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  1. find yourself a shorty battery and play with position. turnigy has some nice shorties for cheap.
  2. as a current 2wd racer i'll give you some tips, #1 that battery is way to big and heavy for racing 17.5. second is that non hex wheels are getting harder to come buy so I advise you to finish the conversion to hex all around. you might find that the 17.5 class is more competitive then the mod class. they will spend more $$ to go faster/lighter....ceramic bearings, carbon parts etc, don't get caught up in that. lol
  3. postie dropped off a new unimog cc01 for me yesterday, no I must wrap it and put it under the Christmas tree for myself so my son thinks santa gave it to me. lol
  4. that looks great! I really like it.
  5. what did I do today? I came here for the first time in years. my racing has slowed down due to family and work so I'm getting into scale rc, got a unimog 406 coming for Christmas. hope all is well in the tc family. glad to be back.
  6. in this hobby quality tools are a must. i spent years soldering with the 40-50watt pen's. when i got into electric 1/8 scale they couldn't do the job at all. i now use a hakko fx888 station (70watt adjustable heat range), now i don't know how i lived without it. i can solder 10gauge wire in seconds @ 850f. one tip for soldering deans, plug the male into the female. that will prevent tab/pin shift under heat.
  7. here in the us, in the 80's the only tamiya's being raced locally were blackfoot's. they were the truck class for years, until the king cab. unfortunatley for the king cab losi released the jrxt (the first pupose built racing stadium truck). after that i never saw a tamiya at the track until the trf 4wd buggies came out. the astue couldn't hang with rc10's/jrx2's/ultimas. it's funny how everyone remembers how dominant the rc10 was but forgets how badly the jrx2's beat them up. that was the dawn of one of the best rivalries in rc. too bad the dyna storm never caught on around here, that's tamiya's best 2wd buggy. i always had high regard for the manta ray on up to the top force evo, great platform. infact i'm racing a dirt thrasher at this year vintage off road nationals.
  8. if they do this someone from ae needs to attend the vintage off road nationals with one, or twenty lol. i'll get one or two no matter what they are regardless. i'm still racing original rc10's and rc10t's on a pretty regular basis. parts are plentifull so i keep running them. old losi's too.
  9. i love a mystery so i posted this on rc10talk. here's somenthing that was posted: http://www.rc10talk.com/download/file.php?id=74786
  10. great pics. the hornet is a little speed demon.
  11. I didn't even realized that it only took those silly life packs. i do alot of mini (1/12) 4wd racing and this car looks ace, but the motor and now the battery issue will keep me away. the abc genetic and atomic vII are excellent 1/12 4wd's, if you are looking for one.
  12. it would be for me if it took a proper 540 sized motor. what were they thinking making the motor mount fir only 380 sized motors?
  13. hornet or grasshopper for me. so many awesome childhood memories of my hornet.
  14. that body has been readily available for decades, it's nothing new. i hope it happens. i have a fleet of rc10's in various configurations, fresh white parts would be great. rear arm mounts being the most important. i also hope for a 2.25 stealth re-re. i need stealth parts, and lot's of'em. i am not a fan of the original 6 gear trans at all.
  15. kind of like mine, still fwd but 400whp and fully built driveline. good for 11sec 1/4's. it's no barbie car. it's a v8 killer! arg, can't get the pic to upload.
  16. clear associated silicone grease is for the diff balls, the black associated grease is for the thrust bearing. that's all the help i can be as i'm stumped on how they are breaking. i've never had this happen.
  17. my dt02 didn't hold up well to the ezrun 9t (4300kv) 35amp system. the car kind of fell apart, not to mention the wheelies ground a hole in the gearbox. it was fun while it lasted, faster then the neighbors brushless traxxas trucks. steering was more of a wish then a command. lol
  18. i dissagree. the ta01/02 and buggy versions manta ray / dirt thrasher etc...are twice the car any tt chassis can ever hope to be. i never had one of those "wire" prop shafts fail even though i use the yeah racing unit now, i only do that no because i run brushless motors in my dirt thrasher.. since this discussion is about buggies the manta ray/df01's were the best 4wd buggies tamiya made up until recently. there's just something special about the manta ray and it's relatives. find one and try one, you'll be suprised. all that said these new buggies don't interest me in the least. fox and wild one yes but tt02's i don't think so.
  19. the tamiya bug bit me again...... today i got 2 pairs of thundershot drive shafts for my dirt thrasher. now all i need is the good alloy motor mount and the car will be ready to race @ the vintage off road nationals in september.
  20. connecticut here. it's been a while since i was on tc. been doing alot of racing (mostly associated off road, abc genetic on road). been into tamiya since 84. still have a bunch of them, a few actually get raced at the vintage off road nationals held in ct every year. this year i plan on racing my dirt thrasher and my race clod, along with an old jrx2 and rc10t.
  21. table top use, it won't go anwhere on grass....unless it's a putting green. lol
  22. you guys are pretty harsh, the most hideous? hardly. c'mon there's still strikers and that other striker/fighter looking abomination, the varja, those "rc boy racer" things. some people love those old troll tires, whats so different about these? a colorfull hornet is just that, it's still a hornet. so much hate. tisk tisk. i'd roll that hornet any day! i do have a soft spot for cow pattern.
  23. i've tried a bunch of hot motor combos and prefer the sport tuned over all of them. my sport tuned m03 is consistantly faster then the 17.5 brushless m03's at our track. i've also had the same sport tuned in the car for a long time, it's still just as fast as new, and i'm not nice to it at all.
  24. kaiser

    m05 gearing

    no matter what pinion i used on a high kv brushless the car was nearly undriveable, burned through tires like crazy, even with throttle control. i had to turn the throttle expo down so much it was pointless to have a big motor in there.
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