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  1. Hi, I sell my Golf. It's in good shape. The body as only a little folding on back right (see pictures) the chassis is nearly complete and only the rims are missing. It comes with 4 set of NIB tires. I give a vintage receiver with servos 5no idea if it work) Shipping costs : to France : 10 euros to europe : 20 euros worldwide : 30 euros Make me a good offer I'm open to trade proposal too.
  2. I already have the Wagon R (The toyota is sold). Sorry but I dont found anything interesting in your cars regards Jeff
  3. Hi, I have two new in box Tamiya kits. The first one is the Toyota bB on M-03L The second one is the Suzuki Wagon R RR Make me an offer for one or both. Don't forget that I'm in France. So shipping cost can be expensive for overseas. bye EDIT: I can trade with FF-03 pro NIB, M-05ra or M-06 pro NIB Hi, I would trade for: - FF-03 pro NIB - M-06 pro NIB - M-05ra - Blackfoot / Monster beetle - Clodbuster / Bullhead - Lunchbox re-re NIB
  4. Hi, I'm not sure that this topic must be in this section. If i'm wrong, please move it in the wright section. I found someone who make some special parts for Tamiya trucks. He don't want to ship to europe. So I need someone who can pay and received the parts in china and send it to me. I will pay my helper BEFORE he pay the seller. There will be one re-compensates for the supplied help. here is my email: cactuszebest@free.fr best regards Jean-Francois
  5. Hi, I made a new forum related about M-chassis. It's all in french but everyone can post and have a reply. I speak French, English and German. I hope that this forum become realy big in few weeks. For the moment It don't have a real name but if I have enough guest, I'll buy a nice link (M-chassis.com?) Have a good trip () http://cactuszebest.free.fr
  6. Found the S2000! NEED A WAGON RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hi, Carson made an Opel GT for m-chassis: look my showroom!
  8. Hi, the Porsche 356 and the Lotus Europa are already made by "Kawada" for the M-chassis in short wheelbase. I whould see: - Vauxhall nova SRi / Opel Corsa A GSI on M03M - VW golf 1 Gti on M-03M - Renault R8 gordini on M-04M - Citroen 2CV on M03L - Porsche 911 2L on M04L - Escort Mk2 on M-04L - Simca Rally on M04M -.... Cactus as the "M-chassis lover"
  9. Hi, I'm searching: - a NIB body or a NIB kit from a M-04L S2000 - a NIB body or a NIB kit from a M-03 Suzuki Wagon R RR Please, help a M-chassis lover! Had the shipping to France in your offer please. Thanks Cactus
  10. Hi, i use a high torque SS and a Bluebirs 602 servo on my M-03 and it turn very well! See it in my showroom.
  11. Hi, I put a Brushless in my M-01 last year. See it my showroom. I tryed two motors. The first is an "Electronic models Jupiter car 12S". It ran good but in 7.2V it is to much cogging. I try a Hacker C40 too but it works like a 27T brushed motor lol. I keep the E/M motor but Imust install an brand new LiPo 11.1V battery to have more power and less cogging.
  12. Hi, I propose: - golf mk.1 for 210 wheelbase - vauxhall nova SRi for 210 wheelbase - Renault 5 turbo for 225 wheelbase - Renault 8 gordini for 225 wheelbase - Peugeot 205 T16 for 240 wheelbase I love m-chassis!!!
  13. Hi, does anyone know how much bearings I must buy for the F350? I only found that it need 42 bearings but I dont know witch.
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