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  1. Any recommendations? I need to replace the stock shocks with 4 new ones. Any assistance appreciated!
  2. I am looking for a KYOC3760 EF-009 "Front Sprocket" for the 1/12 Kyosho Fantom EP. This is the only part I need to turn this thing into a runner, but I am having no luck. Any leads appreciated! Thanks. - aF
  3. I wish I was brave enough....although if I mess it up, I can probably find another. Problem is that I have a closet full of vintage R/Cs, some of which are VERY rare...and I am scared to trim or paint any of the bodies. I have just always been awful at it...which is funny, because part of my job is artistic. I am even worse at cutting them out. What I need is a good custom painter that can give me a bulk deal...nothing fancy, as in most cases I just want to duplicate the box art. Know of anyone to recommend? - Thanks. - aF
  4. Those shocks certainly look Tamiya..but the rest of it looks something like the Kyosho Big Brute .... I found a pic: http://origin-images.rcuniverse.com/forum/...634/Vg54065.jpg - aF
  5. Hi All, I am looking for a pre-painted Tamiya Falcon body. I remember back when I owned one years ago, I was able to buy a painted version (just like the box art). I don't recall if this was something released by Tamiya or if it was just done by my local hobby shop. I am about to tear open a NIB Falcon and build it for the shelf, but I am the worst painter in the world. Any leads appreciated! - aF
  6. I have some vintage kits I am building and would like some bodies painted to match the original box-art. These are very rare, original bodies so there's only one chance! 1/10 & 1/12 electric Kyosho bodies. Therefore I'd like to find someone (preferably in the Southwest) who does this sort of thing professionally. Any recommendations/reviews would be appreciated! Thanks. kyoshofan223
  7. I am looking for the size/specs on the Vanning tires and wheels. I'd like to buy some sort of adapter that would allow me to use more current combinations. I have one set of good knobbies, but I don't want to ruin them on the street. Any advice appreciated!
  8. That is a sweet car! I have one built/unused collecting dust in my closet. I am just showing off here, but I think I have a Plazma/Fantom Kyosho 1/12 addiction! I have a couple of MKIII's, a MKII, but my prizes are my 2 Fantoms, my Axis EX NIB, and my NIB PLAZMA 3P .... anyone else have one of these (the 3P)? I never even knew these other versions of the Plazma existed back when they were current. One of these days I have to show up at the local track just to witness the funny looks I'll get by showing up with these relics. I have to figure out which ones I will keep as shelf queens and which ones are going to be runners.
  9. Are either of these cars still available? I have been looking for a fantom for quite some time, and I used to have a plazma so I would be interested in that one too. Please respond and let me know - I can be reached at sundevil67@yahoo.com. Thanks. Adam quote:Originally posted by william clinekyosho fantom and plazma up for grabs. for sale please make some offers. email me for pics. Bill id="quote">id="quote">
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