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  1. It's an M03, they're ALL noisy... Don't expect it to be quiet like a Touring Car, they aren't.
  2. Well, only CAD pictures so far.. The new M05 Pro M chassis. Servo in the back, and electronics hanging off the side. Impressed? Well given that they had the chance to do something really new, gotta say I'm disappointed.
  3. Done and DONE!!! We did it to an M03 about 3 years ago. And they're essentially the same car. Read about it HERE!
  4. I get all my advice from rc-mini too.....funny that.....
  5. I have a vague memory that the M01/02 with a 20T pinion is 5.65:1
  6. B.M.T. you're a little bit out with some of what you said there... The 03R does NOT come with Swaybars, or Quick Release Battery Holders. And the 20T pinion is actually standard on ALL M03 kits. And the shocks that the 03R comes with are transparent blue. One decent hit and they SHATTER. (ref attachment) So, ciadelta, I'd read THIS for what we reckon is the best deal on buying a new race M03...
  7. If you want 225mm you don't actually need a spacer at all.. Go HERE and scroll halfway down the page to find out how to do it for FREE...
  8. Willy is correct, the Team Powers tires are very much THE mini tire to have at the moment. And no they currently aren't available anywhere else apart from Harris RC in Australia - http://www.harrisrc.com At this stage I believe there is an exclusive distribution deal in place initially, with other outlets able to get them 'sometime in the next few months' But they are very good tires (especially the 36's) and they last forever!!!
  9. Sorry guys, we cant be of any further help in regard to other bodies. The only car we've tried it on is the Ferrari so far. This time you'll have to be the trailblazers and see. -------------------- http://www.rc-mini.net Just Minis, only Minis
  10. Have you got a Ferrari dream but only a Beetle budget? You just have to check out this amazing build-up story on how to convert an M04L to a stunning Ferrari-bodied M04SS super-short wheelbase. Using only Tamiya parts too! It's one of our best ever articles and it's online now Go here to read all about it.
  11. My site? Well me in association with some others yes. But rc-mini really belongs to all the mini freaks out there, I'm just the site caretaker Crazy things? Well every now and then we do things that are a little strange!
  12. Mini no good off-road? I'd like to dispute that! READ HERE
  13. One of these mothers..bought off ebay for around $75 USD. Uses an SD card for storage.
  14. We've been working on this for some time, and finally its online now. Our first (and as far as we know anyones first?) full IN-CAR video footage inside a Mini during a race. Click here to check it out and be totally amazed. It's also **** funny too...
  15. No crystal ball required to work this out. I reckon you can pretty much guarantee it'll be an M03L with a revised body (currently only Kamtec do a Cooper S) and new wheels.... Hey Presto a new kit for minimal cost to them.
  16. New update at rc-mini. Ever wondered which is quicker? A full size Mini Cooper, or a Tenth scale M03? Click here to check out the answer.
  17. Isn't there a mini-only website? Oh yeah....mine....
  18. I'm purely referring to a fan in an M03. The 3 racing (I think?) kits place the fan about 10mm or so away blowing DOWN onto the motor. And if the cars moving at all the airflow through it would completely overcome the fans feeble little output.
  19. I'm quite happy to stand by my contention that the heatsink does nothing. Because our data is based on 5 minute races with either silver can or Sport-tuned motors. And in those situation we've done the tests... And the temp difference at the end of 5 minutes was....nothing. It didn't make any difference. Within a degree either way. As for hotter motors over a longer period, well thats another thing altogther. And my original post did suggest that 'it depends on what motor you're running' I agree with Wireless to some extent. Hot motors, high-drain tracks, mean a hotter (temp wise) motor and there will obviously be some heat transfer in that instance. Although I'd still suggest that the clip-on units are more effective. What does make me laugh is people who put the fans above the motor to blow onto them. Somehow I think the draft through the car is going to be about 10 times as strong as that generated by the *******weak fan! Hee hee...
  20. As I've told many many people on various forums...and as stated on our site. The Tamiya M03 heatsink does NOTHING... The only heat transfer is through the screws, its so small as to be unmeasurable. Clip on heatsinks are OK, they work better, but it all depends on what motor you're running. I wouldnt bother with anything. Its just added weight for no gain.
  21. It's not uncommon. There isn't much clearance either side of the M03 diff and if you really tighten up the chassis halves it will hit (or click) in some places. On some chassis its really bad, depending on the 'sink' rates of the plastic (Tech engineering talk there) No big deal, there's no need for the chassis to be done up super tight anyway.
  22. Ummm have a look at our site... rc-mini.net
  23. We dont bother with underbodies, just run em as they are. Havent had any problems with doing so. Just make up a bash guard for the front, thats all you really need.
  24. Umm...our site has a whole section devoted to Rally Minis... full details on what to do..and links to our videos as well! here
  25. There's this one. http://www.rcmart.com/catalog/product_info...oducts_id=21507 or this one http://www.km-rc.com/oscommerce/catalog/pr...14cffd61f7435c7 both look pretty nice!
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