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  1. There are some on the Japanese Tamiya website. Paint brochure LP/X-XF (acrylic and enamel)/TS comparison Acrylic paint/enamel paint (X/XF) - lacquer paint (LP) colour matching LP/TS matching LP/AS matching Unfortunately there is no comparison table for the PS paints (that I have found) on the Tamiya site. In the past, for lexan bodied cars with hard plastic parts, I have used the PS spray on the hard plastic (after primer) followed by a clear coat of appropriate gloss with some success.
  2. I cant help you with the paint But there are other photos of Satoshi Maezumi holding this car. In this video you can briefly see him talking about this livery while referencing this magazine from 2013.
  3. From memory this body is polycarbonate. Tamiya PS sprays are designed to be nitro fuel proof. Once it is cured it can be difficult to remove. Tamiya polycarbonate cleaner, a soft cloth and elbow grease does work. If the wing was hard plastic it might be possible level out the surface by sanding and respray. However this will not work on clear polycarbonate.
  4. Rebel Sport also carry it https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/sof-sole-shoo-goo-110ml-454448.html The test pieces look that they came out well. Good to see an alternative that is available in Australia.
  5. For rib tyres, Grasshopper II should fit. They are also found in the Falcon, Striker etc
  6. They are genuine re-re Buggy Champ/FAV tyres. I bought a pair hornet rear tyres from the Tamiya Plamodel Factory in Shimbashi during my last trip to Japan that were in that type of packaging. When I was in Japan I have also bought many other parts and tyres from shops that are in that style packaging. It seems that is how Tamiya package items that are not given a normal spare part or option part number.
  7. Only one of the Georgia mini's from 2006 when they were on top of a CRT TV
  8. I have my full set of 11 displayed as well. I am only missing the rough rider to have a second unbuilt set. A couple of years later UCC coffee in Japan did a 2 different runs of pullback cars (Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog and Hot Shot) in box art and an alternative livery. Suntory also did the Hornet, Grasshopper, Twin Detonator, Stadium Raider and Nitrage in box art and an alternative livery pullback cars on Boss canned coffee. I have the UCC and Suntory ones as well except for the orange Stadium Raider.
  9. I believe that Nova Fox dog bones will work. They are the same length both total and pin to pin as the rear dog bone bone that came in the rear of my Vanquish. I will be using these when I rebuild it as it was missing one rear dog bone when I got it.
  10. "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.
  11. I am still around, just not very active. It has been literally years since having a run. I work some weekends but I will see if I can come out if something gets organised. Brad
  12. You can tell re-release cages fairly easily. They have a stay running, almost vertically, from the bottom of the wing mounting to near the dummy resistor mounting points. The 58047 Hotshots through the Supershot and Hotshot II do not have this stay in the molding. I think you have a mash-up of parts form several sources.
  13. I have used this as well to strip a Super Astue shell a few years ago and had good results (although it took a while). I have not noticed any degradation of the lexan and it has been over five years and that shell has been a light runner. One word of caution, it will strip the colour from decals as well. Tamiya's Polycarbonate Cleaner is great on fresh paint and overspray. It will also work on old paint. I have used this to strip a Dynastorm body and used a little less than half a bottle. As Willy said it would be quite expensive for a large shell.
  14. Grahoo has made some really good mods to several cars. The TC showroom link is http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=60259&sid=418 which has a summary of the mods. Another showroom link is http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=3258&sid=418. Not exactly SRB rear end though but with enough imagination anything is possible.
  15. Yes they do. The old part no. is 9807051 but it seems that the part number has been changed to 89950. The AO code (simmilar to SP or OP codes) is AO-7024.
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