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I'm stuck in 1986.  I laid my eyes on a Tamiya catalog that year. I've been captivated since.  Porsche 956 was my first RC var. Grasshopper was the first buggy.  




I picked up the hobby again in my 20's with Wild Willy 2.  I restored FAVBlack Foot, Hotshot, Fox, Wild DaggerWild Willy 1, Grasshopper and TLT-1.  I bought Hummer, Midnight Pumpkin (Lunchbox shell too), Mad Bison, and Juggernaut 1 (then Tamiya supplied upgrade parts forJugg 2).  It fizzled with Terra Crusher.  There was Subaru Brat re-re in between.  

It got rebooted in the summer of 2017 with Montero Wheelie (planned to be converted to 80's style above).  The next acquisition was going to be Sand Rover.  But Bigwig re-re, Gravel hound, Blackfoot re-re (even though I have a vintage), Zahhak, and Konghead showed up at my door instead.  A totally beat-up vintage Boomerang was added to the fleet in July 2018.  In August, finally a used but mint Sand Rover was added!  Yay!  A used re-re XR311, NIB M06 Alfa Romeo Giulia (first on-road car since the 80's), and a vintage Manta Ray chassis were added in the fall of 2018.  I was not looking to buy more, but 2019 still brought a beat-up TL01B Baja King, NIB M05 NSU TT, a used CC01 Unimog and a used DT03.  Old habits die hard.  

Aside from that, I read zombie novels, I whistle, I put together Tamiya tank kits, Bandai Star Wars and robot kits, and I sketch some.  Had two quiet dogs.  The bigger one expired.  The missus and I miss the old fellow terribly.  But the smaller one snuggles up to us like there is no tomorrow, so we're fine.  




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