot in it. When you are reading Hobbits and Tolkien writes under the page, "at this time, there were no machineguns and airplanes, so they had to fight with swords." You would just toss the book to the wall. That brings people back to the reality of seeing printed words, not the world of hobbits. I love cars. I love the fact that Tamiya's shells are the best approximation of the real thing in small scale. A driver's helmet gives me the best sense of scale. I know it's a toy. So are scale airplanes. Fictions are just long fancy lies too. But that's even more of a reason why I want a driver. It's been like 30+ years since I had my first RC car. Since then, you can't find a kid who has never seen an RC car. And those toy grade RC cars have weird scale that makes no sense. I take pride in that Tamiya tried to have a driver in relatively good scale. I know there are servos and linkages that's moving the car, not the 1/10th driver. But at least I can have a face to fool me. There were times when I'd just paint a flesh color and called it a day. In which case, my RC car looked worse than factory built toys. I've gone through stages on the matter of drivers. But in recent years, the presence of a driver have gotten a bit more important for some reason. I like simulated rust on cars too. Lexan doesn't rust, but I'm all for extra realism. And that's why I was so pleased that Rochobby jeep's steering wheel moves when you steer. It's oddly satisfying. On that note, I should get this driver some WWII uniform. I just found a Japanese dude who made a very tiny driver figure.
  8. I try my best to keep up with technology. I tried an app called "Libby" to borrow library books. But I needed a library card. I don't think old ladies in my local library even know how to make online registration possible. So I might have to go get an old school library card when it's open. If I can borrow e-books for free, why pay for it? As @markbt73 said, old paper books are often cheaper. But If they are just 1-2 years old or really popular, paper versions tend to me more expensive. I've got enough to read, I could wait a few years until there are enough used books. If you fully pay off every month, using credit card can be cheaper than cash because of cashbacks. Cashback IS designed to LURE you into spending more money. But if you are disciplined enough, even 0.5% cashback from $4000 of expenditure is $20. Do that for 12 months, you get $240. If it's 2-3% like spending on Amazon, it's several hundred dollars at the end of the year. Of course, you lose more if you owe them money. That's their goal. I would think that for every person who's paying off everything, there are 2-3 more people who couldn't. Banks lose money to under-spenders. They make money on over-spenders. My wife's parents are over 70, that's not too terribly old. But they don't know how to order stuff online. We live in another state, so we have to order stuff for them. If clothes don't fit, we'd try to get it back on next holidays. So my wife orders stuff like a jacket online, have it come to us, have me try it on instead of my father in law, and text them a photo of the jacket to see if they like it. And then ship it to them. Thank goodness they can text at least.... Occasionally I see the opposite too. My mom's uncle must be in his 90's now. When he was almost 80, he was building a computer. He was designing a simple website just for fun too. I'm half his age and I'm lagging behind already. Last time we traveled outside the country, we were the only people who were using paper tickets. I feel like if I don't bother with keeping up with technology now, I'll be one of those old people who couldn't use virtual stuff in the future. I don't need to be a hipster grandpa. I don't need to buy new gadgets every few months (except for RC stuff). I just want to keep up. Not too old, not too hip.
  9. For a moment, I thought you had a 12 foot long RC truck in your living room!
  10. If I remember correctly, 4 hours? That's why I lube the motor axle every chance I get. That's for race purposes. After only a few hours, the bushings get worn out, the commutator wobbles, and you don't get that factory-fresh RPM anymore. There was a Japanese racer, Yuichiro Takaya, who talked about it few years ago. I can't find his video. But I found a diagram he drew. (says nothing about longevity in this diagram though) For bashing, it's going to last a lot longer. Not because the RPM doesn't fall, but because when you are bashing, you don't measure your lap time as often. Two things I would check. One is play in the axle. If the bushing in the motor allows some obvious play, it's no good. The other is using a flashlight (a 'torch' for proper English) to see how much the brushes are worn. If you have a new silver can, you can compare I'd say new ones are about 6mm tall. If it's half way down, it's not so good.
