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  1. ** NEW IN BOX ** The popular Lunchbox model from Tamiya's catalog makes a comeback in stylish black. This R/C assembly kit features the trademark boxy minivan body with metal-plated fenders, front grille and dampers, and includes a sticker set to add the finishing touches. All this is raised up over monster truck wheels cased in 115mm tires for a cool number that you can take for a spin any time, anywhere. BONUS ITEM INCLUDED: Oil Shocks Absorber / Damper For Tamiya CW-01 https://www.ebay.com/itm/204707324861
  2. This very well be the route I go. Will look into it more today. Yeah I know. I almost pulled thr trigger. Have my on on a couple of them.
  3. I appreciate the info. Thank you. I'd love to stick to Tamiya though.
  4. I want a Mountaineer in the worst way, but I can't justify dropping $700 on a shipped NIB + Radio. Can anyone suggest a similar type of build that is a little easier on the wallet?
  5. Hey guys, just joined back up. Got the itch again, LOL. Any tracks around the New York area? Or good places to bash around?
  6. Wow, been busy lately and have not been able to put any attention to my Tamiyas. However, that hasn't stopped me from PURCHASING any, lol. I now have to Blackfoots (both in pretty good condition) and two Monster Beetles (both in so-so) condition. Once I finish building the Ferrari 599xx and put the Toyota HiLux back together, I will begin to break down these great trucks. I hope to put together at least 3 solid runners form these four trucks.
  7. What do you guys suggest is the best way to remove rust? I am primarily speaking of the shock springs. I have two bins of various Tamiya screws, so not much worried about those.
  8. Ah, great info guys thank you. I actually won another MB a few days ago ... looks to be in much better condition. Will find out when it arrives. I had planned on maiking this a runner, as I would like to do with all the cars I get. Will keep you updated once I get around to breaking it down.
  9. Thanks for the tips, advice and ENCOURAGMENT guys, lol. I'm in the middle of two other builds right now (Ferrari 599xx new build and Toyota HiLux rebuild), but once I am done with those, I'll breakdown the Beetle and see what needs to be done. Are there any other places to source original Blackfoot/Monster Beetle/Mud Blaster parts other then eBay?
  10. Well, I won a Monster Beetle last week, and it arrived this weekend. Let's just say I am not happy with myself... ...a bad purchase on my part. Rust and dirt everywhere, plus a chipped & cracked body. I don't even know where to start with this thing.
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. I plan on putting bearings in all around on both trucks, and the Blackfoot has already been upgraded to the re-re Frog dogbones. I plan on adding the re-re dogbones to the MB as well. I may just go with Sports Tuned in both trucks.
  12. Hey everyone, What motor do you suggest I use with the Blackfoot and Monster Beetle as an upgrade to the stock 540? Will a Sport Tuned, or even a Super Stock cause any binding with the gearbox? thanks.
  13. Won a Monster Beetle off the auction site. Will need some cleaning and painting.
  14. Won myself a mint condition Blackfoot with original body. All it needs is radio gear. Will likey ball race it as well.
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