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  1. i think not! i prefer deans, others power poles and ec3's (some ec5's). traxxas plugs don't like big wires either. no thanks.
  2. i just had the best lunch hour ever! i took my brand new 1/8 scale (rc8be) to the local bmx track for it's first drive. OMG thats the most fun i ever had with an rc. this thing can fly so far and so high something has to break, but it doesn't. i was atleast 30 feet off the ground, flying 60 or more feet....and landing it and hitting the next jump. it's amazing how much you can correct when you spend that kind of time in the air. 1/8 scale is my new mistress! btw henk, you know where your last post is going. lol
  3. naked, nothing too fancy. it has a parma baja beetle shell....still not painted. lol
  4. postie brought me the coolest thing that i have gotten in a while, a 150amp 2250kv xerun combo. this thing is huge and very fast. ran it last night in my new rc8be and it barley got warm. i can't wait to hit the track. i may go to the local bmx track at lunch today just to bash a bit.
  5. there's a slight glitch in the pm system. sometimes i show negative pm's. sometimes i show i have a pm and then my inbox is empty. it happens from time to time, don't worry about it.
  6. some us sellers just don't know how easy it is to ship overseas. or they think it costs alot because they've never done it. i've only sent small packages overseas, but it was easy and i'll do it anytime.
  7. i'm with orange sport on this one. there's something about the hopper and it's clones that make me smile. they are so much fun. my hopper was my second hobby grade rc car. the first was the wild one. the wild one gave me alot of trouble, whereas the hopper never gave me any. if i could only keep one rc out of my entire collection it would be a hopper with a silvercan.
  8. use the 8.5, it's 4000kv. the 6.5 will be way to fast, it will run hot and most likely destroy some gears. i still think 4000kv is a bit much. good luck with that missile. lol
  9. due to the gearing options i'd say 17.5-13.5 is as big as you'd want to go.
  10. my time and money for rc has gone up in the past few years. mostly due to my wife and i having a baby. my main hobby is and always has been 1:1 volkswagens, but time and $$ for that has been limited. the $$ i spend on rc may seem like alot but compared to building 1:1's its nothing. i have changed lanes a bit with rc though. when i first got back into rc after a 17 year hiatus i was into vintage tamyia's.\ now after a few years i'm more into vintage and modern associated cars. i still love my tamiya's but my ae's take up most of my time. i also got back into racing, vintage 2wd buggy, modern 2wd mod buggy, pro mod clodbuster racing, and now 1/8 electric 4wd buggy. i wish i had more time for rc, but my family is the priority. my wife is blind so i have to do all the driving and fetching of things.
  11. welcome to the "big" side! i've always considered the clod to be 1/8 scale, especially once you install an aftermarket race chassis. i think you need to stick to sensorless brushless due to the fact that one motor needs to run in reverse rotation. i fitted a pair or 4000kv, 60amp ezrun systems in mine and it flies. i recently finished building my race clod so if you have any questions i'll be glad to help.
  12. +1, the only time i use butt/crimp connectors is in low voltage/low amperage applications. rc my be "low volatge" but it's far from low amperage.
  13. you can do dual brushless systems like i did on my clod. you need 2 complete bl systems though. i used 2 ezrun 60 amp 4000kv systems:
  14. who made the body? i always thought that the box art pro was a hacked x2 body. they cut the rear off the x2 body for the pro. so you line it up correctly with the front body post and then cut off the body after the rear shock tower. i could be wrong but thats what i remember. i have a repro body on my 5link x2 and other then being a bad copy it fits.
  15. just get the beetle mounts and use a lexan shell, you'll save $$ and have a better handling car without the extra weight of the hardbody. they are raceable, but only in a vintage class. the bump steer issue keeps them from being competitive with modern trucks, not to mention limited gearing, no slipper, etc...
  16. i wrapped up a couple of builds this weekend. the stadium blitzer got finished, it had been sitting 90% completed when another project showed up and i got side tracked. the other project was a brand new associated rc8be 1/8 electric 4wd buggy, it's awesome. so last night i finished the blitzer. talk about BUMP STEER lol, it's got alot of that and i haven't even driven it yet. i'm going to have to play around with some adjustable turnbuckles to try and minimize the bump steer. meanwhile the rc8be has zero bump steer, zero play in the steering, pretty much zero play in everything. it's the tightest rc i have ever built. today i ordered a 150amp, 2250kv sensored hobbywing xerun system for it. now i need to paint both. (my least favorite thing to do). so what have you done today? (badboy, that fav is tops!)
  17. i use crawford performance engineering (cpe) bta steering kit. it works well, i bent it in a crash the other day and was able to bend it back without issue. i still haven't cut the lugs off the axels yet, mainly due to the fact that i have enough power to kick the rear end out and slid it around turns.
  18. my novak gtb died in a similar fasion, same symptom. needed a push start and then it would move, until you stopped again. for $60 i could send it to novak for a refurbished unit but i got sick and tired of problems with novak, so i swtiched to hobbywing xeruns and haven't had a failure since.
  19. i like the way you think! i wouldn't mind a 959/celica. they just did the fav, maybe the wild one is next.
  20. postie just dropped off a factory team rc8be. i'm very excited as this is my first 1/8 scale car.
  21. does the motor have bearings or bushings? the "monster hp" label was put on quite a few motors. i have one that's some kind of modified motor. the 27t stockers had bushings, the mods had bearings. i had it in an m03 for a while with the 21 tooth pinion.
  22. i have a set of those (on a dt02), they come very stiff. you'll have to refill with a softer oil and larger hole pistons, the extra pistons are included.
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