  11. May him rest in peace. It seems he was only 49 years old. I wonder if he became another victim to Covid19.
  12. I've been wasting a lot of time on Quora, writing about WWII tanks... Considering how much I like WWII tanks, it's odd that I don't have any Tamiya RC tank. (Oh, I remembered... I can't afford them!) Like many people these days, I've been trying not to spend money. (I did get a Rochobby Jeep, though) But when you stay home, you use your computer more. My computer is 8 years old. I was going to build a computer. I bought a box, power supply, graphics card, SSD. When I was about to buy the motherboard and the cpu, it seemed all the nerds had the same idea all at once, including Henry Cavill. They are stuck home, why not build a computer, right? Parts supply was low because they were all coming from China. I don't want to pay $300 for the Ryzen 3600 chip that used to cost $180! Five months later, I'm half way given up. Might as well wait for Ryzen 5600 next year. My computer will be 9 years old by then. So instead, I built a couple of 1/48 scale tank kits I have. I don't know why I'm so lazy about painting 3D things when I'm not that lazy about 2D stuff. Painting is a good way to spend time, rather than money. All you need is a pencil and paper. I already have watercolor pencils from few years ago. (Didn't even know that there were colored pencils you can wet) One mistake, though. I didn't test out the colors... I thought "umber" was supposed to be brown, but it came out yellow... Oh no, she became a lemon person! (jaundice maybe? I think it's funny how people turn lemon when they need to eat lemons) It took a lot of other colors to save that. But I am happy with the hair color. Red hair is relatively easy. Watercolor pencils always come out more transparent than I would like. These all have that faded look. But even digital ones tend to come out transparent. So it could be just me. (black hair wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. At least, I could fix it at any time) Drawing on actual paper has certain amount of thrill to it because you can't fix it. I wanted to paint with little more pigment. So I ordered White Night artist's watercolor set. Usually this would cost about $30-$40, but I found one for $12 on Walmart. Too good to be true! What I got was White Night alright (I think...I can't read Russian), but for children... I highly doubt that professional watercolor set has a picture of a bear with a bow tie holding a balloon!! (*ugh!*--that's my utmost frustration, because manner maketh man) Walmart refunded it. They wouldn't take it back either. Probably not worth paying $5 shipping to try to sell it for $4. So I have a free watercolor set to play with... (yay...?) I bought many Tamiya paints, but this is my first watercolor set. I was very disappointed that it was a children's set. (It smells nice enough to lick, though, perhaps that's not so good for children's set?) One problem with this set is that you can never tell what color is going to show up on paper. There are 5 greenish colors, but they all look about the same in the case. I don't know which one produces the green I want. I also ordered 3 sketchbooks for $7 each. They didn't arrive. Did Henry Cavill buy them too, or what, huh Witcher? Not only did Amazon just cancel my order, but they also raised the price to $10! I wouldn't buy it on principle! (So I ordered just 1) And it came crushed like this. I suppose winter is when people tend to stay indoors and sketch stuff. Many orders, many mishaps, etc. Anyway, at least black color from the children's set is darker than the watercolor pencil. I'm happy that it could complement the watercolor pencils (for now).
  13. I have some 36 cars, most were tight press-fit. On average, I'd say each car uses 16 bearings. That would make the total number 576. Out of half a thousand bearings, I can remember only one or two loose fit. When it happened, I thought, "oh no, should I shrink wrap outside of the bearing?" I actually tried it. That did not work. The shrink tube designed for wires was way too thick. Then I simply tried using different bearings, one of them fit fine. That was a "Duh," moment. I should have tried fitting different bearings first. Up until that point, I did not experience any bearing-fit problem. I simply didn't occur to me the same 5x11x4 mm bearings would have noticeable size difference. Since then, I never had to swap bearings to make it fit either. So I'm incline to think it might be the bearing issue? I ordered dozens of times--simply what's cheapest at the time from China. It's not one brand. (PS: interesting to hear about F104. Tamiya is not infallible after all)
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