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  1. LOL, i know. something tells me that the rc8 will cut a clod in half. check out the long jump vids of rc8's doing long jumps,50 meters (20-30 meters high) and drive away. insane.
  2. i sold my pride and joy last night, a 2001 volkswagen new beetle 1.8t (highly modified, big turbo upgrade, 400hp) to a good friend. so this morning i had to buy something. i've always wanted to try out 1/8 offroad and now that brushless 1/8(i never liked nitro) is possible i ordered an associated factory team rc8be. i'm pretty excited about it. i still need to pick out and order a bl system for it and get some 4s lipos.
  3. no one? you guys need to step away from the video games. lol anyhoo, the game came in the other day and we've played it twice, it's a ton of fun. play takes about 45 minutes to an hour. the rules are pretty easy to understand, after one game you figure it out. there are a bunch of expansion's for it and we plan on getting a few of them, they add more tiles/features.
  4. postie dropped off a very old nib red kimbrough servo saver. the package is so old i'm suprised it's in one piece. the saver is fine, i tested it for strength and like all km products it's tough. i just haven't seen a header card that yellow'd in a long time. i'm probably the only one to get excited over a vintage part so small. lol
  5. lol, that was the best use of a traxxas i have ever seen.
  6. soft springs, add weight to rear of chassis (not the gearbox, the actuall chassis) but at the end of the day the solid axel cars are not going to handle that well.
  7. i seriously hurt my back on saturday, so i'm not doing much. i barely made it to work. i did get 1/2 of a stadium blitzer built friday evening before i hurt my back.
  8. my wife and i like to play games, yet she only likes cards and scrabble. i'm trying to get her into more modern adult games. i know that alot of the better games out there come from europe so that made me wonder if any of you are into strategy type board games. a few years back i fell in love with a xbox 360 version of the settlers of catan, i played it alot. in fact since i got rid of my xbox thats the game i miss most. i had always wanted to play carcassonne, so i ordered it the other day. i think that my wife will like it as it's not as complicated as alot of the other strategy games. not to mention that because it's a "tile" game we can take it camping and not worry about the wind blowing it away. so anyone into board games?
  9. postie just dropped of a new 2010 stadium blitzer re-re. the bearings haven't arrived yet. the mrs. is going out tonite, so i may have to rob the bearings out of my new built frog. the perfect time to build kits is when she's out, then she won't know about it. lol neil, that wild one is very nice. the WO was my first proper rc and some day i hope mr tamiya re-re's it. i got mine used back in the day and would love to build one up from scratch.
  10. i actually kind of like the zahak body. looks a little more scale then the average modern buggy body. i was thinking of fitting one to my b4.
  11. lol, that would be quite a step backwards in terms of performance. ta02's are great runners and can be found pretty cheap on the bay.
  12. kaiser

    Gmade R1

    that thing looks ace percy. i love it. must resist.....
  13. my wife has been driving me crazy with house projects. i have a ton of parts for a crazy rc10 build just waiting for me to build it. and i've been itching for a new kit..... so i ordered a stadium blitzer re-re and a set of bearings. i just couldn't pass it up, the price was right. lol
  14. +1, the crp front suspension kit for the futaba fx10 is an awesome upgrade to lunchies/pumpkins/hornets and hoppers.
  15. i am very tempted to buy a stadium blitzer to run @ this years vonats. i already have a really nice rc10t that i was going to run but the S.B. re-release is calling my name. are "we the collective" positve that there's no ball diff that will fit? i really prefer a ball diff over a gear diff for racing. even if i don't race it i will most likely pick one up, the price is right and they are cool trucks. those are standard 2.2 truck wheels i assume.??
  16. if i could have only 1 car it would be a hornet/hopper.
  17. the 8.5t is the tru 540 size motor. the op will most likely have some cogging issues on nimh batteries.
  18. i haven't shot a car with radar in many years. last time was the early 90's and my rc10 dirt oval conversion with an astro flight motor/7cell and super tall gearing went 51mph.
  19. xe-runs are awesome. i replaced all my novak esc's in my race cars with 60amp xe-runs. i still use novak motors though. that said, a 6.5t is way too much for a lunchie IMO, especially a sensored 6.5t combined with a xe run esc, you'll spend most of you time on your lid. i'd back it off to a 10.5 or 13.5, but thats me.
  20. i use a yeah racing alloy propshaft, works great. i'd be wary of "lightweight alloy swing shafts", steel swings/cvd's are a much better option.
  21. c rating is important, but not so much on a 9t ezrun. 20c works fine on those.
  22. what car are you going to run it in? some tamiya models need special "stick pack shape" lipos as the rectangular lipos won't fit in the battery compartment. also 3s is crazy fast, start with 2s it will be faster then anything you have ever driven. if rectangular fits fine then a turnigy 4000mah 2s lipo would be a great starting point, they are cheap too!
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