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  1. Wasn't there a Quick Drive version as well? Although that probably doesn't count because it's a completely different chassis.
  2. Your Twin Det rebuild is looking really nice, good job. I had a hopped-up Wild a Dagger and it was such a fun all rounder. I'm loving the GMade shocks, I didn't realise they were available, gonna get me a set of those. If they are like anything else made by GMade they'll be virtually indestructible and I'm fed up of my trucks pinging cheapy shock ends off.
  3. For standard silver cans and Tamiya sport tuned a good 'ol TEU-106 is perfectly fine without the need to chop the wires, but for 2 x Superstocks or anything fruity I've heard too many horror stories about it frying! So many interesting choices. But don't you just wish that when an expensive ESC dies, it would magically fix itself? Hmmmpfh.
  4. Hey I like the look of the EVX, and it's nearly half the price of what the Novak was! I presume I can lop off the Traxxas connectors and pop on standard Tamiya type. Thanks guys
  5. Well the old Novak cost about £140 so realistically I was expecting to pay similar again if not more. I'd rather not go Lipo cus that's a complete change of batteries and chargers. But I'd be happy to swap to a brushless setup and ESC. Trouble is I believe most crawlers designed for slow lumbering climbs and I was hoping to keep a more 'lively' setup to bounce from puddle to muddy rut. At least a GMade chassis with Clod parts will take just about anything you throw at it, but their Dragoon is heavier than a standard Clobuster so I like the power from a twin x battery setup
  6. It's time to re commission my Clod based GMade chassis monster, after gathering dust for several years. Ok oops I admit I blew the ESC up, and because it was a jolly expensive Novak Super Duty it was kinda pushed to one side. Ah, now a problem, they don't appear to be sold anymore, I'm gutted. Spec is 2 x 7.2 Nimh batteries and 2 x Tamiya Superstock TZ 23turn motors. Slow she ain't! Lemming once hosted a legendary video of her in action. The ESC I had was perfect because it had the right wiring for 2 x input and 2 x output. Help! What is a modern ESC alternative please? I can't see anything suitable by Tamiya or Novak.
  7. NOW SOLD - but thank you for your interest.
  8. NOW SOLD - but thank you for your interest.
  9. Wild Willy 2, Chrome / Metallic Special for sale. The chassis has been lightly used on grass and tarmac, but with another / standard WW bodyshell. The metallic bodyshell is an unused shelf queen. Willy is a brand new pre-painted figure. Includes box, manual, standard motor and a good working Futaba steering servo, but no radio gear or ESC. This is a hopped up chassis which runs straight, true and fast rather than the usual characteristics of uncontrollable non-stop wheelie popping. Its the first WW2 I've seen that actually corners well. However if you feel the need for 2 wheeled motoring, it has a brilliant mod of using a rubber aircraft wheel instead of the useless plastic thing, so it stays up and rolls beautifully when tipped up. It is fully ball raced, has TRF fluorine shocks and bushed GPM ali arms. Its a great runner, and is in good looked-after condition, easily nice enough for display. Its in my TC Showroom if you click on the sig link. £60 plus £15 tracked postage within the UK. Email me rabiedmushroom@btopenworld.com
  10. Both Wendy and her lovely signed bottom need a good new home So also does my Chrome Wild Willy. Oh I can see this For Sale Ad is diving downhill badly already... but hey you have to smile
  11. Not the most glamorous of photos for poor Wendy - but still... !
  12. It is with deep regret that I am selling my Wild Wendy. She is one of the second batch of the Mk1 version, Number 6 from 2008. If you remember, this was the follow-on batch Toymkr73 made from the original moulds. All were painted with a paler skin tone than his previous version. None came with a certificate, but Matt signed each one on their bottom to confirm authenticity. All Wendys are unique as you know. Mine was modelled on a real person - me - with dark brown hair and eyes, denim blue shorts, daisies on her sandals, and a really cool looking flame hot-rod T-shirt. In truth she is far prettier than myself, I wish I had her waistline LOL!! She has been safely stored all this time in the dark so the colours are as fresh as when she arrived. Neither has she been glued into a permanent position, so you can pose her arms and head as you would like. She's gorgeous. Never raced or rallied! £125 GBP. Will include very secure packaging, tracked signed-for UK postage and any Paypal fees. Please email me rabiedmushroom@btopenworld.com
  13. Hi, its worth asking Hunter if they have clear / polycarb version of the Clubbie shell, they were available a few years ago. The shell is very basic, no fittings or decals. It won't fit on a M-chassis becuase it is smaller 1/12th scale, you'll need a Mardave Ministock or a V12 kit. Here's mine, sorry I haven't got a spare shell. I made the grille from a photo of my car and then printing it on a sticker, and I did the window surrounds by photocopying and scaling down a standard Tamiya Mini Cooper decal sheet, the bumpers are coloured foam. Hope that helps. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/getuserimage.asp...007122056_2.jpg There was talk on Mini and RC forums a few years ago that someone had taken a 1/10th M01/M03 Tamiya Cooper and modelled a Clubman front end in polycarb. I'm sure I saw a picture of the prototype shell. However it never got made, which is a great shame, because I think it would have sold like hotcakes to us 'real size' Clubman and GT owners!
  14. I think the Tamiya cars and buggies that have soul are the ones that either had a Driver, or could easily fit a driver in. With a proper Driver's name, no matter how silly it was. Wow that was then really You sitting in the driving seat! I also think that a car's soul is proportional to the amount of challenge it is to build and drive them. Lets face it many of the vintage Tamiyas were technically rubbish compared to the recent range, but you have to put more effort in to get it going well and constantly mend them. It creates a bond that a functional modern thing lacks. Perhaps for that reason it tugs on the heart strings of us Brits because we have a national habit of backing losers, old technology and underdogs! Edit - P.S. for the guys above - I converted my Bear Hawk body to fit my DF03 similar to the Hornet link. Andy Antsinpants has helped give it some soul that the uninspiring Avante MkII was lacking
  15. I've been trying to find a replacement new bodyparts set (shell, wing and stickers) for my Avante Mk2 for ages. I'm sure I've seen them on Ebay. This is for the 'unloved' DF-03 version, not the original vintage or 2001. Perhaps you've bought a new DF-03 kit and want to get rid of the shell it came with?! Can anyone please help? Please email me rabiedmushroom@btinternet.com if you can - much appreciated Edit - someone has already dropped me a line (thank you!) but I ought to point out you can also get ickle Avante shells for the little 4wd cars. But its for the the 1/10th r/c released in 2007 I'm after.
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